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Any advice on FTM2012 "notes?"

Any advice on FTM2012 "notes?"

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Hello all, I was wondering what advantages there may be to putting NOTES in one location versus another?

For example, if I make a note about someone's birth, does it make any practical difference whether I put that into a "birth fact note," "person note," or "research note?"

In case it matters, I DO sync my FTM 2012 file with, and i access my family tree via the iPad app for ancestry.

If anyone has rules-of-thumb about when to use different types of notes, I'd be interested to hear about it!

Re: Any advice on FTM2012 "notes?"

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Here are some thoughts:

Person Note, Research Note, Marriage (ie Relationship) Note and Fact Note can be included in a Register Report (and most kinds of reports where they can be added - like custom reports, etc.) You can choose individual notes not to print if the global print is turned on, by selecting the "private" option (the padlock icon.)

Fact Notes do NOT sync to ancestry (nor upload with the old upload process).

Source Notes or Source Citation Notes never appear anywhere in any report. As the years go by, you may be inclined to forget about them because they are "hidden" from view. (I usually add source detail transcriptions (ie census) to either the fact note or to a Note Pad file that I attach to a fact as a Media item.

Sometimes I will do a bit of both. For example, I may transcribe a biography (or copy / paste if in text format) in a Fact Note of the person being sketched in a Custom Fact called Bio-Sketch. I may then attach a PDF of that bio/obituary or a copy the transcription into a Notepad file and attach one of these as a media item to an obituary citation that is copied and paste-linked to all the other people mentioned in the bio or obituary.

I almost always make research notes "private". It is for speculation, emails with folks, copies of stuff that "might be him or her", etc.

Before FTM had fact notes, I kept virtually all of my notes in the Person Notes. When FTM came out with fact notes, I thought it was a good idea to keep large volumes of stuff catalogued. However, sometimes I miss my old notes style of having all notes in one place.

Re: Any advice on FTM2012 "notes?"

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I have never figured out what to do about notes. If you add notes in FTM they all seem to not be viewable by anyone on unless you give them editor status. I don't do that for most of the people who I share my database.

At one time I was putting in extractions (i.e. obituaries, vital records, county histories, etc) as notes but no one could see them. I put them in as comments on Ancestry tree but comments don't seem to download to FTM.

So I guess if you want a note that is not viewed online by others you can put note anywhere because I think they all go into the note section online. If you want notes in both FTM and and viewed by others, the only way I have figured out is to make it a text media file.

I sure hope someone comes along with a better understanding than I have on what to do with notes.

Re: Any advice on FTM2012 "notes?"

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I figure my notes are for me. I may put a summary in the description field which will sync to ancestry. I put all my notes in research or fact notes for what may be an unusual reason. My mom did lots of research before me and kept her tree in a paf file. She would use notes which are now person notes in the tree I brought over to ftm. So I don't want to mix my notes with hers. (I also saved the paf file intact)

Re: Any advice on FTM2012 "notes?"

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Even though I have FTM12 with the fact & research notes feature, I still put all my notes in "Person Notes" as they synch with the notes on - I also like to see my notes all in one place.
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