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Exporting only certain "individual facts"

Exporting only certain "individual facts"

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I use FTM 2012 and I wish to export those listed on a Descendant Chart. This part is straight forward for me.

The export tends to send all the individual facts attached to a person. How can I export only certain facts, eg only birth, marriage and death facts ?

Can someone enlighten me if this is possible ?

Thanks, Ronald

Re: Exporting only certain "individual facts"

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These appear to be the export options

Export lets you save your tree in a different format that can be opened in a different program. You can save the complete tree or individuals from the tree.

Export includes the following options:


Entire file
Exports all of the people defined in your tree.

Selected individuals
Exports only the people you have selected. When you choose Selected individuals, the Select button is activated. Use the select button to select or define the selection of people in your tree. See Filter Individuals for more information.

Output format
Lets you select the type of file format for saving your tree. Not all programs will open all file types, so you should make sure that the file type you are saving is compatible with the program that will be using it.

Family Tree Maker saves the tree in the same format used for backing up a tree. To import the tree, use the Restore function. This format is slightly different from the Family Tree Maker 2011 format to allow for some data that are new to Family Tree Maker 2012. Family Tree Maker 2011 and earlier versions cannot open this format.

Family Tree Maker 2011 can be opened only be Family Tree Maker 2011. Family Tree Maker 2012 automatically converts these files when opening them.

Family Tree Maker 2010 introduced database improvements but can be opened only by Family Tree Maker 2010. Family Tree Maker 2012 automatically converts these files when opening them.

Family Tree Maker 2008/2009 saves to the format that can be opened by Family Tree Maker versions 2008 and 2009. Family Tree Maker 2012 cannot open this format without converting it first.

GEDCOM 5.5 is a standard file type that most genealogy programs can open. GEDCOM files cannot include linked files, saved publications, or tasks. When you select this option, the Export to GEDCOM dialog box opens when you click OK.

Privatize living people
Does not export information for people that Family Tree Maker determines are still living. The following is done in records of living people:

Names are exported.

Facts are not exported.

Relationships are exported.

Shared facts are not exported, including shared facts with deceased people.

Include private facts
Exports all fact including any facts that you have marked as private.

Include private notes
Exports all notes including any notes that you have marked as private.

Include external media files
Exports all of the media files. You can exclude media files that are marked as private by removing the check box from Include private media.

Include tasks
Exports your general and person task lists.

Include charts, reports, and books
Exports any saved publications in the Publish Workspace.

Include only items linked to selected individuals
Includes only the associated sources, media, and tasks of those people selected to be exported. If this option is not selected, all of the sources, media, and tasks in the tree will be included in the export.

John D

Re: Exporting only certain "individual facts"

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I don't see a way to do what you want on a global basis.

I only see one way to approach your wish.

This is through use of the option to / not to export private facts.

You can privatize all instances of a fact (but only one Fact at a time) at:

Edit > Manage Facts > Choose a Fact > Data Options > Select All > Privatize.

Then select not to export private facts.
Then reverse the procedure to make them "public" again.


Other than that, you might explore the internet for gedcom utilities that might remove facts; or post queries to other software boards to see if there is another software out there that will do this.

Re: Exporting only certain "individual facts"

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To add to silverfox's suggestion about gedcom utilities. Have a look at other genealogy programs as well. Reunion (Mac) for instance offers a choice of fields to exclude

Re: Exporting only certain "individual facts"

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions they give me a good lead to follow up.

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