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First Name Question

First Name Question

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A lot of my Dutch ancestors, prior to the move to America, had "J" first names and then went by their middle name in the US.

Names like Joanna, Joannes, Jacobus, Jan... Maria repetes a lot too actually.

What this simply tradition or is there some deeper reasoning? Are they just incredibly common names or is it like a title (Mr. Mrs. ect.)?

Thanks for any information you can provide me.

Re: First Name Question

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Dear Liz_Ethan,

They are just very common names.

Living in the province of Limburg, it is likely that these people were Roman Catholic. That means they probably were named after popular Saints like St. John (Jo(h)annes --> Jan, Jo(h)anna is the female form)or St. James (Jacobus).

Now you probably can figure out why Mary (Maria) is a common name too. :-)

Kind regards,

Lars Roobol

Re: First Name Question

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Thanks so much. Yes, they were Catholic. Do you know if it would then be common to drop the name and go by the middle name in America?

Re: First Name Question

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I don't know if it was common, but I've seen it before.



Re: First Name Question

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Hi Liz,
over here in Limburg they went by their first or their middle or their third name! It was, and still is, very common to have three baptize names, for example my baptize names: Catharina Andrea Johanna; Catharina after my father's mother, Andrea after my mother's father and Johanna after my father and mother (Johannes and Anna) and I am called Irma. Can you still follow it? I should have been called after my grandmother Catharina but they called her "Tring" and my mother didn't like that and choose Irma, only my father forgot to give up that name at the city clerk so officially I have 'only' three names.

But the names Johannes/Joannes and Maria were used very often. Also the village church patron was mostly used in the names. and because of that many people would have been called Jan (after Johannes/Joannes) or Maria and that's why one is called by their first, thee other by their second and again others by their third name.
Sounds a bit complicated but it's not after you finally know your way around :)

And because I am living in Limburg I am very much interested in the family names you are researching over here. Take a look at my home page


Re: First Name Question

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Thanks so much for getting back to me Irma. I just got your email too so I'll contact you on there. :)
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