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George Sessions

George Sessions

Jim Sessions (View posts)
Posted: 957764616000
I am looking for any information on George Sessions born 1714, Craven Co., N.C. I believe that my Sessions line came from N.C., or S.C. My line goes from James Monroe, william, Soloman, Thomas, George. I also have information on a John Sessions born 1711 in Chowan Co., N.C., a possible brother to George???? Any help would be appreciated. Jim Sessions

George Sessions

Pam French Brown (View posts)
Posted: 958848226000
Jim,seems like you and I are trying to locate same family..My grandfather Robert Ralph Sessions was born up around Longs,SC close to N.C. border..His parents were Robert Franklin Sessions and Mariah Elzabeth Bellamy Sessions..Lived on the Waccamaw River.I keep coming up with George Sessions also and he ownned about 1,000 acres on the Waccamaw River, along with the Bellamys they all lived close.This is all up close to N.C. border..Nixons Crossroads..(Little River Area )and also I have come across Craven CountyS.C. and also called Craven County,N.C.I beleive in all statred with Soloman Sessions, He also had a son named Benjamin Sessions who married Sarah Rutilla Stalvey..I am still looking butstill can't. seem to make a connection on George Sessions, but I am sure his father was Soloman..My Granfather Robert Ralph Sessions married Callie D. Montgomery , both are deceased now.My mothers name was Sadie Hazel Lee Sessions French .Robert Franklin Sessions and Mariah Elizabeth Bellamy Session (Known as Aunt Betty) were my mothers grandparents and my gr.greatparents. I cannot find anything any futher than them , but keep coming up with Solman and George, Benjamin, John, James Whiteford Sessions, Richard Sessions..I dont know what you have, but will be glad to get with you and exchange info..The census in SC was not kept very well..What little info I found was found in S.C. Historical Society. In the area of Horry County( use to be Kingston County), before that All Saints Parish and Craven County..I dont know if I have helped but will be glad to exchange info and try to figure this out...I am related to alot of Sessions, Montgomery's, Platt, Thompkins, Bellamy's..I hope you will do the same, hope were working on the same Sessions, ifnot, let me know..Thank You, Pam Brown

George Sessions

Jim Sessions (View posts)
Posted: 958857983000
Pam, I would like to see what you have on your Sessions side of the family. I recently purchase the "Sessions Family in America Book", written in 1890 and there is some mention of the Sessions from the south however, most of the book is about the sessions from the north. It is some very interesting reading, the publisher wrote to Sessions families in America and compiled there letters and made the book. I think we are probably related, as were all the Sessions from the south. I recently posted my Family tree to the world tree. It is listed under George Sessions. My e-mail address is, please e-mail me and lets see what we can figure out. I have been trying to figure this one out for a long time. Jim

George Sessions

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I the messages relating to George Sessions. Well, I have a George Sessions, also. My George was born in 1778. He said he was from South Carolina on the 1850 census. I have checked every place I can but no one seems to be related to this George.

You just gave me hope. My George had a brother, I believe, by the name of Benjamin. There were four Sessions who were in the same unit during the War of 1812. Benjamin was a 1st Lt; George was a 3rd Lt; Lewe was a trumpeter; and John was a Private. They were all in a Georgia Militia group. Since you mentioned Benjamin, I believe these people who all resided in Washington County, Georgia by 1820 (They are on the census) are probably brothers. George's name ties him to all the South Carolina Sessions but I can't figure out who could be the father.

He, too, is the South Carolina book but whoever wrote the letter for that family was a little misinformed. In the book, it named his children and said that he died around 1847. Well he was alive in 1855 and appears in a sworn deposition to help someone who was under his command receive his land grant entitlements. I know that George didn't die until around 1870 because of where he buried. But more importantly, I believe, that these people were from the same family.

Do you think there were any other children who were not named--mainly because the person doing the searching was only looking for one person and not the whold group?

SC Sessions

Posted: 960515032000
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I am looking for Samuel (?Thomas) Sessions (Cessions in War of 1812 Muster List)who lived in the Fairfield County, SC area. I know nothing of his heritage but have good info on his family and descendants. He m. Nancy Coleman of Dinwiddie County, VA. He seemed to have family ties to Monroe County, Ga and perhaps back to Va. LDS records show him born in Ridgeway, SC, Fairfield County around 1772, and married in Indian Springs, Ga in 1800. He is shown on the 1810 census of Fairfield County. This seems to tie into the same time period for your unknown Sessions ancestors. If any of this connects, please respond. Guerry in SC

Sessions of SC

Martha (View posts)
Posted: 960579923000
Guerry, we have talked before but you have more information now then you did the last time. I, too, have more info. I have found that my SC Sessions was in the War of 1812 in a Georgia Unit. He was a Third Lt. He eventually appears on affadavits as having commanded people during that period. He became an officer of higher rank as time went by but the important thing here is that he had three other people named Sessions in the unit from Georgia. They were Lewe, who was the trumpeter; John, who was a private (I would say he is the youngest); Benjamin, who was the first Lt. and later rose in the ranks.

George, my ggg-grandfather, was born in SC in 1778. I believe that all of the Sessions who headed out of there were either cousins or brothers. My reason: There is a pattern that is followed in the names that would indicate they are from the same tree.

There is a Lewe Sessions in Alabama about the same time that my gg-grandfather Lewe was in Florida; there is a Lewellyn or Lewe, which is probably a shortened form in Washington County, GA in 1810. This Lewe or Llewellyn, and they could be two different people, had sons. Of course we don't know the names but the names reappear as names in other families who do not seem to be able to establish a connection. One other thing the Lewe in Alabama was a doctor. George, my relative had children who were doctors as well. George also named one of his children Samuel.

George named one of his children Lewis and the other Llewellyn that is why I said that he could have had either name. Of course, he had a brother-in-law named Llewellyn as well. George's father-in-law's first name was Samuel but he appears to do double naming at times.

Some of the Robison's which was George's wife's maiden name went to Texas. Could they have travelled together along trails and dropped off as they found either the land or just got tired?

Where could we look? Where is Indian Springs, GA. I know you named a county but would Indian Springs still be in that same county today? Did the boundaries change?


Re: Sessions of SC

Posted: 994829293000
Surnames: Sessions
This is all so very interesting to me.......I just began a search on my father's side. He was Daniel Willard Sessions, his father was Daniel Andrew, then his father was William R.born 1840. When I found his grave it had GEORGIA written on it! I Now I am searching GA records for his parents. But all of these Sessions lived in the northernmost section of Georgetown, SC. Did they trickle from NC and Horry or come from Georgia?

Re: Sessions of SC

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Surnames: Sessions
I just received your message from Ancestry that was dated May 14, 2000. They are a little slow on their message boards, I think. It must be the new message boards.

I have also seen your posting on the Sessions board at RootsWeb. I think you have a valid question about the Sessions. I am not sure it is an answerable one.

First, my George Sessions indicated he was from South Carolina on the 1850 census. Another one of his ancestors had said that George was from Ireland. Everything that I have found indicates that George was from the North/South Carolina border.

There is a book called "Materials for a History of the Sessions Family in America" that was written in 1891. I have studied certain parts of the book because I was trying to find that Ireland connection. Well, there isn't one. I don't know how they came up with that. We do have some people who came from Northern Ireland from the other side--like some of the people of Washington County, Georgia.

The book has some great clues that you have to piece together but they are there. You can either copy parts of it at the LDS center on microfilm or purchase it. It is still in print.

George left South Carolina; went to Washington County, Georgia for a number of years--I suspect with his father; immigrated to Florida. By 1829 George was in Florida with his wife and a small band of people who were probably related--I know some were. In my desire to find out exactly when George arrived in Florida, I found at least one Sessions in Florida by 1820. He was named William. I have no earthly idea of where William went but he did not Florida.

I believe that my George Sessions was more than likely the son of Joseph Sessions. Joseph is the right age to be George's father. I can't find anyone else in the county who is the right age. Joseph was a soldier in the North Carolina Continental line which would have placed him on that North/South Carolina border.

There are two Sessions groups in Georgia in 1820--one in Washington County, Georgia; the other, in Morgan County, Georgia. The Morgan County group is related to John Sessions another Revolutionary War soldier. I just wonder if Joseph and John are brothers. John is from South Carolina but since that group went onto Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, I don't think your family will be from that group. I believe that if find your family, it will more than likely be from Washington County, Georgia. I would look in Morgan County as well; some could have stayed behind.

By the way, the names in my family as well as the names in Georgia would indicate to me that some of the family may have gone back to South Carolina because of the names I have seen on later South Carolina censuses.

I hope this helps. You can e-mail me at <<>> I have other information but it is too large to place on this board.

Re: George Sessions

Posted: 1266150874000
Classification: Query
Has anyone in your Sessions line had a DNA test completed. Ous Sessions line has and I would like to compare. Guerry in SC

Re: George Sessions

Posted: 1266160275000
Classification: Query
Surnames: sessions, bailey, weeks, anderson
My husband, Marvin Sessions passed over 7-27-07 and now there is left our son, Trent. He would gladly do the DNA but due to the fact he is a disabled vet on social security he cannot afford the cost.
If there is another way, please let me k now.
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