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How to enter Headstone info for more than one name?

How to enter Headstone info for more than one name?

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When I add a photo of a headstone, I could tag it as a 'headstone' and the name, birth, death ... fields pops up. That is fine if there is just one name on the headstone. What is the single headstone is shared by both husband and wife? How could I add the information for the other spouse?

I could post the same picture again, but seems more logical to tag both persons to the same headstone. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: How to enter Headstone info for more than one name?

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Don't post it twice - use the "attach to another person" option - which is another way of linking the people together.

If you are using the "headstone" option, you can put additional detail in the "description" field.

Re: How to enter Headstone info for more than one name?

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How are you adding the photo to your file? As media added to fact, or a source, or to the person themselves?

Most people will add the photo as part of a source citation. I don't often enter as individual headstones (usually from a listing), but, if I did, it would be something like:

Create a Burial Fact for, say Bill Smith, and I would then add the cemetery address in the fact place field: Country Club Cemetery, Hoboken, Kansas, USA

In the source citation, I would enter:

Source: Headstone
Citation Detail: Personally observed 02/07/2013
Citation Text: Photo of joint stone: "Bill (1900-1980) and Mary (1910-1980) Smith" or "Photo of partially readable joint stone..." or ""Photo of joint stone: Bill (1900-1980 and Mary (1910-198? (year not readable)) Smith"

I would then add the photo as Media to the citation, click ok.

I would then select the citation and copy it (via the button bar copy icon).

I would then add another Burial Fact for Mary, and add the cemetery name and address to the Place field and then Paste-Link the citation to the second Burial Fact. (or choose the fact and right click Copy, then Right-click paste - then select Mary - that copies and pastes the fact together with the citation all at once from husband to wife)

You can then add the citation to the Name, birth, and death fields, as well, again by Paste-link the citation from the button bar.

You could enter the inscription in the Description field of the Burial Fact, or the Fact Note for the Burial Fact, rather than the Citation Text field of the Citation - depending on whether you want to print the inscription in the body of a report or in a long list of endnotes.

If you have directions to the cemetery or to the headstone within the cemetery, or other misc notes, or an exact GPS for the headstone, etc, you could enter those in a Fact Description or Fact Note.

Re: How to enter Headstone info for more than one name?

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Thanks for the rely silverfox3280. I see how your technique will work. Thank you!

Re: How to enter Headstone info for more than one name?

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This is I recommend doing it.

1) Create a REPOsitory that has all of the information of the cemetary.

2) Create a SOURce that is the grave marker, add a picture here of the headstone and a map of it's location in the cemetary, use SOURce.TEXT to write in long hand any text on the marker. Use the SOURce.REPO.CALN tag to register the grave location within the cemetary.

3) Add the BURIal fact and the BURIal.SOURce_citation place information about the specific burial data for the individual on the headstone.

4) If you are also uing the BIRTh and DEATh information from the headstone as citations of these facts then you can also add a Source_Citation on these facts as well pointing to the SOURce that is the headstone.

My theory is that the Headstone is a source (with the repository of that source is the cemetary) and you are citing a portion of the source (one of the names) and/or birth, death facts.

Sometimes headstones give other family names so you can also ascert these facts from this ingualr source, the headstone.

This concept does not remove your need to still use the PLACe tag in the FACT to identify the place of burial but this does allow for a nice structure to report on everyone that is burried in a particular cemetary. I have place were large numbers of my family are buried in the same cemetary and this helps me to keep track of them. I also keep track of millitary cemetaries this way as well.

Re: How to enter Headstone info for more than one name?

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Seems there are quite a few different ways people are handling this.

I create a SOURCE titled something like
Grave marker at XXXX Church Cemetery.

Then citations are created for each gravestone of a person at that cemetery in my database. I attach these citations usually to the DEATH and BIRTH facts--the dates being key data (I don't keep BURIAL facts), but you can attach them to any fact for which the info on the stone applies. If there is a second or more people on the stone/marker, the it is easy to just "link to an existing citation. The Citation text field includes ALL of the writing on the marker.

Pictures of the marker are attached to the citation.
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