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Harvey family in Sutton, Surrey

Harvey family in Sutton, Surrey

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Surnames: Harvey, Huxtable
I am looking for further information on the family of Henry Harvey (born Norwich about 1840) and (Ann) Jane Huxtable (born about 1840). They married in Norwich in1862 but appeared to have settled in the Sutton, Surrey by about 1864. Any information would be helpful as there appears to be many Harveys in the Sutton area.

Re: Harvey family in Sutton, Surrey

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Henry & Jane had 10 children:

Jane - b early 1863 in Aylsham, Norfolk
Annie - b 1864 Dorking, Surrey
Mary Ann - b 1866 Dorking
Henry - b 1868 Dorking
William - b 1870 Epsom, Surrey
Lucy - b 1872 Epsom
George - b early 1875 Epsom
Charles - b 1877 Epsom
Emma - b 1880 Epsom
Herbert Alfred b 1882 Epsom

Henry died in the summer of 1897; Jane survived him by 22 years and died in the summer of 1919. They both died in Epsom, Surrey. Henry was a butcher and Jane was a laundress - although she gave her occupation on the 1911 census,
aged 70, as midwife.

Not sure how much info you are looking for and if you have addresses, who the children married etc - let me know if you would like more info.


Re: Harvey family in Sutton, Surrey

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Dear Carol,

Thank your for your reply and the useful information you provided. I noticed that in the 1911 census it was recorded that Jane had borne 13 children and at that date four of her children had died. I believe Annie Harvey had died by this time (1895) but have not been able to identify the other three children. Are you aware of any others?

With the list of children that you provided I have some limited information about them which i have listed below. Most of this has been put together from the information available in the FreeBDM with a bit of guess work thrown in. If you have any further information I would be grateful to receive this and I would be happy to supply any further information on William's family here in Australia if that is of interest.

The information I have gathered so far is as follows:
Jane Harvey: Born in Cawston, Norfolk 11 January 1863 (have birth cert); possibly married in 1891.
Annie Harvey: Born in Chadhurst, Dorking, 24 May 1864 (have birth cert); Married to John Chapman 20 May 1888 (have marriage cert); died 1895.
Mary Ann Harvey: Born Dorking 1866; married to Henry Goad in 1885.
Henry Harvey: Born Dorking 1868.
William Harvey: Born Sutton 1870; Married Elizabeth Jane Flood in Upper Tooting on 10 December 1892; married Frances H Rickards 1923 in Melbourne; Australia; died 30 May 1946 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. He had 7 children with Elizabeth born in Scotland and Ireland while he was in the army. He and his family arrived in Australia in January 1912.
George Harvey: Born Sutton1875;
Charles Harvey: Born Sutton 1877; possibly married in 1895.
Emma Harvey: Born Sutton 1880; possibly married 1901.
Herbert Alfred Harvey: Born sutton 1882; married in 1907 to Edith Hilda Mann; died Croydon 1966.

As I noted before some of this is only guess work at the moment. One of the confusions I have is that on the birth certificates for Annie and William, their mother Jane is recorded as 'formerly Dudley'. Not so with Jane's where she is recorded as 'formerly Huxtable'. This made me wonder if there were actually two families all though all the other information appears to align. Would you have any idea of why this might be?

Thanks again for your assistance.


Re: Harvey family in Sutton, Surrey

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Hello Graeme

I can certainly look to see what I can find regarding Jane's 3 further children who had died by 1911. They most probably died in infancy. Well spotted with that information on the 1911 census!

Do you have access to census records for other years and have you found the Harveys on them?

Regarding details of the other children, I can check the databases I have access to here, and see if I can confirm the information you have gathered. Obviously I will be looking at indexes and not original certificates but hopefully what I can find will be of help to you. From these indexes I can obtain reference numbers which are required to order certificates.

If you do want to order birth/marriage/death certificates you can do so online at the GRO website in the UK - the cost is GBP 9.25 (approx 15 Australian dollars) including, I believe, postage to anywhere in the world.

I was very interested to read that Jane Harvey's former name is given as 'Dudley' on two of her children's birth certificates, as I could not trace her birth under the name Huxtable. She married Henry Harvey as a Huxtable as you know. If her marriage to Henry was her second, Huxtable could be her first married name. I did have a quick look at this possibility yesterday but nothing obvious came up. Now you have given me the name Dudley I will look again. Another possibility is that Dudley was a step-father or adoptive family's name, which she was sometimes known by. Or Dudley was her born name and Huxtable was her step-father or foster family's name.

It would be really interesting to see what father's details are given for her on her marriage certificate to Henry - do you have it? If not, it might be 15 dollars well spent to check.

Give me a couple of days and I'll report back.

Kind regards,

Re: Harvey family in Sutton, Surrey

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Surnames: Huxtable, Harvey
Hi Carol,
Thanks for your reply. I too have been trying to find out more about Ann Jane Huxtable but, like you have had very little success (as with Henry Harvey). I do have their marriage certificate and have attached a copy for your interest. It does state that her father was William Huxtable.
I have done some work with the census for Henry's family the only extra information that I have identified so is that in 1891 George (age 17) and Charles Harvey (age 15) were living with their sister Annie, now married to John Chapman. They were living at 66 Red Lion Street, Holborn. The boys' occupations were listed as van boys. Not sure what this entailed but may have been related to John Chapman's work as a car man.
I'll be interested in your research and what you may find.

Re: Harvey family in Sutton, Surrey

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Surnames: Harvey-Chapman
Hi there,
I've just read your very interesting posts, especially regarding Annie Harvey, my husband's great grandmother. Because she died young, her only child Nellie was left to be raised first by her father John Chapman and his mother, then when he died in his 40s between 1901 and 1911, by his mother Mary Chapman. She took me a while to find as my mother-in-law didn't know any of these names, except the Davis family who lived next door in 1901, Harriet Davis being John's sister. The census with Annie's brothers living with them confirmed her maiden name for me. I will be most grateful for any other info you can share with me, tracing her mother's family has given Nellie's daughter such a thrill, she is 87 in a rest home in NZ.
Thanks, Julia

Re: Harvey family in Sutton, Surrey

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Hello Julia
As you have read I am not related to the Harvey family; I am looking into the family for Graeme. It is good to hear from you and hear some additional information, thank you. I am still researching and will be back in touch shortly. It would be lovely to give Nellie's daughter some more information on her mother's side of the family!
Best wishes,

Re: Harvey family in Sutton, Surrey

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Dear Julia,
Sorry to take so long to reply. I don't think that I can add much more to the information that you have provided as I have been mostly focussed on the Harveys. I have a copy of the marriage certificate of Annie Harvey and John Chapman that I have attached. This tells a little more about John's father being a gardener, and John's address at the time as St Giles, Bloomsbury.
I'll certainly pass on any further information that I find.
PS I don't have John's date of death. Are you able to provide that to me?
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