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Jeff Smith

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Need some help if possible. I have a Jeff H. Smith born in Denmark born about 1853, died in Seattle WA. in 1937. A couple questions, Jeff sounds more like an american name, what would the possible danish names be? Married a Bettie C Overbeck (maybe Oberbeck or Olbeck) i guess it depends on the translation.

Re: Jeff Smith

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Chances are he changed both his first and last names, and they could have been anything.

The only possible clue to his identity I find is his middle name:

The Washington censuses show his first children were born in Illinois, and the Illinois Marriage Index lists:

1 April 1876 Livingston County, Jeff Hansen Smith to Betthy Christine Overbeck.

They are in the 1880 Grundy County Illinois census.

In the later King County Washington censuses Jeff listed birth as April 1853 and immigration as 1873 or 1874.

Re: Jeff Smith

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Maybee this one:

Name: Schmidt, Jes Hansen
Occupation: Landmand
Age: 20
Destination: Chicago
Contract no.: 370200
Registration date: 5/21/1873
Last res. parish: ?
Last res. county: - Slesvig
Last residence: Slesvig
Destination country: USA
Destination city: Chicago
Destination state: Illinois
Name of ship: Indirekte

Flemming Aasklint

Re: Jeff Smith

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Surnames: Smith, Schmidt
Another perfect match Flemming!

I believe he entered North America via Canada, as a Jes Hansen Schmidt age 20 arrived Quebec 9 June 1873 on the ship 'Prussian' from Liverpool.

And this is probably him in Klaus Struve's website, with full birthdate

Schmidt, Jess Hansen * 1853 9 Sep. Accused of not showing for military service and of leaving the country without the required permit.

But he will be difficult to locate in Slesvig since those counties have no 1860-1870 censuses available.


Michael, don't be alarmed by the "left without permit" notation:

The Slesvig area was lost to German control 1864 to 1920, and many young men left to avoid being involuntarily drafted into the German army.

You will see a very large number with that notation on Klaus' website.

Re: Jeff Smith

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Klaus sent me the location, and I've attached the birth record of Jes Hansen Schmidt:

born 9 September 1853 Holbæk, Vodder parish, Tønder county,
parents Hans Peter Schmidt and Kathrine Marie Schmidt 42.

I don't find his confirmation there, so they may have moved.

Re: Jeff Smith

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Well done Homer.

Married 24 june 1851 in Vodder Parish
Widower Hans Peter Schmidt, 54 years old
the girl Katrine Marie Schmidt,40 years old,
daughter of Jes Jepsen Schmidt in Birkelev

Flemming Aasklin

Re: Jeff Smith

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I think the attached might be Jes Hansen Schmidt's future wife, but the old script is difficult for me:

1850 birth: Døstrup, Tønder 1837-1869, opslag 107

1865 confirmation: Døstrup 1839-1881, opslag 73


The Washington Death Index lists:

Betthy C. Oberbeck Smith, died 19 September 1915 Seattle, 64 yrs, 11 mos, 23 days, father Geo. Oberbeck.

A Betty Overbeck 21 arrived New York 18 June 1872 on ship 'Germanic' from Hamburg.

Re: Jeff Smith

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>1850 birth: Døstrup, Tønder 1837-1869, opslag 107

Betty Christine Overbeck
born 26 september 1850
baptized 15 november 1850 in Døstrup Church
Parents: lodger and "hjuler"( wheeler?) Georg
Hermann Overbeck and wife Kirstine Marie Olsdatter
in Lourup.


Georg Hermann Overbeck
born 13 october 1814 in Borrig,Brede Parish,Lø District,Tønder County
baptized 16 october 1814 in Brede Church
Parents: Christopher Overbeck and wife Anna Margrethe Jacobs

Married 28 february 1843 in Garnisons Church, Copenhagen to

Kirstine Marie Olsdatter
born about 1819.

More Children:

Anna Margrethe Hermantine Overbeck
born 26 september 1843 in Copenhagen
baptized 19 november 1843 in Garnisons Church

Ole Christopher Overbeck
born 30 deember 1845 in Døstrup Parish
baptized 5 february 1846 in Døstrup Church
died 25 april 1865 in Døstrup Parish
buried 28 april 1865 in Døstrup Parish

Hans Hansen Overbeck
born 2 april 1848 in Døstrup Parish
Baptized 24 may 1848 in Døstrup Church
died 26 september 1868 in Dwight Livingstone,
( Døstrup Parish 1871-1940,Opslag 5)

Carl Emil Overbeck
born 20 january 1853 in Døstrup Parish
baptized 15 march 1853 in Døstrup Church


Flemming Aasklint

Re: Jeff Smith

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Here is the Overbeck family in 1845 (what is a Kniplerske, Flemming?)

Tønder, Tønder, Højer og Lø, Brede (Kongerigsk), Borrig, , et Huus, 149 F1, FT-1845
Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation: Birth place:
Anna Margrethe Jensen 60 Enke Kniplerske Brede, Ribe Amt
Georg Hermann Overbek 30 Gift hendes Søn Brede, Ribe Amt
Kirsten Marie Olsen 26 Gift hans Kone Frederikssund Bye, Frederiksborg Amt
Anna Margrethe -- 2 Ugift deres Datter Kjøbenhavn
Anna Birthe Overbek 32 Ugift Kniplerske Brede, Ribe Amt

(my wife's grandparents were born in Brede)


I believe the father Georg Hermann and married daughter Anna Margarethe also emigrated to Grundy County Illinois, where Jeff H. and Betty Smith were in 1880:

1880 Grundy County Illinois
Jens Hensen 41 Denmark
Anna M. Hensen wife 34 Denmark
Fredericka Hensen 7 daughter Illinois
Oline Hensen 1 son Illinois
Herman Overbeck 65 father-in-law Denmark


And there is another Smith family in Grundy County 1880, who were probably related to Jeff Hansen Smith:

1880 Grundy County Illinois
Andrew Smith 41 Denmark
Anna Smith 42 "
Katie Smith 16 "
Jeff Hanson Smith 10 Illinois
Andrew W. Smith 7 "
Carl H. Smith 4 "
Sena Smith 2 "

(Andrew might be a half-brother of Jeff?)

Re: Jeff Smith

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Kniplerske= woman who makes lace

Tønder is very famous for it's " Kniplinger"

>I believe the father Georg Hermann and married daughter Anna Margarethe also
>emigrated to Grundy County Illinois, where Jeff H. and Betty Smith were in 1880:

That's why I can't find him dead in Døstrup.

Kirsten Marie Olsen - can't find her dead either.


Flemming Aasklint
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