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Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Posted: 1359722550000
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I have Family Tree Maker 2012 and I have one "tree" that includes family on my mother's side and my father's side. Is there a way to divide one tree into two so I have two different "trees?" In other words, how do I divide my info so the stuff on my mother's side is separate from my father's side?

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Posted: 1359723997000
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Edited: 1359724611000
There are two ways to export people in your file.

1) Main Menu > File > Export > Use a filter
2) Export people in a chart at Publish > Chart and right click in a blank space in the chart and choose "export all in this chart".

If you have no peripheral relatives, like parents and other relatives of spouses, step-children, etc, you can use Choice No. 1. Select Mom or Dad, and all ancestors, plus x generations of descendants.

But, since that is not how most of us research, you are bound to have lots of peripheral relatives.

In that case, you would detach yourself from one of your parents, then select one side and run an Extended Family Chart. The Extended Family Chart includes everybody related to the selected person in any way, shape, or form - either by blood or marriage - ie all peripheral relatives.

1) Detach yourself from either mom or dad. Select mom or dad.
2) Publish > Charts > Extended Family Chart
3) Be sure the option in right panel is unchecked for: "Include ALL individuals".
4) Type "99" in number of generations.
5) After report is available, right click, export all in this chart.

PS. The chart can both EXPORT and DELETE a group of individuals. You can ONLY Export at the Main Menu > Export option.

So, IF you are working with a backup and using the Extended Family Chart, you can EXPORT, then DELETE and have the two trees on your hard drive. Again, only do this with a backup or if the file is backed up.

If you use Option 1, the Main Menu > Export, you will have to Export twice - once for Mom's Side and once for Dad's side.

After you are done, compare the number of people in one file plus the other file to see if they add to the total people in the first file.

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Posted: 1359727115000
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Thank you for your reply.

I am trying the second option. I am at the point where I right click to "export" and then "entire chart." What happens after I do this? I am afraid to click on it before I know what will happen next. Thanks for your time!

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Posted: 1359729282000
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You will first get a screen that shows the persons in the export dataset and a list of options of items to include: private facts, media, etc. I presume you want a "full" split and will select "all" in each case. You can also select a format of Gedcom 5.5 or prior versions of FTM.

You can also click on the Select button to see a list of persons with a count at the bottom. The lingo at that screen suggests you can add and subtract people to that dataset. I've never tried that to see if it works.

Then ok

FTM automatically gives a name to the file of the old name plus a date - you may wish to change that.

If you want to use this directory to place the file and the related media folder, click ok - otherwise create a new folder or navigate to another folder and click ok.

BTW, this file will be a single *.ftmb (backup) file - which includes media. You will want to RESTORE this file (ie not OPEN). FTM will then create the FTM Media folder and open a *.ftm file.

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Posted: 1359730361000
Classification: Query
The "export" window is already preselected to "selected individuals". Do I use this or do I choose "entire file?"

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Posted: 1359733456000
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Edited: 1359733533000
I would use the Selected Individuals. I think the entire file option defeats your purpose. If you want a count, click on the Select Individuals and you will see the list of peoople "selected" in the right pane and then a count at the bottom.

If you don't care about a count, then disregard.

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Posted: 1359925708000
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I followed all the steps and had the *.ftmb file. You mentioned to restore the file rather than open it. I attempted to do it, maybe I was doing it wrong, but when I attempted to do it, my old version of Family Tree Maker came up. Am I doing something wrong? How will doing this change me one tree on FTM 2012 into two? Thanks for your help.

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Posted: 1359931899000
Classification: Query
Just curious but... after you split the file which of the two are you going to put yourself (and your spouse and children-if any)?

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

Posted: 1359952337000
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Your first question is not making any sense to me.

If you have FTM2012 Open, then go to File > Restore > Browse to the file and click ok, the file should open in the FTM2012 that you have open. I haven't a clue as to why you have another version popping up.

As for your second question, did you not check the dataset in your Extended Chart after you ran it to see if was only the dataset you wanted to export (ie either Mom's Side or Dad's Side)? Did you disconnect your mother from your father and their children before you ran the chart?

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 ---dividing trees

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I am now trying to do this again. A few hours after my last response to you, my computer blew out and I had to get a new computer. I was computerless for a few weeks. I now have a new computer and just got my FTM back on my new computer.

Now back to your last asked if I disconnected my mother from my father. How do I do this before I run the Extended Family Chart? I don't have them disconnected because when I look at the chart, my mother's side of the family is there, too, so how do I remove her side before I run the chart? I can't seem to figure it out.
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