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Multiple instances of individual on Extended Family Chart

Multiple instances of individual on Extended Family Chart

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I have FTM for 2 for Mac. When I look at the Extended Family Chart I see individuals that have multiple instances in the person locator. There's 2 boxes for the same individual-one attached to their family and another attached to their wife's family. The index of individuals doesn't show any duplicate individuals. How can I combine this separate branches/instances into one branch?

Re: Multiple instances of individual on Extended Family Chart

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Do you have cousins marrying somewhere in your databases and have you entered them correctly.

If you have FTM will correctly display them on each line

John D

Re: Multiple instances of individual on Extended Family Chart

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This is how the report works and is designed.

How else can the separate "islands" of the original blood family and the family of an in-law be connected? Two ways would be by connecting lines or by different colors. But either way will fall into incomprehensible chaos with but more than a few people and families.

Note that in a very small dataset of individuals, you will get the larger, initial island, and fewer "spinoff" islands (or family circles), by selecting a person near the bottom of a tree, rather than the top. This is exhibited by examples 1 and 2 below.

For examples of how the EFC report works, see three examples, here:

Note in examples 1 and 2 that a chart starting with a person near the bottom of the report will tend to consolidate more people into fewer islands; whereas starting with an ancestor will spinoff each and every in-law it runs across.

Note that a chart with thousands of people will become thousands of pages long very quickly. This chart is primarily useful as a filter to filter for "everyone related to a selected person by blood or marriage" - for purposes of export or deletion - rather than for actual report to print on paper.

PS. The separate lines and islands have nothing to do with cousin marriages - ALL "in-law" families of a person are presented, whether related by cousin marriages or any marriage to anybody.

Re: Multiple instances of individual on Extended Family Chart

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Hi John:

The behavior the original poster is complaining about is a normal feature of the EFC and has nothing to do with cousin marriages.

When the EFT encounters extended family for a spouse of someone in the selected person's tree, a second record for that spouse is created in a completely separate "island" in the report. The two records are correlated by use of an index number in the upper left corner of each "box". The person locator helps find people who are in more than one place in this report - which can become quite long and complicated very quickly as a file grows.

The single most important strategy in minimizing the number of "islands" and multiple instances of a single person in the report, is to have the "selected", or "base" person be at the bottom of their resepective family - and not an ancestor.

See my examples given in a separate post to see how that works.

Re: Multiple instances of individual on Extended Family Chart

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The link to your first example didn't work. My real question is how do I connect individuals on my EFC that aren't connected to anyone else?

Re: Multiple instances of individual on Extended Family Chart

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That link works for me in my Chrome. Try it again.

They are connected by the number in the upper left of their "box". That same number is used for that person where it is used in other places in the report. Colors won't work either, as with mulitple colors over about 20 to 30 trees will mean going into hardly discernible shadings of the same color.

In the lower right of the EFC screen is a person locator. You can type the last name and see it "jump" to that surname in the person locator list. To the right of that name will be "instances". One of those instances will be the "blood" tree and the other one will be the "in-law" tree.

They obviously cannot be connected by lines. There would be so many lines on each page that the page would look like a system of wires in an electric or telephone panel.

If you choose the option "Include Everyone in My File" in the right panel - you will end up with orphan records that don't connect to anybody else.

Re: Multiple instances of individual on Extended Family Chart

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Read carefully all Silverfox wrote about how this can happen with individuals that only appear to be disconnected but have a number.

If a person is truly disconnected and shows by themself in the bottom left corner then go to that person (you can double click and go to a box of info about that person but I prefer to go to their regular page). Note the relationship to you. If ftm says "no relationship" and that is correct then that is why they are isolated. If "no relationship" is not correct then you will have to figure out where they became disconnected and reconnect them via "relationships"
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