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Church Record Translation

Church Record Translation

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Hello all,

I found records of my Grandfather's birth in both Kobenhavn and Svendborg. I see notations on one of the records which might explain but can't read it. Would like to know where he was born and why there are two recorded entries. Thanks for help provided.

Johannes Marius Petersen
b. 10 Feb 1894
Mother: Ane Else Dahl
Father: Hans Petersen

Kobenhavn / Sokkelund / Helligkors, 1892-1895 opslag 188

Svendborg / Sunds / Svendborg, Sct Nicolai, 1892-1894 opslag 28

Thanks so much,

Re: Church Record Translation

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I don't know and hope someone else will help with this.

I can say, though, that the child's mother and father are not married, and traditionally in that case the mother's parish would have been financially responsible for her child. If the mother has moved, then the parish responsible is the one where she was living 10 months before the child was born. Both her current and former parish would make a note of the birth/baptism and the situation. So that could be the reason for the two churchbook entries.

Re: Church Record Translation

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Thanks so much for the reply. So it's likely that Ane Else Dahl conceived in Kobenhavn but gave birth in Svendborg. I have been stuck at this point in my research for some time now and thought these records might help with locating Hans Petersen's family.

I can't find any record of Ane Else Dahl after the birth of my grandfather, however, I have found her son in foster care in the 1901 census in Svendborg. Would the parish have placed the child in foster care if it (the parish) was financially responsible?

Thanks again for the help.

Re: Church Record Translation

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Ane Else Dahl had one more son:

Karl Valdemar Dahl
born 11 may 1896 in Svendborg
baptized 31 may 1896 in Vor Frue Church.
No father.

Svendborg Vor Frue
Opslag 84
Ane Else Dahl married 8 october 1898 in Vor Frue Church,Svendborg to
Rasmus Nielsen.

Vor Frue Parish
Opslag 69.No.26

They had a son Aksel Nielsen
born 18 march 1899
died 19 december 1899

In the 1901 census( attached) they lived in Møllergade 92,Svendborg,
and it seems as she had a son i 1891.
Flemming Aasklint


Re: Church Record Translation

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I made typos etc below - so heads up on name spellings, etc.

Thanks to Flemming, now we can see your grandfather had at least three half brothers:
Thomas Hans Dahl (born 21 March 1891)
Karl Valdemar Dahl (born 11 May 1896)
Axel Nielsen born 1899 died as a baby, 9 months old

Svendborg, Sunds, Egense, Egense, 11a, 50, FT-1906, D3387
Jørgen G. Nielsen 2/10 1866 Ugift Husfader Gaardejer -
Rasmine R. Thomsen 20/9 1883 Ugift Husholderske - -
Thomas Hans Dahl 21/3 1891 Ugift Tyende Landbrug -
Jacob Jeppesen 4/8 1889 Ugift Tyende Landbrug

I'll make an attempt to transcribe / quasi-translate the two churchbook records....need help!

The Copenhagen record:

1894 10 February
Born in Svendborg
Johannes Marius Petersen
Unmarried Ane Elise Dahl
____ _____ _____ _____ ______ Hans Petersen
[I can’t read it - maybe first word is ungkarl/bachelor?; last word is skov___?]
Baptized 04 March 1894 in Svendborg
In St. Nikolaj Kirke in Svendborg
_____ ifolgen? [according to]
Copenhagen’s ____?
______ af 18/9 94 [=18 September 1894]
4/34/94 ??
Tim. Cagan?
Stengade 15 [streeet address, maybe where she was living?]
Hellig Kors Sogn [parish]


The Svendborg record:

Calls Hans Petersen an arbejdsmand/farmer
This record tells where Ane Elise Dahl was born, [Vodder in Tønder per Flemming] in Sonderjylland 25 July 1862;
She is 31 years old.
Baptism 4 March 1894.
“Barnet fødel____” [Baby was conceived??]
in Copenhagen and J________
5 October 1894 ___, Helling Kors Parish Church book [I imagine the priest is saying he notified Helling Kors accordingly]
Baptised at Vor Frue [Svendborg by sognepraest J. Jespersen in church
Baptismal sponsors
Farmer Rasmus Nielsen and wife Rasmine Petersen
Unmarried girl/woman Johanne Johansen
Tjeneskarl/laborer Andreas Julius Hansen?
Rasmine Jorgensen?
All of Svendborg
Last column the priest explains more about the situation. Hard to see - so tiny. Can you scan that last column in a larger digital size and if that’s too large to upload, then crop it and upload just that last column?


As botched as this is, maybe it can help a little. :D

Rasmus Nielsen is mentioned as a fyrbøder [fireman?] at the birth of son Aksel (see Link) but is an arbeismand in the census Flemming posted. I think the 1901 census also mentions Ørkildsgade [street] as an address. Is it also saying Ane Elise had been in Tyskland/Germany and returned to the the parish in 1896???


Re: Church Record Translation

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>Unmarried Ane Elise Dahl
>>____ _____ _____ _____ ______ Hans Petersen
staldkarl på Skovlyst
stabelman! at Skovlyst.
Ane Else Dahl is born in Vodder Parish,Hviding District,Tønder County
Opslag 86
Flemming Aasklint

Re: Church Record Translation

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I suppose that would be Skovlyst between Svendborg (the town) and Faaborg?:

I found a reference to Skovlyst som lå på Hallingskovvej - I think maybe Hallingskovvej is mentioned in the church book record of birth for Johannes Marius Petersen.

The German spelling of Vodder would be Wodder (as in the posted record). If Ane Elise Dahl was in "Tyskland," that could mean her home parish I suppose, which would have been under German rule 1864 - 1921.

Re: Church Record Translation

Posted: 1359771467000
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Thanks so much for the great information. A lot more to Ane Else Dahl than I thought. I knew that she was from Birkelev and also had a child there that was reared by her parents. With the info provided by you and Flemming, I believe she may have died bet 1901-1905. Still searching.

I attached a cropped portion of the Church record from Kobenhavn but still looks hard to read to me. Thought I would see if you might take a look anyway. Of course, it gets harder to read the more I enlarge it.

Thanks again for your help.

Re: Church Record Translation

Posted: 1359771809000
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Thank you for your help, Flemming. Your info provided so many more leads about this family. Got me eager to research some more and might be able to finally find the Hans Petersen I'm looking for.

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