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place name - county no longer a county

place name - county no longer a county

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I have been working to resolve place names for several days now & it was going great! But I don't know what I did, I had several town/cities listed under 'Houghton' county, but now the county 'map check mark' is grey, like there isn't anything in just the county & the county does not have a + next to it, so it can't be expanded. Those who I know died in the county, but I don't know what city, are listed under the name 'Houghton County'. No other county lists 'county' after its name. Many, many town & city names should be listed under 'Houghton' as a county - it is the county that my ancestors settled in when they 1st came to America & many of us are still here, so I have about 150 yrs of people linked to that county, not all people are linked to places yet, but there should be several towns, cemeteries, hospitals, parks, etc. When I go to my record for instance, everything looks just fine, my town, county, state & country are listed like they should be for each of my facts - birth, engagment & marriage, but my town, my church & the park where my hubby proposed are not listed anywhere on the places list. Any idea where there are - how do I get them to appear in the place name list again, in the proper county & state. thanks for any insight

Re: place name - county no longer a county

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Go to Tool>Options and Click on the Places tab

There you have a check box that controls counties

FTM Help Notes

Place options

Specifies options specific to place fields.

You have these options:

Check place authority when entering place names: Checks the database for the place name you entered. If it is not found, an icon appears at the end of the field. You can click the icon to open the Resolve Place Name dialog box where you can select the correct place name or have the Family Tree Maker accept (ignore) the place name you entered.

Exclude selected country from resolved place names: Specifies a country as a "home" country. Family Tree Maker will recognize that all locations in the tree from the selected country do not display the country in the place field and in reports. This helps make place names shorter. You can select None in the drop-down list to disable this feature (the country will display for all places).

Note: Any ignored place names (in which you had Family Tree Maker ignore the name) that contain the country will continue to list the country.

See also attached screen shot

John D

Re: place name - county no longer a county

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I'm not sure if I understand your problem, but try this:

At the top of the Place names list is a button bar. The second and third from right buttons are 1) Expand all nodes (places), 2) Collapse all nodes (places).

I'm thinking maybe you hit the Collapse all places inadvertently.

Try clicking on the "expand all places (nodes)" button and see if that restores the view you are looking for.

Re: place name - county no longer a county

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Edited: 1363447058000
Since I find many a 'Houghton' in many states and countries, it would be helpful if you were to provide these two bits of information.

That said, the "Bing" database has been updated and many changes have been made.

Remember that the PNY does not like to see the words, county, township and etc.

The following link,,_Michigan#Citie... may be of help to see what cities, townships, villages and etc. are in the Houghton, Michigan County.

Re: place name - county no longer a county

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Edited: 1363448268000

"Remember that the PNY does not like to see the words, county, township and etc."

This was corrected with the update in FTM2012 that introduced the heirarchical view in places.

FTM2012 will now not change your place name to erase "twp" or "co" when resolving a place name if you use one of the accepted place name categories, like twp, co, township, county, etc.

The accepted place name categories are listed in the Help files as "Place Modifiers".

Additionally, the same update to FTM2012 changed the method of resolving place names so that "pieces" of place names can be "lifted" out of the resolving name, then the remaining piece resolved, then the two pieces added back together again to form a "half-a**" resolved name - which puts the name into the heirarchical view.

This works to not only resolve cemetery and church names, and also works on place modifiers not in the FTM list - like

Arizona Territory, USA

Can now be resolved in this manner and the resulting place will be included in the heirarchical view under "USA".

Territory is not an acceptable FTM place modifier, so it has to be handled via the new method of resolving place names by removing that piece to the upper box of the resolve place name screen.

Re: place name - county no longer a county

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thanks, I looked there - it was checked. I checked it & unchecked it, no change. But I did resolve it.

See my post at the end.

Thanks for your quick response,

Re: place name - county no longer a county

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thanks, I have resolved my issue. That is any interesting list, some they list as unincorperated communities are pretty tiny.

See my last post for how I fixed it.

Thanks again,

Re: place name - county no longer a county

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I did try to collapse & expand all nodes & that didn't help, as the county didn't have anything under it.

But I fix it:

Before I closed FTM, I renamed the auto backup file, so that if necessary I could go back to the day before & only loose 1 day of work, but still have place names. So I wasn't worried about messing anything else up in my 'real' file, so I clicked the icon for 'show place names as a flat list' at the top of place names & my missing places were there. When I clicked 'collapse all nodes' & then 'expand all nodes', there were back where they belong :)

But for some reason, is shows 'Houghton County' when listed as a county vs Houghton (the city) listed below. as you can see by the attached pic no other county lists the word county, even others that share a name with a city/village.
that is what I was trying to fix when the places went away, so I can live with it, just wondering why.

Thanks again for all your help,

Re: place name - county no longer a county

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Classification: Query
ok... now look at your list under Houghton County. You will see you have listed Hancock at the next level three times:

Hancock Township

Now, select the first one.

Look over at the right hand panel. You will see how the place name is actually entered in your database for that place in the upper right corner where it shows Name, Sort, Location.

Do this for the other two Hancocks.

Does one of the three show Houghton with County?

If so, that one is your culprit.


BTW, notice how you can show people either at the selected level by itself, or that level and all below it in the right panel.

Re: place name - county no longer a county

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Classification: Query
Thank you,

I looked at each Hancocok, two were just Houghton, Michigan, USA, the 2nd on the list, nothing was in that box - that was the Hancock that didn't have anything linked to it anymore. All under Houghton County didn't have County, but Houghton County itself did. Backed up my file, selected Houghton County & removed the word county. All is well, the extra Hancock even went away. I have to keep Hancock Twp, because it is not the same as the city of Hancock. I hope that won't cause any issues down the road.

Thanks so much<
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