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Records for people LEAVING the USA?

Records for people LEAVING the USA?

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I know we have Ellis Island records for people immigrating to the USA, but are there any ship records for people leaving the United States, particularly around the 1930s? My great-grandfather left Washington DC to return to Italy after the death of one of his daughters in 1931.

According to family history, he tried to return to the USA, but was debarred. I haven't been able to locate ANY immigration records for him, as he changed his name after he first came, but his surviving children had no memory of him, and never knew what his name would have been.

Re: Records for people LEAVING the USA?

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So sorry to hear about that!

If he didn't Naturalize and didn't have a Passport - then he most certainly could have been denied entry back into the USA. For sure - many Italian people were allowed to re-enter the USA... even though they were not citizens... but there was also the risk had they left and tried to return of being denied.

My own great-grandfather and his brother made a few trips back and forth... only to find work in the mines (with no intentions of settling here)...

At times a notation was made next to his name 'returning alien' ... with some specifics as to what his returning intentions were. Unfortunately he was killed in a work related incident here in 1911 leaving behind his family in Italy. So sad!

Can you provide his American history... his name, yob, where settled, wife, children... census records, and most of all, his FIRST passenger list.

If you do not wish to post his information, please feel free to contact me.

And to answer your question... no... no records of him leaving the USA... Ancestry does have a passport collection... but my understanding is... passports were granted to USA citizens.

Re: Records for people LEAVING the USA?

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I have a similar question. My Italian great-grandfather was widowed, and remarried in 1930. His second wife (also Italian by birth) was 'sent back to Italy' apx 1933 to 1937 since they didn't get along. That must have really been some marital discord!

I'm trying to find out when she left the US. As far as I can find in records, neither of them were naturalized, so there wouldn't have been a passport application.

Where might I look for this record, if outgoing passenger lists were kept? They lived in Providence, RI. Travel might have been from ports in Providence, Boston or New York.

Any ideas?
Thank you.
Lisa DiPrete Champagne

Re: Records for people LEAVING the USA?

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No outgoing records....


I just realized something... had your ancestor tried to return... there could be a passenger list along with a detained list... I would certainly look for one.

He would have been detained at the port and then deported.. I have seen passenger lists of immigrants trying to return to the USA.. along with a rubber stamp notation "Deported" along with the name of the ship and the date they would returning on. It also lists the number of meals he had during "detention" ... If he truly was deported - you could find at least one or two records for this event...


If you knew what town she (second wife) returned to... then you could join a Facebook /Yahoo group of her town - IF it exists.. One does exist for my ancestral town.. you'd be surprised how many people know enough English to communicate with.

Ask someone to do a cemetery look-up... but you must have her maiden name. Worth a shot!

I'm not sure HOW people were buried there at her time of death.. some burial plots were only temporary for a few years... contact Ann Tatangelo - she could answer this one far better than I could.

We once had a discussion about "osario's" - just gave me the chills.

Here's her website...

Ann Tatangelo - Blog on Italian research
Angel Communications

I guess, after April 2012, we could look through the 1940 census to see where everyone was...

You say she was sent back to Italy "apx 1933 to 1937"... so anything happen in 1938?
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