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synchronizing family trees

synchronizing family trees

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I have my tree on Family Tree Maker on my home computer. Also, I have uploaded a tree to Ancestry (and to MyHeritage, WeRelate). For the tree that actually resides on Ancestry, people have attached various source documentation to it, e.g., census images, that I find helpful and would like to keep. At the same time, because I have trees up in other places, I would like to keep a master file on my home computer and upload revised gedcoms/trees from time to time. However, now I am worried about losing the helpful stuff that people have attached to my tree on Ancestry if I upload a revised tree. Is there a way, essentially, to download back to my computer a gedcom in reverse -- a tree that contains the updated information, which I can work on and (when I am satisfied that the updated information is in fact correct) then replace my master file with?

I hope this query is coherent!

Re: synchronizing family trees

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Do you actually want to sync the two trees, on family tree maker and on ancestry?

You would then follow the steps here:

I think at the end you are given a choice whether you want to keep the link of the file you just downloaded, or just have it as a separate downloaded file.

Syncing is good, I like it. Not everyone does. It will keep your tree up to date in both places.

But first, after you first do this you will have two trees essentially the same on your FTM. If you are sure the tree has what you want you can just delete your old one.

You can also merge the two trees in FTM but you have to have a lot of patience and a lot of computer memory to do it.

From what you said, it sounds like you just want to check and then delete the old tree [well, don't delete it.. you may want to keep it around.. but as an "old" tree.

Re: synchronizing family trees

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If I understand what you want, the Sync feature of FTM2012 will (theoretically) accomplish what you want to do. Keep a database on your ocmputer and also at, which always have the same info. From time to time, you can make a new gedcom on your computer from FTM2012 for WeRelate, etc.

That is, theoretically.

If you have been following this board for awhile, there are problems with Sync. This may effect a small piece of your file and only a small percentage of FTM users, but that doesn't count for much when it is YOUR file that gets screwed up.

I, for one, have no confidence in Sync and don't see using it in the (near) future.

If you decide not to sync, you will have to make all data entry in either or FTM2012 and then download or upload, as the case may be, from one to the other - the way we've been doing it for years - before Sync.

Re: synchronizing family trees

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Thanks -- it looks like I'll be updating from FTM 11 to FTM 12. The ability to do this looks like a great feature.
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