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Citing for Sex

Citing for Sex

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Is there a method of either removing this completely from FTM2012, or, preferably altering Ancestry tree settings so that a census entry automatically cites for this? I am aware that I can alter individual citations on Ancestry to include this, but would prefer a way of doing it automatically. Or just losing it from FTM 2012 as I cannot see the reason for it. In the rare instances where it is not blatantly obvious, I would happily enter the citation manually.

Re: Citing for Sex

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The reason for adding a sex fact probably has more reasons than these, but these are the most obvious:

1) To clarify which sex for bi-sexual names like: Alex, Leslie and so on.
2) To clarify sex where the name is unreadable to try to assist what the handwriting really says.
3) FTM uses the sex to enter the surname of people that you add to a family. People are entered with the surname of their father - which is established by the sex of the couple who had the children. The entered sex of individuals determines whether they become the "father" or "mother" in a coupling.

For these reasons, and particularly Number 3, FTM / Ancestry will NEVER remove sex from adding to the fact, where known, from various records.

Sex is currently added for US Censuses, for 1850 and later, because sex is in the census. This is the ONE fact that you do not have a choice on when merging. In this context, it is already "automatic", although "standard" would be a more accurate description. This will continue and there is no chance that they will change on this - nor would we want them to. Other censuses (states and other countries) will depend on whether sex is in the original record.

Re: Citing for Sex

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Thanks for that. Things are clearer now. It is the UK censuses that do not automatically cite for sex, even though they all have a separate column for the age, depending on whether male or female. I'll just carry on adjusting each census return to cite for this.
Many thanks

Re: Citing for Sex

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I don't understand.

Here is an English census for a Mary Ann Hallock of London, England.

The fifth line from the top of the ancestry transcription shows she is a female. This is deduced from the fact that, in the original record, her age is in the female column. That sex is posted into FTM when the record is merged into FTM.

You shouldn't have to change anything - unless you know the sex is wrong. (And I have seen where the sex is wrong, particularly with children, but even occasionally adults). Then, the sex needs to be corrected.

Ancestry's treatment in censuses, whether US or UK, seems straightforward to me. I don't understand what problem you are having with ancestry's handling of it????

Re: Citing for Sex

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For some reason, the citation for sex is not being imported into FTM2012. The only way I can make it import the sex is to edit the citation on my Ancestry tree by ticking the box that says 'Gender' and then synchronising the trees. It is a pain to have to do this every time.
If I just add the censuses on my Ancestry tree and then synch from FTM, every person on my tree in FTM, in Person View, shows three zeroes against the sex.
I'm sorry if I'm not explaining very well.

Re: Citing for Sex

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Edited: 1363108618000
I'm lost. I thought you were talking about merging an ancestry census record into FTM. But now you have started talking about synchronization - which is a whole other issue.

It is the standard procedure for an ancestry census record (even in the UK) to post the SEX census fact for a person, as well as the census citation for that fact. I just did it for the Mary Hallock example that I posted earlier.

Now I am wondering if you are saying that you are merging the record to a person in an ancestry member tree and the fact and the citation are not being synced???

I can't help you there. I don't sync my files because of all the problems they have. You can easily copy and paste either facts or citations from one person to another in FTM. Or, you can choose to ignore the sex except where you have a bi-sexual name like Leslie or Frances. Back in the day when we posted micro-film censuses manually into FTM, most of us didn't post sex into FTM, unless there was a need to clarify the sex of the person - because it is obvious 95% of the time.

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