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FTM Extended Family Chart

FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362001968000
Classification: Query
Is there any way to make the Extended Family Chart not create islands (putting references numbers in the top corner)?

I basically only want one instance of each name, rather than 2 that some of them display with.


Re: FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362003616000
Classification: Query
You can not show the numbers from the Items to Include menu.

You can also delete a person or persons from the chart once the chart is drawn. Right click on the person and follow the extensive options list.

The normal Windows selection tools Shift and Ctrl also are supported

John D

Re: FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362004526000
Classification: Query
Ah, ok, I wasn't clear... I want to show everyone in my tree, but with no islands... sometimes a person shows up on one side, and then again on the other side, and it's noted with a number in brackets. I'd like to just have one instance of every one.

Re: FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362004871000
Classification: Query
I think you will have to create the chart then edit it by deleting (removing) the islands

You apparently have cousins marrying hence multiple relationships so FTM is displaying both relationships correctly.

John D

Re: FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362005021000
Classification: Query
Nope - these are not cousins... it seems that people that have extended families on both sides seem to be the worst offenders.

Re: FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362005190000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1362005797000
What other option would you suggest?

If a different color is used for each island and you have a large file, there aren't enough colors in the rainbow to distinguish all of one's islands.

If you were to use connecting lines to connect the various islands, there would be so many that the chart would look like one of those scenes in a movie where there is a million wires in a wall cabinet.

If you have a father and mother and siblings of a father - and the father and mother and siblings of a mother - and these two parents have children with spouses where you have parents and siblings - the "island" for each group of people seems to be a necessity. How else can you arrange the boxes representing people and get them all in one report (suggesting the old name: all-in-one report)?

This is one reason that FTM puts a person locator in the bottom riight of the screen. Of course, this isn't available to a reader of this report printed on paper. I would have to agree that with more than several hundred people, if this report is printed on paper, it is rather mind-boggling.

If you see that the chart is including everyone in your file and you only want people connected by blood or marriage to the selected person - you can uncheck the box in the right panel "Include everybody in this file".

If it is too complicated, I suggest to use various descendant and ancestor reports or charts to show just relevant pieces of the picture.

Re: FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362005481000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1362922947000
This is correct. The general rule is that the chart begins with the blood relatives of the selected person.

Then, for reports with an ancestor near "top-of-the-line is selected, spouses have extended family entered, an island is created for that extended family circle. And, if there are spouse in that island with extended relatives entered, there are more islands.

Every once in awhile I've noticed where there is only like one parent entered, the chart knows how to "cheat" and not create an island only two people - but, generally, the scheme is as described above.

And on and on it goes... to (almost) infinity.

Following are three examples of how the EFC works.

Re: FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362007857000
Classification: Query
"What other option would you suggest?"

I would suggest that you use the fantasitc "marked box" capabily that Geoff built into all the FTM charts.

This lets you mark each and every box (or group of boxes) with all the box, line and border styles available in FTM.

Plus you can vary lines

Marked Boxes - FTM help Notes

To mark people in a chart
You can mark people in a chart as a way of highlighting certain people or highlighting a direct line. Marking people lets you apply specific box formatting (lines, colors, fonts, etc.) to those people.

To mark boxes in a chart:

In the chart, click the box or person you want to mark.

Note: You can Ctrl-click to select multiple people.

Right-click the chart, click Mark Selected, then select the mark style you want to use. The Marking formatting properties are applied to each selected person. See Box, Border, and Line Options for more information.

To edit the marked box format:

To change the Mark Boxes formatting, click Box and line style to open the Box, Border, and Line Options dialog box.

Select Marked Boxes in the list, then select Border, Fill, Shadow, and other attributes you want to apply to marked boxes.

When you have finished, click OK.

Then right click on a marked box and look at the huge array of options

This is the key to make complicated charts more readable

John D

Re: FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362008668000
Classification: Query
This is not a practical choice for a file of even a modest size of several thousand people where you can have dozens of islands - and not to mention a larger file with hundreds to thousands of islands.

Re: FTM Extended Family Chart

Posted: 1362010137000
Classification: Query
It doesn't even have enough colors for my little chart I want. There are only three different colors that I can see. And there are descendants of eight children.

That being said, I don't use the extended family chart to show my family as such.

I use it to show disconnected islands of people that I inadvertently made while deleting people. If you [like me] delete the top of a tree branch you are left with their children/grandchildren that you didn't notice.

These will be at the bottom, on the left, with no "tracking number." You do have to be careful.. I have two of these which are on purpose, but any others I mark to delete.

Better for other purposes are other charts, I know the one we are supposed to use is pedigree but my absolute very favorite chart is the horizontal hourglass chart. By using fishtail I can get a lot of people in there, and it shows their generations [or can] and the cousins and second cousins.. ok, it's my favorite.
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