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Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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If anyone has the ability and willingness to look up information about my g. grandmother, I would greatly appreciate it! I know a few things about her, mainly stuff after she immigrated, not so much about her parents.

Magda Kathrine Knudsen, b. Dec 5, 1889 in Swendborg, Denmark. She emigrated in 1915, leaving Copenhagen, arriving in New York May 15, 1915 on the ship Frederik VIII. My father says she talked a lot about growing up in Swendborg, so I'm assuming she spent most, if not all of her time there. She eventually marries Peter Rasmussen,(also a Dane), b. 1864 (Denmark) in Wisconsin in 1920.

Her father is Lauritz Knudsen b. about 1865(?) in Denmark and her mother's name was Catherine Kaas, b. about 1867(?) in Swendborg, Denmark. Catherine died of TB when Magda was 2, so that would be about 1891. According to an inscription on a wedding ring, I think Lauritz and Catherin's marriage date is Dec. 27, 1886. I was told Lauritz remarried after Catherine died.

Any help or insight would be very much appreciated!

Re: Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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Magda Cathrine Knudsen
born 5 december 1889 in Egense Parish, Sunds District, Svendborg County
baptized 19 january 1890 in Egense Church
Parents: Schoolteacher Lauritz Theodor Skytte Knudsen and wife
Frederikke Kirstine Kaas.

Lauritz Theodor Skytte Knudsen
born 2 november 1862 in Skaarup Parish, Sunds District, Svendborg County
baptized 11 january 1863 in Skaareup Church
died 26 june 1933 in Fiskop,Egense Parish
buried 30 june 1933 in Egense Parish
Parents: Jørgen Skytte Knudsen and wife Martha Kirstine Uglebjerg.

Frederikke Kirstine Kaas
born 29 march 1864 in Turø Parish,Sunds District, Svendborg County
baptized 8 may 1864 in Turø Church
died 24 december 1891
Parents: Niels Vilhelm Kaas and wife Kristine Hansen.

All persons in the household

Svendborg, Sunds, Egense, Rantzausminde, , , 6,


Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation: Birth place:

Lauritz Theodor Skytte Knudsen 27 Gift husfader lærer Skaarup
Frederikke Kirstine Kaas 25 Gift husmoder Thurø
Magda Cathrine Knudsen under 1 aar, 5 december 89 Ugift barn Egense

Lauritz Theodor Skytte Knudsen married 7 may 1897 in Egense Parish
to Anne Kirstine Rasmussen, born 30 april 1877 in Egense Parish.

All persons in the household

Svendborg, Sunds, Egense, Tillægsliste, 25, , 81,


Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation: Birth place:

Laurits Theodor [Skytte] Knudsen 2/11 64 Gift Husfader Lærer [Skaarup Sogn - Svendborg Amt]
Ane Kirstine Knudsen [født Rasmussen] 10/4 76? Gift Husmoder - [Egense Sogn - Svendborg Amt]
Ebba Elisa Knudsen 28/3 98 Ugift Barn - [Egense Sogn - Svendborg Amt
Villiam Knudsen 30/4 00 ? Ugift Barn - [Egense Sogn - Svendborg Amt]
Magrete Karoline Knudsen 19/12 00? Ugift do [Barn] - [Egense Sogn - Svendborg Amt]
Rigmor Ingeborg Knudsen 14/12 05 Ugift do [Barn] - [Egense Sogn - Svendborg Amt]
Magda Katrine Knudsen 5/12 89 Ugift do [Barn] - [Egense Sogn - Svendborg Amt]

Flemming Aasklint

Re: Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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Oh my goodness, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are very kind, thank you so much for taking your time, effort and skills to find this information, I am very grateful :)

Re: Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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Just one question, is the "Skytte" that's in Lauritz and his father's name part of the last name or first name?

Thank you

Re: Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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About the name Skytte - Flemming can answer better than I can. Originally Skytte was likely an identifier name that could take the place of the patronymic name or could be used together with it. "Skyte" is translated as "sharpshooter" on this site: A job title, it means gameskeeper I think. Perhaps some ancestor was a gameskeeper on an estate.

We can't know the extent to which the names are a pair until looking at the use of them over time (which would be interesting to do!). If I'm just guessing, I'd guess you'd find records for Lauritz's father that omit the name Skytte, and perhaps some that omit the name Knudsen.

Danish last names continued to settle down into permanent surnames throughout the 1800s.

You'll find the Kaas family on this website:

Everyone in the family born in Thurø:
Niels Vilhelm Kaas 51, married, occupation skibsreder
Ane Christiane Frederikke Kaas, born Hansen, age 41, his wife
Frederikke Kirstine Kaas 15 datter <----------
Grete Eriksine Kaas 10 datter
Peter Johannes Kaas 7 søn
Jørgine Madsine Kaas 5 datter
Niels Nielsen Kaas 2 søn

Of course "born Hansen" means Hansen was her maiden name.

1870 here:

1860 here (see under Wilhelm Kaas). Family is living with the widow Kirsten Larsdatter and her son Johanne Kaas - presumably mother and brother to Niels Wilhelm Kaas. Niels Wilhelm Kaas is a skipper, and Johannes is a matros (seaman):

1850 here. Kirsten now listed as mother to both Wilhelm Kaas and Johanne Kaas. The boys have seafaring job titles:

For more census years, see Folketaelling menu on home page.

Best wishes

Re: Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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Thank you so much, this is fascinating to me and my (half Danish) father. It looks like I have some reading ahead of me, thanks for the links and information; very much appreciated.....


Re: Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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Yes, pretty cool. Flemming amazes me.

On this link is a discussion of Friderik Kaas, father of Niels Wilhelm Kaas. The discussion took place on Slaegt og Data Dis-Danmark forum, in Danish, but there is also an English-language forum there called "Find Your Relatives in Denmark":,627086,627100

I'll try to tell you what it says. I do not speak Danish! If you or your dad do, then ignore me. ;D

The poster wonders where Friderik was born.
1825 Friderik Kaas married Anne Marie Larsdatter at Turø parish, Sunds herred, Svendborg amt.
1826 Friderik Kaas married Kirsten Larsdatter, also at Turø.
1834 census Friderik is a weaver, 64 years old.
1840 census he is a weaver, 71 years old.
1845 census says Friderik Kaas was born in Svendborg.
He died in 1848 at Turø, 78 years old.
Thus Friderik is born about 1770.

1787 Census in the town of Svendborg
Svendborg, Sunds, Svendborg Købstad, , Skattergade [a street] 109
Anne Sobine Knudsen 50, widow, Husbondine
Frederik Kaas 17, unmarried, son, weaver boy [apprentice?]
Elisabeth Kirstine 14, unmarried, daughter

1801 Census
Friderich Kaas 32, unmarried, weaver
Anne Sophie 66, widow, his mother
Elisabeth Kaas 28, unmarried, his sister
Two weaving apprentices in the household also

At the baptism of Frederik Kaas’s sister Elisabeth, her parents names are written,
06 December 1772, Sankt Nikolai, Svendborg:
Niels Willumsen Kaase
Anna Sabine Friderichsdatter Blohm

Friderich Kaas was baptized 06 May 1770 at Sct. Nicolai in Svendborg. The church book citation for this is Sct Nicolai KB 1736-1814; opslag 96

Friderich’s parents were trovlovet 12 April 1767. I believe the sense of the meaning is that they registered their intention to be married at the church and the banns were published.

More follows about the extended family that I won't try to translate...

Another link, a probate that shows Niels Kaas is the brother of the man who has died (Johan Frederich Kaas):

Johan Frederich Kaas skoemager hmd i Tranekier 31 Jan 1800 pg 294 299 368 534
WIFE: Ane Cathrine Pedersdtr
1. Hans Christian Kaas pottemager borger i Svendborg
2. Soren Kaas pottemager i Svendborg
3. Niels Kaas (dod)(dead)
CH[ildren of Niels]:
a. Wilhelm Kaas borger i Svendborg
b. Frederich Kaas borger i Svendborg
c. Elisabeth Kaas hos bro Frederich Kaas i Svendborg
4. Jens Kaas i Moen (dod)(dead)
CH[ildren of Jens]:
a. Soren Madsen Kaas myndig
Wilhelm Kaas myndige
ILLEG.CH: Lucie Frederichsdtr pigen i hiemme
wgd: Christen Larsen gmd i Leybolle
[Grevskabet Langeland Gods, Svendborg skpr; Book 17 1797-1810; FHL film 52810]

Best wishes

Re: Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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Thank you so much for all this wonderful information! For some reason, I do not get all the notifications from and did not get this one, but just happened to be checking this thread again :)

And no, nobody in my family speaks Danish anymore.

Thanks again, this is wonderful!


Re: Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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Hi - yes that happens sometimes don't know why.

Maybe you can recapture the attention of the forum if you start a new thread. Would be interesting to have the date of marriage for Lauritz and Fredrikke Kirstine confirmed, and to find out more about Magda's siblings. Many of the volunteers would be more expert at that than me. All of the siblings were much younger than Magda, since her father did not remarry until a number of years after Magda's mother died. Or...maybe you already know their stories.

Here's a transcription of that passenger manifest you told us about.

Sailing on the Frederik VIII
Departing Copenhagen 29 April 1915
Arriving New York 11 May 1915
Magda Kathrine Knudsen [transcribed as Mayda on Ellis Island site]
Age 25, housekeeper
Last permanent residence Copenhagen
Name and address of nearest relative or friend whence alien came:
Father Lauritz Knudsen at Rantzausminde Skole [school], Svendborg
Final Destination: Wilmington, NC
Whether having a ticket to final destination: Yes
By whom was passage paid: self
Whether in possession of $50: Yes
Whether ever before in the United States: No
Whether going to a relative or friend: Mrs. L. Greer, 116 Market Street, North Carolina
DIS to Emilie Michaelsen. [ I don’t know what this means; this note is written over her
height and other description, making it hard to read]; light hair, brown eyes.

There are a lot of Danish research materials with details about teachers; I myself don’t know how to access them, but I have received information from them! A future research project for you, haha.

BTW a clarification - when I said I'd guess you'd find records for Lauritz's father that omit the name Skytte, and perhaps some that omit the name Knudsen - I meant his male-line ancestors, not just the father, and that some might omit the patronymic name whether it be Knudsen or another patronymic.

Nice to meet you and happy hunting!

Re: Looking for any info. on Magda Knudsen and parents

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Oh thank you again! Yes, I should start a new thread, I know nothing more about her half siblings, other than what was posted here. All we ever heard about her stepmother, was that she was unkind to Magda and did not treat her as she did her own children. I suppose that is one reason she left Denmark. We know very little about her birth mother Frederikke but my dad has recently found some pictures and a few documents, so we're trying to sort it all out. Apparently, Fredderikke's father was fairly well-off as he left Magda a sum of $400 something when he died, which I suppose was a nice amount back in those days :) Before I had asked questions here in this forum, we didn't even know who it was that had left her the thankful for all the wonderful and kind volunteers who are willing to help here!

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