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Exit strategies .....?

Exit strategies .....?

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I think it's pretty obvious to all of us that the FTM2012-Ancestry synchronization process is dangerously flawed, and that the people at Ancestry are way too busy selling new memberships to provide adequate testing.

I take my research seriously, and I have invested a lot of time and energy in it. But I'm not a database expert. My question is this: Can anyone offer any practical hints on moving to a stable alternative platform, as well as tips for making sure that I'm moving ALL of my data (including attached media files, source documentation and the rest ....). Thanks in advance for any help and/or encouraging words..... This has been a frustrating experience!

Re: Exit strategies .....?

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Mark Stickle,
First, you are going to have to define what a stable is, and then find one that meets your requirements.

I do NOT think you will find one.

I would stick with what you are using and just stay away from those items the do not seem to work in many cases.

There is no way of moving to another program and be guaranteed that ALL data would convert and be there when opened in a different program.

I do use 4 different programs and FTM is and has been my prime for many years.

Of the other three they have their own problems and some are show stoppers as well.

Re: Exit strategies .....?

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If your concern is the synchronization process, then you can turn off synchronization. Changing platforms won't help that issue, because none of the other solutions offer synchronization at all. So if you're going to switch to a product that doesn't sync, you may as well also consider staying with FTM but just not syncing.

Personally sync has worked quite well for me, not without hiccups but nothing that hasn't been resolved.

Re: Exit strategies .....?

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Thanks for your comment, Sean. Your are right that my concern centers around what appears to be a lack of integrity in the synch process (and my constant worries about anything that will cause data to be corrupted or lost . . . probably bordering on neurotic, LOL!). It's also discouraging that the folks at Ancestry seem so focused on acquiring new accounts that they regularly give short shrift to the concerns of serious researchers. At least that's the impression I get from the comments of others......
I guess a big part of it is my own fault, in that I find it so convenient to work on both the on-line ACOM and the FTM platforms. It's just the way I've organized my research, and maybe that's what I need to rethink.
But I guess you really hit the nail on the head. It doesn't appear that anyone else offers a suite of products that comes close .......
Thanks again for helping me think this through, and good look in your research.

Re: Exit strategies .....?

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I have 2 trees linked to Ancestry. One with about 3000 persons and one with about 24,000 persons and several people invited as editors online. Which means they are making changes. Everything works as intended. In the first release there were reliability problems that have disappeared with the numerous updates. We now can keep complete backups on our desktop that will restore and relink to the AMT so with regular backups so there shouldn't be much risk of catastrophe.

It seems like most of the synching problems are now by those who have purchased 2012, imported their data files and synched for the first time. I think this probably has to do with data integrity with their old files that have been built over many years and many versions of FTM. While not perfect, the program performs well for me with no lost data.

Re: Exit strategies .....?

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My way to deal with this is to make sure to keep regular, multiple backups. I feel better knowing that the data is both in FTM on my computer and online. I regularly back up the FTM version and periodically download a copy of the GEDCOM from the online tree in Tree Settings.

When I have had problems with sync, I've chosen to unlink, delete the FTM tree, and then download the online tree into FTM once again (because doing it in this direction preserves Member Connect links, reviewed hints, and my invitations to family contributors). It's a nuisance, but it works.

I also like that I can cancel Sync temporarily when FTM starts up. That way if an error occurs while I'm doing data entry in the online tree, I can go into the FTM version and refer to what was there before the change.

Re: Exit strategies .....?

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I like to do the same thing, work in both. I started with online tree and then got ATM. Before syncing. I did get 2012 just for the syncing even though I had just bought 2011.

I downloaded my existing tree into FTM and uploaded a new one.. they are both on line actually. Hope no one looks at the old one since I do experiments with it.. I put up a warning.

But this is a long-winded way of saying that I never really have had a problem with syncing. I've learned a few things.. never cancel a sync, always stop the process. If online tree says syncing and FTM says it is ok, make a small change in FTM and then sync. I have restored from backup twice and syncing has resumed; have never had to un-link.

HOWEVER, I am now in the process of refining my FTM tree just in case. I have too many notes now in FTM to give it up, so I would not want to download my online tree, much rather make a new one from FTM. I am going through making sure all errors are fixed, and all media downloaded.

AND I am NOT using the new merge.

So I guess you could say that is my exit strategy even though I'm not actually planning to exit. But I don't trust online storage for all my hard work. What if the new owner decides to drop everything.. My data is saved on an external hard drive as well as my computer and another hard drive for back up. Should have an off site backup too. Besides AMT.

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