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source and multiple citations

source and multiple citations

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Can I link several citations to one source at one time or must I do it one at a time?

Re: source and multiple citations

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You can link a citation of a source to more than one fact via two methods:

1) Copy one citation and paste-link or paste-duplicate to one fact at a time; or:
2) Cite a source to a fact and then copy that fact to all of the persons of that immediate family and his parent's immediate family in one operation.


For number one above:

1) Select a fact to link the first citation to.
2) Make the (first) citation to that fact via the New button
3) Then, select that citation and either right-click copy or copy via the button bar icon (2 pieces of overlapping paper under the itty-bitty down arrow next to New).
4) Then, move to another fact for that person or any person anywhere in your file, place your mouse in the citation area for the fact and choose either right click paste-duplicate or right click-link, or just choose one of those two options from the button bar - the itty-bitty little down arrow next to New.

PASTE-DUPLICATE is if you are going to change something about the citation that will be unique and different from what you originally copied; for example a page number from a book.
PASTE-LINK is if you are want to paste an exact clone of a citation that is identical to the first citation to the second fact. For example, if the page number of the source is the same number.

Number Two - Same Fact for Multiple People

Create a Fact for a person.
Make your citation to the Fact
Select the Fact again.
Right click - Copy the Fact (which includes all citations)
If you are wanting to paste the fact to other people in this person's immediate family, then right-click again, but choose Paste.

This will bring up a screen showing parents, siblings, childre, and spouses of that person with checkboxes next to each and "ALL" at the top.

Then click ok
That single fact from one person, with associated citations, will copy to all people you choose on that page.

You can then move to other people, or family groups in your file to copy that fact to. This Since you are copying to parents and siblings and children, it is actually copying to two families at once: the selected person's family and his parent's family.

Re: source and multiple citations

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Silver fox,
First, thanks for getting back to me....
Looking back I don't think I explained what I needed to know.
I first noticed when I was looking at the profile page for a person in my online tree....that on the right side toward the bottom I saw UNSOURCED CITAIONS....not sure what that was I looked and under that title there were a list of citations....but not linked to a source.

So I then checked my FTM to see if I could figure out what happened......When I clicked on the SOURCE menu across the top and went to the page that lists the source on the left and the citations in the middle panel and the details on the right......I scrolled to the end of the source list and found and "unlinked".....I saw a whole list of no source citations in the middle panel. I highlighted one of those to see who this was for.......after randomly checking several.....I noticed that they were all citations that should have been from ONE source....

I looked through the list of sources and the source I knew these all went to was gone. This source was one I had from years ago. I don't know what the SOURCE is gone, but all the citations are still linked to facts. Since ALL of the citations come from ONE source......I was trying to find out if I could.....Make a NEW source and link all the citations at one time to that new source.....

Does that explain it a little better?


Re: source and multiple citations

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Yes, that explains it a bit better and changes the issue.

Yes, the fix is very simple; but I don't see a way to fix it other one at a time. However, you should be able to do it with a minimum of key strokes by doing the following:

1) Create the source in the Source Workspace
2) Now select the "unlinked" name near the bottom of the list of sources where the unlinked items are.

3) Now, select the first citation (in the middle panel) and right click > Edit. Then type the first half-dozen or so letters of the actual source you want to use until it pops up in the source list.

4) Select ok. That should attach that citation to the new source.

Go back to the Unlinked source and repeat 3 and 4. You will get pretty fast at this after you've done a half-dozen or so.

Good luck!!

Re: source and multiple citations

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Thanks....that's what I was afraid at a time...even with a few clicks......guess I better get started since there are 604 citations I have to put back with the source.....

Might be back with the living in a few days :)

Thanks again......
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