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Marisa V Pares (View posts)
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This was my grandfather's last name (mother), my mother tells me that his grand or great grandfather made the name up. Could this be true? I have found the surname but not like in conjuction like our family. Like to find more about my heritage. There are family members with same last name living in the States some in Miami, Fl & others in New Orleans, LA. There's an aunt in Cuba married to Mario Romeu I do not know if she goes by her surname or my uncle's. Other than that I don't have much to go on with my search.
Thanks for any help, I like to leave my kids some history.

Help Find Surname Place of Origin

Marisa V Pares (View posts)
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I spoke to my mother and she was able to tell me that my grandfather's father was Bruno Valdes-Miranda and his mother's Lugarda Pena. (with the dash over the n on the Pena) Bruno was a Lyco Professor at the University of Havana born in Guanabacoa. He is who made up our last name with a slash, Valdes-Miranda. She says that this is all she has been able to gather, nobody knows who his parents were or where they came from. Grandfather sibblings are Honorato, Agusto, Graciela, Hortensia & Carlos.
My grandfather fought along with his brother Honorato & a Commander, in Cuban Independence War. My grandfather held Captain rank as a Policeman and also was President Menocal's close advisor or assistant. He also played a part in Machado Presedency. He own a lot of land and built a residential community called Reparto La Rosalia.


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In the year 1902, I have an Adalberto Valdés y Miranda marrying Eva García y de la Torre. But I don't have any further information of Adalberto. Eva was from La Habana.



El Príncipe de Montglâne (View posts)
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Surnames: Vald�s-Miranda
Don Adalberto Valdés-Miranda y de la Peña, era el segundo hijo de Don Bruno Valdés-Miranda.

Don Bruno nació en 1843 (creo que en La Habana), y murió en 1902 en Cambridge, Massachusetts. Fue un insigne pedagogo, Vice-Director del Colegio El Porvenir (en la Calle Dragones, Habana), cuando estaba dirigido por mi bisabuelo Don Victorio Ramón Ventura (el fundador y primer Director del Colegio fue mi tío tatarabuelo Don José Desiderio de Póo). Don Burno fue Director del Colegio El Porvenir de 1898 á 1902. Ignoro el nombre de sus padres (esos datos los perdimos en Cuba con nuestra biblioteca y archivo).

Don Manuel Valdés-Miranda falleció en 1852. Por los títulos de sus publicaciones (1841 y 1842, Habana), supongo que fuese médico.

Don José Luis Marrero y Valdés-Miranda, bautizado en 10 Septiembre 1836 en la parr. del Espíritu Santo, Habana, Presbítero en 1859, era hijo de Don Abraham Marrero y de Doña Mercedes Valdés-Miranda.

Los hijos de Don Burno Valdés-Miranda y Doña Delia de la Peña fueron: Don Honorato (nacido en 1873, fallecido en 1946, casado con Doña Rafaela López), Don Adalberto (casado en 1902 con Doña Eva García y de la Torre), Don Augusto, Don Carlos (nacido en 1888, fallecido en 1956, pedagogo eminente), Doña Hortensia, y Doña Graciela Valdés-Miranda y de la Peña.

Valdes-Miranda (in English)

The Prince of Montglâne (View posts)
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Surnames: Valdes-Miranda
I have posted much the same information in Spanish. This is for the benefit of Ms. Pares, in case she cannot read it.

Don Manuel Valdés-Miranda died in 1852. He was probably a physician (considering the titles of his publications in 1841 and 1842, Havana).

Don José Luis Marrero y Valdés-Miranda, baptised on 10 September 1836 in the parish del Espíritu
Santo, Habana, Priest in 1859, was son to Don Abraham Marrero and Doña Mercedes Valdés-Miranda.

Don Bruno Valdés-Miranda was born in 1843 (probably in Havana), and died in 1902 in Cambridge,
Massachusetts. He was an illustrious educator, Vice-President of El Porvenir College (at Calle
Dragones, Havana), when it was under the presidency of my great-grand-father Don Victorio Ramón Ventura (the
founder and frist President of the College was my great-great-grand-uncle Don José Desiderio de Póo). Don
Burno was President of El Porvenir College from 1898 to 1902. But I do not have the names of his parents (we lost that information with our library and archive in Cuba).

The children of Don Burno Valdés-Miranda and Doña Delia de la Peña were: Don Honorato (born in 1872 or 1873, deceased on 28 July 1946, married to Doña Rafaela López), Don Adalberto (married on 12 August 1902 to Doña Eva García y de la Torre), Don Augusto, Don Carlos (born on 20 April 1888 in Güira de Melena, province of Havana, deceased on 4 January 1956 in Havana, who was an eminent educator, Provincial Inspector of Schools in Havana and Matanzas, Professor of the Havana Teacher's College «Escuela Normal para Maestros», etc.), Doña Hortensia, and Doña Graciela Valdés-Miranda y de la Peña.

Re: Valdes-Miranda (in English)

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Surnames: VALDES-MIRANDA, Valdes, Miranda


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Surnames: Valdes-Miranda, Valdes Miranda
It is very possible that Don Bruno Valdes Miranda, a poet and a man of letters (pedagogo) made changed in his last name. It is believed that Bruno Valdes Miranda came to Cuba, from Venezuela (where he was born) - The last name Valdes-Miranda is not in any records in Venezuela. (Or in Spain's ancestry books)

Don Bruno had his wife's name changed (for his own fancy) from Ludgarda to "Delia" (Can not blame him there - wuldn't you) - As a poet and a romantic, he adored the woman (Dona Ludgarda) so he invented her a new name... Delia, his Delia.

It is possible that he also reinvented his last name.
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