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Joseph Fontaine kids

Joseph Fontaine kids

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Here are the children of Adilza and joseph,
Henri Fontaine my great great grandfather,
Arthur Fontaine
Dorilla Fontaine
Virgin Fontaine
Joseph Fontaine
Flora Fontaine
i do not know there spouses b/c i'am on looking for Henri his wife was Clarinda Lemoine. Henri was born 1871 St.Hythanice Quebec and died in 1954 in winnipeg. Henri had 10 children. so hopefully this helps i found a census on this website for joseph and his mother anastasia gemm.

Re: Joseph Fontaine kids

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Ahh, I think you are chasing the wrong Henri Fontaine.

From the compilation of three records ("Fontaine dit Bienvenu Family", Loiselle Index, and Manitoba Vital Statistics), I have:

Henri "Henry" Fontaine-Bienvenu
[François & Marie-Lumina Vandal]
m.6-Apr-1891 Ste-Agathe/Ritchot, Provencher, Manitoba
Clarinda (Marie) Lemoine
[Félix & Philomène Saint-Michel]

Henri was in charge of the St. Elizabeth/Red River, MB post office for a while and he also owned a restaurant for 50 years.

In 1881, he was in St-Guillaume, Drummond/Arthabaska, Quebec.

I have 8 (of your 10) children for Henry and Clarinda Lemoine [Ernest Eugene, Napoleon (Joseph Rudolphe), Victor, Henry Jean-Baptiste JR, Eugene (Joseph), Ovide, Arthur and Emmanuel]

Does any of this look right?

Re: Joseph Fontaine kids

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Yes Napoleon and Ernest are right for sure, he did own a business in manitoba, where did you find that info. and is there anything else about henri family.

Re: Joseph Fontaine kids

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If you look at the automated genealogy of this is the Henri Fontaine that I'am looking for with his 8 children. So hopefully this is right.

Re: Joseph Fontaine kids

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I had the 1901 and 1911 census information from, but not the 1906. I'll add that information.

As for Henry, the post office and restaurant, I'm not sure where I found that information. Unfortunately, the source was not recorded. I have some information from the "Fontaine dit Bienvenu" family book by Roger Fontaine in Manitoba (published 1992). Some information came from obituaries and vital record indexes.

I have a possiblity of Henry being in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in 1890 with his father from the city directory. However, he didn't stay long if he married 1891 in Manitoba. His wife Clarinda died in New Westminster, BC (from her obituary) and buried in Ste-Agathe, MB.

Re: Joseph Fontaine kids

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Can you tell me where to look for Henris parents i have found someone on the ancestry website but not sure.

Re: Joseph Fontaine kids

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Please take my information with a grain of salt. I make mistakes too!

From the "Fontaine dit Bienvenu Family Book" by Roger Fontaine, it lists Henry's parents as François and Marie-Lumina Vandal. In the Loiselle marriage index, his parents are not given, but Clarinda's parents are given as Felix Lemoine and Philomene St-Michel. The Manitoba marriage index does not give the names of the parents. So all of this is questionable until better proof is found.

For Francois-Xavier and Marie-Lumina Vandal, I have not found their marriage record yet. However, the "Fontaine dit Bienvenu" book gives marriage around 1860. The 1900 Woonsocket, RI census says married 44 years and the 1910 Woonsocket, RI census says married 55 years. So I would guess they were married in 1855. I have Francois-Xavier "Frank" Fontaine born 29-Jan-1833 in St-Hugues, Bagot, QC and died 5-Dec-1918 Woonsocket, Providence, RI. Lumina (Marie) Vandal was born 17-Aug-1835 Sorel, Richelieu, QC and died 1911 (unknow place and without source information).

The only connection I have between Henry Fontaine and his parents (besides marriage) is the 1881 St-Guillaume, Drummond/Arthabase, QC census which lists a child Henry Fontaine, age 9, living with parents Xavier Fontaine and Marie Fontaine. Also (as I said) 1890 Woonsocket city directory lists Francois Fontaine at 152 Clinton St, occupation expressman and "boarder" Henri Fontaine, mill operative. It is typical to list children as "boarders" if they are not the head of the household in city directories.

Hope this helps.

xavier fontaine

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i think you are on the right track my uncle told me that 2 of henris brothers lived in the states so i think that this is them. I found Adeila in manitoba in 1901 i do not know wether that his her or not. My uncle remembers all the names that you told me.

Re: Henri Fontaine & Clarinda Lemoine

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Hi. I came across your postings regarding Henri Fontaine married to Clarinda Lemoine. I might have some information for you. I am linked to Clarinda via her mother Philomene St-Michel, having descended from one of her sisters. I've been looking for info on the branches of the St-Michel family that settled in Manitoba (they are linked to the Lemoine (Felix) et the Dorge (Edouard & possibly John/Jean) families that settled in Ste-Agathe, MB).

As noted in other related posts, Clarinda's parents are Philomene St-Michel (Circe dit St-Michel) & Felix Lemoine (Hus dit Lemoine). Philomène St-Michel, b. 8 June, 1851 Ste-Victoire-de-Sorel, QC; d. 28 Dec, 1917 Ste-Agathe, MB (father: Pierre St-Michel (Circe(Circé) dit St-Michel) mother: Angèle Antaya); m. 26 July, 1870 St-Pierre-de-Sorel, QC to Félix #2 Hus dit Lemoine, b. 20 April, 1851 Sorel, QC; d. 5 Aug, 1933 Ste-Agathe, MB (father: Félix Hus dit Lemoine mother: (Lucille ?) Basilice (Basilisse) Hus dit Cournoyer).

At the time of his marriage to Philomene, Félix was a widower, having previously wed Délima Gladu (I don't know if there were any children from his first marriage). The couple settle in Ste-Agathe, MB on April 24, 1890 (have to verify the source for this info) after having spent some time in Southbridge, MA where their daughter Marie-Ozina was born in Feb, 1890; they are living in Ste-Agathe, MB at the birth of their following child, Agathe in Jan, 1891. Félix Lemoine was the owner/operator of a large general store in Ste-Agathe, MB (there is a 1910 photo of the house/store kept by the Manitoba Archives); in 1909 his store became the location of the town's first telephone terminal/office.

Besides the info contained in the other posts in this thread, I have very little info on the Clarinda Lemoine/Henri fontaine union but would be interested in finding out more. This is all I have: Clarinda Lemoine, b. Aug 1873 in Sorel, QC & married June 1, 1892 in Ste-Agathe, MB to Henri Fontaine.

I have a bit of info on some fontaine families from the first St-Pierre-Jolys, MB parish that you might find of interest/helpful. I will post that in a separate posting.

Fontaine Family info St-Pierre-Jolys, MB

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This is the info on Fontaine families that is noted in the first book published about the parish of St-Pierre (St-Pierre-Jolys, MB). The original info is taken from the parish's church records and is a list of the male membrs having founded families in the parish. It is not very complete when it comes to children, spouses and parents of spouses, but it might help you in your search by gfiving you other names to look for. I noticed that it has the names of two sons for "Henri fontaine" although I don't know whether or not these are the sons of Henri & Clarinda Lemoine.

FONTAINE, Ernest (son of Henri), b. 1892; m. in Ste-Agathe, MB 1917 to Yvonne Lataille, b. 1893.

FONTAINE, Napoleon (son of Henri - additional source lists Napoleon's mother as Clarinda Lemoine), b. 1896; m. in Ste-Rose-du-Lac, MB 1916 to Irene Labelle, b. 1898 (Additinal source notes that brothers Napoleon & Victor married two Labelle Sisters from Ste-Rose-du-Lac, MB).

FONTAINE, Alfred (son of Adolphe - additional source lists Alfred's mother as Adeline St-Martin), b. 1896 in Ste-Agathe, MB; m. in St-Pierre, MB 1915 to Eleonore St-Hilaire, b. 1898.

FONTAINE, Amedee (additional source lists his parents as Alfred Fontaine & Eleonore St-Hilaire), b. 1918 in St-Pierre, MB; m. 1941 to Antoinette St-Cyr of Ponteix, SK, b. 1915; labourer with 8 children.

FONTAINE, Armand (additional source lists his parents as Rodrigue Fontaine & Anna Carriere, and that he was born in "New York Settlement which originally was part of the initial parish of St-Pierre, MB and is currently known as Sarto, MB.), b. 1912 in St-Pierre, MB; m. 1940 to Annette Cote, b. 1915. Mechanic. (seems to have lived in Pine Falls, MB after his marriage).

FONTAINE, Hormidas (additional source lists his parents as Joseph Fontaine dit Bienvenue & Marie Ledoux), b. 1860 in St-Dominique-de-Bagio, QC; m. 1883 in St-Valerien, QC to Anastasie Beaudry, b. 1864 St-Dominique, QC. Arrived in St-Pierre-Jolys, MB in 1899. 16 children. (Additional source mentions family history related by one of the couple's daughters that the Fontaine family's ancestors originated in Grand-Pre, Acadie and had been forced to flee to Quebec following the Acadian deportations of 1755.)

FONTAINE, Jean-Baptiste, b. St-Damse, QC; m. 1892 in St-Valerien, QC to Rose-Anna Jodoin, b. St-Dominique, QC. Left Ste-Brigitte, QC for St-Pierre, MB in 1902 and eventually for Thibaultville (possibly old name for Richer, MB).

FONTAINE, Ovila, b. 1909; from Thibaultville (possibly old name for Richer), MB; m. 1933 to Yvonne Lambert, b. 1911, school teacher from St-Pierre, MB; Live in Winnipeg, MB. (this happens to be a great aunt of mine on my father's side. His parents weer Hormidas Fontaine & Anastasie Beaudry.).

FONTAINE, Rodrigue, married 1911 to Anna Carriere. (Additional source says Rodrigue born 1878 in St-Hyacinthe, QC to Solyme Fontaine & Marie-Rose Giroux, Anna born 1893 in St-Boniface, MB to Joseph Dolphis (Adolphe) Carriere & Cecile Perreault. In early 1912 they purhaseda homestead in SK and in March of 1912, a month after the birth of their eldest son Armand, Anna and her baby left to join Rodrique who had gone there ahead of them; the remainder of their 8 children were born in SK.)
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