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Isaac ASHTON - 1700s Makefield, Bucks County, PA

Isaac ASHTON - 1700s Makefield, Bucks County, PA

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Isaac Ashton, b. between 1704-1715 in Makefield Twp., Bucks Co.,PA - the son of Thomas Ashton. I have always seens his mother is always listed as Thomas Ashton's first wife, Deborah Bains, however there has never been any cited documentation to support this. So where does this assumption come from?

Which of Thomas Ashton's wives was Isaac Ashton's mother?

No records for Isaac Ashton’s birth exist in Falls MM, nor do any exist for Deborah (Bains) Ashton’s death. Complicating matters as to whom is really Isaac Ashton’s mother is the fact that there is a 5 year gap between the first two children born of his father, Thomas Ashton’s second marriage to Hannah Hough with all subsequent children being spaced 3 or less years apart.

His father, Thomas Ashton, died intestate in 1733. Orphan’s court records for that time are scant and no administration nor guardianship records have been found, however, land records would indicate that Isaac Ashton is his eldest son. However, Isaac Ashton’s brother, John Ashton (born 1711, the first child of Thomas Ashton and Hannah Hough) apparently died in 1731 before the death of their father, Thomas Ashton two years later. This means that Isaac would still be the eldest son and heir to Thomas Ashton's estate, even if born to his second wife, Hannah Hough.

Administrators (and appraisers) of estates were often family, but in the case of Isaac Ashton both a Bains cousin and a Hough cousin are party to the administration of his estate which again makes it difficult to determine who was his mother. When Isaac Ashton died intestate in 1750, the administrators for his estate were Joseph Duer, son of Thomas and Ellen (Baines) Duer and nephew of Deborah (Baines) Ashton, and Thomas Janney, grandson of John Hough and nephew of Hannah (Hough) Ashton. The appraisers of his estate were Thomas Janney and John Buckman, brother of Joseph Buckman who married Martha Carr - Isaac Ashton’s sister-in-law.

If born to Deborah (Baines) Ashton, Isaac was undoubtably reared by his stepmother for most of his childhood - which could explain a relationship with a Hough step-cousin (Thomas Janney). If born to Hannah (Hough) Ashton, the relationship with a Baines step-cousin (Joseph Duer) is more difficult, though not impossible, to comprehend. Isaac ashton’s paternal grandmother is suggested to have been a Hough, however this is likely erroneous speculation.

Isaac Ashton’s sister-in-law, Sarah Carr, married John Lee - the son of Daniel and Mary (Ashton) Lee. Mary (Ashton) Lee is the daughter of Thomas and Deborah (Bains) Ashton. This is indicative of Isaac Ashton having a close relationship with Mary (Ashton) Lee, but it still does not prove that Mary (Ashton) Lee was his full sibling, as stepfamilies tended to be much more "tight" than they are now (likely due to stepfamilies being product of the death of a prior spouse rather than an acrimonious divorce).

Gabriel Bains’ 1727 will includes his cousin Ann (Ashton) Hillbourn and John and Deborah Lee, the children of his deceased cousin Mary (Ashton) Lee - but the will does not include Isaac Ashton, who if born to Deborah Bains would also be Gabriel Bains' cousin. This so far is the only piece of evidence that I have found that would suggest that Isaac Ashton's mother was not Deborah Bains, but instead Hannah Hough.

Any further thoughts, insights and/or evidence regarding the mystery of who is Isaac Ashton's mother are greatly appreciated!!!


Children of Thomas Ashton and Deborah Bains (m. 31 5mo 1701):

Mary b. 31 3mo 1702 m. Daniel Lee d. bef. 1723
Ann b. 25 8 mo 1703 m. Thomas Hillbourn

Children of Thomas Ashton and Hannah Hough (m. 3 3mo 1710):

John b. 6 2mo 1711 d. 15 10mo 1731
Hannah b. 24 6mo 1716 m. David Newburn
William b. 26 11mo 1718 d. 31 12mo 1731
Isabel b. 4 2mo 1721
Mary b. 28 6mo 1723
Thomas b. 11 6mo 1726
Deborah b. 29 9mo 1727 m. William Waters
Martha b. 31 7mo 1730 d. 5 11mo 1731

Re: Isaac ASHTON - 1700s Makefield, Bucks County, PA

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This is a great analysis; unfortunately I have nothing to add, and don't have an answer. I see also, you've broken from the crowd of Deborah Baines being the daughter of Matthew Baines/Margaret Hatton. I've thought for awhile that this other line is more appropriate and your documentation of Gabriel's will definitely supports it.

I can provide Mary Ashton/Daniel Lee's marriage date in 1719 (vice Bef 1723):
Quaker CD -- Falls MM, Vol II, pg 975
1719, 7, 29. Mary, dt Thomas, Bucks Co, m Daniel Lee, Bucks Co, at MH in Bucks Co

Have you tried to connect this line back to Isaac Ashton in Ormskirk? I descend from Joseph Ashton, allegedly a brother of Thomas, without success to date. Feel free to write directly at
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