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Preferred Parents

Preferred Parents

Posted: 1359651903000
Classification: Query
Is there a way to filter the Parentage Report (or the People List) to show those individuals that have parents but don't have a preferred parent?

I am finding quite a few people that look like they have a parent missing in the data but when I check, both parents are there - one or both are not marked as preferred.

By the same token, I need to filter for those individuals that have more than one mother or father. Usually this happens when a step-parent is in a census with children from a previous marriage. I want to remove the extra parent.


Re: Preferred Parents

Posted: 1359664372000
Classification: Query
Hi Lori:

As for your first question, I have been unable to create a situation where there is more than one partner and nobody is preferred. The first "couple" entered is preferred. After subsequent partners are added, one cannot "uncheck" the preferred box - but has to check one of the other partners as preferred.

I don't believe you can have that situation. The checkbox at the Person > Relationships View screen is very faint. Maybe you're not seeing it on your monitor??

At any rate, I strongly suggest only BLOOD parents be given the Preferred status, if one has more than one parent. Otherwise, you can end up with non-blood ancestors in a person's ancestor report or chart.


As for your second question, it looks like you are learning what I learned after using FTM for awhile - that designating people as step-children in FTM can lead to undesirable, and unintended, consequences.

I strongly suggest not to add more than one parent as a parent for a child - and certainly not to designate them as a step-child.

I'm not familiar with the report you are referring to, but the repurcussions in other reports can be: Step-children being listed twice in a descendant chart or report - once under the blood couple and once under the one blood parent and one step-parent, step-children being included as blood descendants in a descendant chart or report of a step-ancestor, etc.

I'm wondering about your use of the word "remove" the extra parent. If you mean to "detach" the non-blood parent, fine; but I wouldn't "delete" the person from my database, if that is what you mean.

At any rate, to answer your second question, I don't know of a filter or other means to isolate on these people. Maybe the kinship report might give you some leads where you need to detach extra parents from a child.

Re: Preferred Parents

Posted: 1359668490000
Classification: Query
Thanks for responding. I'm not sure how I got the first situation but I've run across it several times. It may have been when I imported from TMG/gedcom. Or maybe I detached the step-parent and the biological parent stayed non-preferred.

Most of these problems crop up as I find the families in the census records and one parent has died and the other remarries. I guess I've not been very careful when adding the family members and I'm paying the price.

Data is always a very tricky business! Thanks again. L

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