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FTM Desperately Needs New Features

FTM Desperately Needs New Features

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Features needed:

1. Be able to color code and label people & relationship lines. I want this feature so I can quickly and easily see who I have researched and what their status is. For example I have many people in my tree that are just imports from others trees and have no sources. I want to identify these people easily so that I can know to go research them later. Secondly, I want this feature to mark how certain i am of a person being accurately recorded and, likewise, I want to mark the relationship lines themselves so I can readily see how certain I am that a relationship is well documented. Right now I can only use notes which are not useful for this purpose.

2. I want to be able to keep FICTITIOUS people in my tree and distinguish them from real people. Sounds weird I know...but let me explain. If after doing all the research I find that someone is not the right person or isn't even real, I just want to label them as having been researched and reached a conclusion. I don't want to delete them as that means another person in the family years from now might come and add these fictitious people back thinking that I was unaware of them. I want everyone to know that I have already researched them so that people don't continue to research the same problems over and over.

Re: FTM Desperately Needs New Features

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Food for thought - for whatever it's worth:

1) 1. Be able to color code

If you choose yourself as the main Home Person, all of your ancestral lines are already color coded in the Family View.

2) label people & relationship lines.

I use Custom Facts as Tags for people and I also have a Custom Fact for "Line of Ascent". I usually just put a paternal line here, like:

_Line of Ascent: Myron S-5, David M-4, Frederick-3, Miles-2, Jesse-1 Davison

Note that the underline "_" in front of the name of the Custom Fact will force it to be listed first in my list of facts. In my surname study where I may have 75 William Smiths, this is the only way that I can keep each one straight as to who he is.

If this person has a bunch of lines in common with me, I may jot a few down in a Custom Fact called "Ancestry Lines"

Ancestral Lines: Smith, Taylor, Johnson, Davison, Johnston, Baldwin, Richardson

3) ... who I have researched and what their status is.

You can do the opposite through FTM's Task List. You can access and add to the Fact list from the Plan Workspace or the Task Button in the right panel of the Family View. You can also assign Categorize tasks for how you organize your work. For example, I may give some tasks the category of "Concordia Trip" and print them out when I go on my Concordia trip. You could do the same thing with Custom Facts.


As for importing people and fictitious people - I do neither one so I can't help you out with them.

I enter only real people at the keyboard or merge from an ancestry database (note database - not tree). I document as much as I can when I add them, although ancestry adds records all the time, so it is handy to go back once in awhile to see if ancestry has a new record for people in your file.

Re: FTM Desperately Needs New Features

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You can cope with fictitious people simply by using the add unrelated individual.

They will show in the index but not be associated with the family lines unless you decide to attach them

As for new features

This is the link

Make sure that in suggesting an idea that you explain why it would be useful and how you would use it. Make a strong business case. You are competing with a myriad of other enhancement requests and I guess only so many will get into any future version.

John D

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