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HELP! - trying to import old .FBC files

HELP! - trying to import old .FBC files

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I have a number of separate FBC files which together form a complete backup. The file had to be saved on to several discs each with a small capacity. My reading of the ancestry website does not cover this eventuality. Any suggestions please? Cheers Geoff.

Re: HELP! - trying to import old .FBC files

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Have you tried :

or is your problem that the single .fbc file has been split over several discs and you need to combine them into one file?

Re: HELP! - trying to import old .FBC files

Posted: 1361550252000
Classification: Query
Thanks for your response to my query.
Yes, as you surmised, the single .fbc file was originally written on to 6 floppies which were then copied on to my computer as 9 separate .fbc files. I presume that these need combining into one file before they can be effectively utilised? Or can one convert each one separately? Cheers, Geoff

Re: HELP! - trying to import old .FBC files

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Hi Geoff. Did the version of FTM you were using handle this "Splitting" onto diskettes natively? Do you know what version of FTM that was?

I don't know if this will work, but if you know the proper order of your nine .FBC files you can try concatenating them into a single file. I assume you're using a Windows computer now; you'd open a DOS window and use the COPY command. If the file names were TREE1.FBC, TREE2.FBC, etc. then the command would be:


'(Note the entire command is on one line, only three spaces in the command, NO spaces before/after the plus signs)

You'd end up with a new file called TREEFULL.FBC - then you'd need to install the FTM 2005 Starter Edition to read that, and convert it to a .FTW file which can then be imported into FTM2012 or

If that doesn't work, I'd suggest emailing the files to and see if they can do the conversion for you. They typically do that kind of conversion at no cost.

Re: HELP! - trying to import old .FBC files

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As you surmised, the file was split over six discs as sent to me but is now in the computer memory as six .FBC files. I bought the Family Tree 2010 software so that I could decipher it but thought it best to ask first about using six separate files for the purpose. I understand that combining them into one file would probably help. Cheers Geoff

Re: HELP! - trying to import old .FBC files

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You will likely have to merge the files in FTM version 16 or earlier. I recently had to do this for a user. Copy the separate files back to floppies, then convert with the older version of FTM. The program was looking for a physical floppy disk.


Re: HELP! - trying to import old .FBC files

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Your .fbc files have been saved with a version of FTM 16 or earlier. Probably much earlier, as in the early days before CDs and USB memory drives, we saved to floppies that were split by FTM to back up a file.

I have never tried to restore them by trying to join them outside FTM. Not sure if it would work as I suspect that each file has some code linking it to the next disk.

Also FTM 2012 etc will not open a .FBC file which is a proprietary FTM compression format.

I think the approach that I would take is as follows

I would download and install the free FTM 2005 starter edition (SE) see

In terms of reading the floppies, I assume that you do not have a floppy disk slot on your computer?

What I have, and I am sure that they are still around, is a floppy drive that plugs into my computer when I need it via a USB connection.

So I would install the SE and beg borrow or steal a USB floppy drive. If you Google "USB floppy drives" there seems to be a number of links

I would then restore the .FBC files using the restore in the SE

This should let you end up with a single file in FTM 2005 format which can be readily opened by FTM 2012, or one of the recently current versions

You can then delete (uninstall the SE)

John D

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