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Looking for information on Great Grandmother

Looking for information on Great Grandmother

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Surnames: Mortensen, Mortensson,
I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother's family.

Her name was Caroline Anna Chatrine Mortensen but also went by Karolina Anna Kristina. She was born in Copenhagen Denmark (Copenhagen, Kobenhavn, Denmark, Melrose) 15 August 1875. She dies on 3 October 1953 in Sweden. She was married to Hilding Munkberg.

I have not been able to trace her family and I am wondering if she spelled her last name was spelled differently. Any information would be very helpful.

Rob Edwins

Re: Looking for information on Great Grandmother

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Actually, I think that you'll find that though she lived in Copenhagen she was actually born in Tveje Merløse parish in Holbæk Amt. I found a 'Politietsregister' for 'Caroline Anna Cathrine Mortensen born Aug 15 1875. (It shows addresses where she lived in Copenhagen from 1891 through 1896, and gives her birthplace as Holbæk.)
I looked in the parish register for Tveje Merløse and found her birth/baptism record there. Her parents were Anders Mortensen and Ane Kirstine Jensen (who was 29 y.o. at the time of Caroline's birth). The 1880 census for Tveje Merløse shows she had a sister named Birthine Sophie Mortensen (age 6 in 1880) and a younger brother named Anders Christian Mortensen (age 3 in 1880).

Hope this helps,

J Murphy

Re: Looking for information on Great Grandmother

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, this is helpful.

I know my grandfather and his brothers and sisters lived in Sweden certain times of the year but went to school Copenhagen. I'll follow up on your information.

Thanks again,
Rob Edwins

Re: Looking for information on Great Grandmother

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Glad I could help - just a few other little tidbits for you:
Anders Mortensen b. Kundby sogn 26 Feb 1844 (son of Morten Andersen and Ane Catherine Christensdatter) married Ane Kirstine Jensen b. Tveje Merlose sogn 13 May 1846 (dau. of Jens Petersen and Karen Sophie Petersdatter) on 23 Apr 1872 in Tveje Merlose sogn, Holbaek Amt.

I've attached the record from re Caroline Anna Cathrine Mortensen for you. The parish records are available online at Statens Arkivers Arkivalieronline - or if you'd like I can forward the ones that I found to you.

J Murphy

Re: Looking for information on Great Grandmother

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Hello. My name is Sue Knudsen. My husband is Niels Robin Knudsen. This Mortensen line connecting to Jensen and sweden rings bells I think. My husband's Aunt Kirstine Mortensen Wedege use to live in Fredericksborg, Denmark. I know Kirstine or Kristina, and husband arne wedege have a son, Christian who is still alive in Fredericksborg but I have no access to the phone books to locate his address. If we found him Im certain he could tell us alot. If anyone has international access please give me the link. See our daughter went to Denmark in 1993 and Kristina and Arne had a party and alot of people came across the fjord by ferry boat for the visit to welcom my Petrea for the visit. Sue Knudsen, Seattle

Re: Looking for information on Great Grandmother

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Hi Sue, Mortensen and Jensen are common names, and Danes and Swedes interact a lot (I have a cousin who commutes daily to work from Sweden to Copenhagen.)

It may be your husband’s father is Niels Peder Knudsen Nielsen who married Wilma Robinson? According to an online family tree (not verified by me), Niels Peder Knudsen Nielsen was born in 1889 in Najbjerg, Timring, Ulfborg, Ringkøbing, Denmark. He immigrated to the USA.

You might start a thread of your own to focus on your question. Good luck!

Re: Looking for information on Great Grandmother

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Yes, Certainly if all of this is my various connections however you have seen my little bit on my tree Knudsen. I wish I could read in English what you were able to give to me. Sorry, i am unable to read Danish. Thank you, Sue Knudsen in Seattle, Washington

Wedege in Denmark

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Hi try this website for Wedege name in Denmark:

Re: Looking for information on Great Grandmother

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Hi Sue, I'll try to figure out an approximate translation of that Danish tree and post it for you.

Your tree Knudsen? No, I haven't seen any tree other than the one I posted for you.

Re: Looking for information on Great Grandmother

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Notice that lots of the language in the original document is place names. I’ll give you some terms to help wade through the rest and “translate” the first part for you.

Descendants of Gaardmand (type of farmer) Niels Uglsøe of Birk born circa 1754 and died 28 November 1826 in Humlegaard Birk, Gjellerup, Hammerum, Ringkøbing, Denmark, at the age of about 73 years, and he was buried 07 December 1826 in Gjellerup church graveyard, in Gjellerup [parish], in Hammerum [herred], in Ringkøbing [amt], Denmark.


Danish Census 1801
Ringkøbing, Hammerum, Gjellerup, 1801, 13, Birch
Niels Uldsøe age 48
Kirsten Knudsdatter age 45
Anders Nielsen 15
Knud Nielsen 11
Kirsten Nielsdatter 14
Else Nielsdatter 8
Christine Nielsdatter 6
Anders Bierregaard Widower 60, indsider/lodger

[my note: The children are named Nielsen and Nielsdatter after their father Niels.]

Niels was married with Hustru/Houswife Kirsten Knudsdatter of Birk. Kirsten was born circa 1756 and died in 1812 in Humlegaard Birk [gaard = farm], Gjellerup, Hammerum, Ringkøbing, Denmark.

The children of this marriage:

i Anders Nielsen blev født circa 1787 [was born circa 1787] in Birk…etc.
ii Kirsten Nielsdatter 1784-1805 age 21
iii Gaardmand/Farmer Knud Nielsen 1787 died 1875 etc. blev gift med [married with] Ellen Margrethe Pedersdatter first, and then with Kirsten Andersdatter.
iv Maren Nielsdatter 1790-1801
v Else Nielsdatter 1793
vi Kirsten Nielsdatter
vii Christiane Nielsdatter 1795
viii Kirstine Nielsdatter 1806

Niels was thereafter married with Ane Olsdatter circa 1827. Ane was born circa 1763 and died sometime after 1834.


Repeats the names of the above children and their birth information and mentions alternate names and alternate spellings of the names.

1834 Census for Kirsten Nielsdatter (child 2 - ii) with her husband Soren Sorensen Stoergaard and their children (substitute Danish o’s in there)

1834 Census for Knud Nielsen (child 3 - iii)
1840 Census for Knud shows that here he is enumerated with the name Knud Uglsøe.
More detailed marriage information for Knud and Ellen Margrethe Pedersdatter follows. She’s the daughter of Peder Rasmussen og/and Kirsten Nielsdatter. Knud and Ellen married 02 October 1816 i Gjellerup Kirke/in Gjellerup church, etc. Ellen blev født/was born 16 May 1796 in Meldgaard Birk…and døbt/baptized 16 May 1796 [that was fast - a typo, or there was a sense of urgency] in Gjellerup Kirke. She døde/died 30 July 1844 in Humlegaard Birk etc. og blev begravet/and was buried the 6 August 1844 in Gjellerup church graveyard.

Children of this marriage (Knud Nielsen Uglsøe and Ellen Margrethe Pedersdatter):
Kirsten Knudsdatter 1814 -1842
Niels Knudsen 1816-1819
Niels Knudsen 1819 (it was common to name a child after one who had died)
--Niels married Anne Sivebaek Sorensdatter on 30 April 1846
Ane Magrethe Knudsdatter 1822
Karen Knudsdatter 1825-1905. Karen blev gift med smed/blacksmith Christian Sorensen
Peder Christian Knudsen 1828
Kirsten Marie Knudsdatter 1831-1904 married Rogter Peder Jensen Bach and then Niels Jensen
Jens Knudsen 1834

Knud next married Kirsten Andersdatter on 16 October 1846. Kirsten blev født/was born circa 1798 in Bording, Hammerum, Ringkøbing, Denmark.

Back to Knud Nielsen’s siblings…Maren b 1790, Else b 1793, Christiane b 1795, Kirsten b 1806- gives their birth info again (given already, above) and alternate name spellings for them.

GENERATION 3 Children’s children / Grandchildren

I think you can follow who is descended from who down to this point:

Graestrup Church Book MARRIAGE RECORD
Knud Birch Nielsen, son of Farm owner Niels Knudsen in Burgaarde, Timring, born 24 March 1854, 29 years old - and the girl Servie Petrea Nielsen, daughter of the late farm owner Niels Nielsen Ballum in Dauding, born 15 November 1859, 23 years old. Marriage witnesses: the groom’s father and the bride’s brother
Married 30 March 1883 in church

Their fourth child (iv):
Niels Peder Knudsen Nielsen was born 09 December 1889 etc. died in Boise, Idaho, etc.
Married Wilma Robinson

To fill in what I didn't translate, you can copy and paste text into GramTrans, a free online translation tool. Mostly it's names, place names, dates, and key genealogy words (born, baptized, married, died, and job titles).

Of course any translation will give you the same proper nouns back (names of people and places).

I tried my best in the translation above. Disclaimer: I don't speak or read or write Danish! I have seen quite a few Danish family trees.

Hope this helps!
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