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Emigration Maribo

Emigration Maribo

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Surnames: Hjort
I'm not sure what I've found. This is my ancestor, from Sweden who went to Denmark in 1885 at 15 years of age.

I know that he left Liverpool on the ship Teutonic on March 27, 1895 and arrived at Ellis Island on April 3, 1895.

I know that he went to Britt, Iowa and that's where he married a girl from Maribo, Denmark.

Can anyone tell me what this record is of? I think the link before this said "Police records". Was he in trouble with the law?!

The link is below, but i will include a screen shot in case you don't want to click the link. It says DDD Danish Emigration Archive

I am brand new to the Danish side of my research and know nothing. His bride was Karoline Marianne Pederson (Petersen) born Feb 4 1874, christened April 2, 1874 in TIRSTED,MARIBO,DENMARK to Jens Peter Rasmussen and Jensine Birthe Sorensen but I haven't learned WHERE or how to use the Danish Church Records yet. They don't seem to be on


Re: Emigration Maribo

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>Can anyone tell me what this record is of? I think the link before this said "Police records".
>Was he in trouble with the law?!

No -

Following a number of scandals in which unsuspecting emigrants were conned by Danish emigration
agents, The Danish parliament passed more stringent regulations on May 1, 1868.
According to the new law, The Copenhagen Chief of Police was to approve and monitor
all emigration agents in Denmark and authorize all overseas tickets made out in Denmark.
This was to be done whether an emigrant would be traveling directly from Copenhagen to
the United States or indirectly via another European harbor for destinations overseas.

Church records and censuses are online here:

Instructions in English how to use

This website will close 19.february 2013

From 19 february 2013 you must use this website.

Flemming Aasklint

Re: Emigration Maribo

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This is probably Elof in 1890 in Systofte, Falsters Sønder, Maribo, Denmark.

Maribo, Falsters Sønder, Systofte, Gaard i Systofte by, Systofte sogn, , 11, FT-1890, C8863
...with many hired people, working on a large-scale farm:
Elof Andersen 20 Ugift tjenestetyende [laborer born in Sverige [Sweden]


The full place name for Tirsted is Tirsted sogn/parish, Fugelse herrred/district, Maribo amt/county, Denmark.

Here's a map that shows the amts in Denmark:

Here's a map of Maribo amt that shows Falsters Sønder herred (on the island of Falster) and Fugelse herred (on the island of Lolland).

Hope this helps!

Re: Emigration Maribo

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Here's the family!

The transcription of the 1880 census gives Karoline's mother as Nielssigne rather than Jensine, but the birth year and last name are the same as Jensine's. [note Elof's emigration record places him in Sædinge]

Karoline's surname should be either Jensen or Rasmussen, not Petersen, so perhaps she is the child of a first marriage of her mother. Her sister Emma also has the surname Petersen.

The foster child Sara Karoline b 1896 who appears in the 1901 census also has the surname Petersen. If a mother has a child out of wedlock, the child may be given the mother's surname. Sara Karoline could be Emma's daughter. (Karoline apparently emigrated in February 1896)


Maribo, Fuglse, Sædinge, Sædinge By, Et Hus, 9, FT-1880, C3699
Jens Peter Rasmussen 29 Gift Husfader Dagleier i Agerbruget Sæddinge Sogn
Nielssigne Sørensen 28 Gift [married] Hans hustru [his wife] born in Thirsted sogn
Karoline Petersen 5 Ugift born in Thirsted sogn <----------
Emma Petersen 2 Ugift Deres børn born in Sæddinge Sogn

Maribo, Fuglse, Nebbelunde, Nebbelunde sogn Bukkehave, Hus 9, 8, FT-1890, C7623
Jens Peder Rasmussen 39 Gift Husfader Husmand born in Sædinge, Nebbelunde sogn Maribo amt !!
Jensine Berthe Kirstine Sørensen 37 Gift Husmoder born in Gjærringe, Thirsted sogn, Maribo amt
Emma Losine Mathilde Petersen 12 Ugift Barn born in Sædinge, Nebbelunde sogn, Maribo amt !!

Maribo, Fuglse, Nebbelunde, Nebbelunde sogn, Bukkehave, 2b, 58, FT-1901, D2307
J. Peder Rasmussen born 23 Juli 1850 Gift [married] Husfader Daglejer ved agerbruget born in Sædinge Sogn, Maribo Amt
Jensine B. K. Sørensen born 21. Okt. 1852 Gift Husmoder Husgerning born in Tirsted Sogn, Maribo Amt
Sara Karoline Pedersen born 1. dec. 1896 Ugift Plejebarn [foster child] born in Nebbelunde Sogn, Maribo Amt

May be Jensine as a child:

Maribo, Fuglse, Tirsted, Tirsted, Tirsted huus, 26, FT-1860, C4702
Søren Eriksen 38 Gift Tømmermand Huusfader born in Skjørringe sogn
Mariane Jensdatter 37 Gift Hans kone born in Veileby Sogn
Jenssine Birthe Kirstine Sørensen 8 Ugift Deres børn born in Tirsted Sogn
Jacob Christian Sørensen 5 Ugift Deres børn born in Tirsted Sogn
Hanne Marie Sørensen 1 Ugift Deres børn born in Tirsted Sogn


May be Jens Peter as a child:

Maribo, Fuglse, Rødby Købstad, Rødby Købstad, 4. Rode, Et Hus, 225, FT-1860, D6034
Lars Nielsen 35 Gift Arbejdsmand b Rødby
Maren Hansen 38 Gift Hans Kone Nebbelunde Sogn, Maribo Amt
Jens Peter Rasmussen 10 Ugift Hendes Søn b Sædinge Sogn, Maribo Amt
Nielsine Andrine Nielsen 6 Ugift Deres Datter b Ringsebølle Sogn, Maribo Amt
Line Nielsen 1 Ugift Deres Datter b Rødby
Frederik Nielsen 3 Ugift Deres Søn b Rødby

Re: Emigration Maribo

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27 February 1896 - date of registration to emigrate

Navn: Pedersen, Karoline
Stilling: Syjomfru [nurse?]
Alder: 22
Bestemmelsessted: Britt, Jowa
Kontrakt nr.: 31200
Forevisningsdato: 2/27/1896
Fødested: ? [<-----birthplace not noted]
Fødesogn: ?
Sidste oph.sogn: Nebbelunde (Lolland)
Sidste oph. amt: Maribo
Sidste oph.sted: Bukkehave, Rødby
Bestemmelses land: USA
Bestemmelses by: Britt
Bestemmelses stat: Iowa
Skibsnavn: Indirekte [indirect route, no ship name given]
IDkode: I9497P3106


Reread your original post - and thinking - maybe you did not want help with finding records...

Re: Emigration Maribo

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Oh yes, I did want the help! Thank you so much.

I think the Sara child is the illegitemate daughter of my ancestors sister.

Could you please repost the link to Elof in 1890. It isn't working and I would love to have that information.

Here is it, but it's not working:

"This is probably Elof in 1890 in Systofte, Falsters Sønder, Maribo, Denmark.
Maribo, Falsters Sønder, Systofte, Gaard i Systofte by, Systofte sogn, , 11, FT-1890, C8863
...with many hired people, working on a large-scale farm:
Elof Andersen 20 Ugift tjenestetyende [laborer born in Sverige [Sweden]


Thank you!

Re: Emigration Maribo

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Oh great! Yes, when I reread I thought maybe you only wanted to know HOW to research, but to do it yourself. Good, glad I didn't spoil the thrill of the hunt!

Go to
Click British flag for English language version.
Click census
Click autocheck of database
Select county: MARIBO
Type in the name ELOF ANDERSEN

There you are!

I just tried the link - yeah, it doesn't work. So use the instructions and let me know if you still have trouble.

Med venlig hilsen!

(for Danish translations try

Re: Emigration Maribo

Posted: 1360096275000
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This is so good!

Could you tell me the link(s) where you found this? I do not know how to find them.

Thank you so much!

Re: Emigration Maribo

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Did you read the step-by-step explanation I posted for how to find the census records? I gave a census record for Elof as an example.

-Dansk Demografisk Database - A helpful tool that lets you search (some) churchbooks and census records; has an English language option if you click on the British flag. No registration needed; free

-Det Danske Udvandrearkiv - Danish Emigration Archives - is a website to search the police department registry of people leaving Denmark (stops in 1908). You found a record from this database for Elof when you searched No registration needed; free

- above link takes you to a list of helpful websites. It was compiled informally in a forum (or "chat room") of people trying to learn how to do Danish genealogy, or increase their knowledge.

- Slaegt og Data DIS-Danmark is the forum I mentioned above. Here Danish and other researchers expert in Danish genealogy freely lend a hand. People like you and me use the part of the site that is called "Find Your Relatives in Denmark." Flemming volunteers there. This is the premier site for Americans who need help. Registration is needed if you want to post, but not if you just want to read it; free

- My Danish Roots is a good place for beginners to learn more about how to do their own research. Registration not needed; free

The link Flemming gave you is the main research site - Danish State Archives or arkivalieronline. It is difficult to use. Visit Slaegt og Data DIS-Danmark "Find Your Relatives in Denmark" to read some helpful hints for how to use it. Registration needed; free

Does that do it?

Re: Emigration Maribo

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I did follow the directions as you typed them out, but it didn't work for me. I tried it for a few different people.

For example, i'm finding some Jens Peder Rasmussesen's in the 1890 census, yes, but not mine who should be 39 years old.

I will go and read the links that you provided.

thank you again, i'm not sure why it's not working for me.

I can't find ELOF in there anywhere. I've tried a few different spellings.

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