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Robert Long Weems family of Bird Island, MN

Robert Long Weems family of Bird Island, MN

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Surnames: WEEMS
I'm searching for any information on Robert Long Weems (b. abt 1839 in Kentucky), his wife, Nettie Crabb Weems (b. 1842 in Indiana), and their son, Victor C. Weems (b. 1859 in Indiana). They were listed in the 1870 US Cenus in Bird Island, Renville County, MN. In 1875, Nettie was listed with her foster son, John Weems, still living in Bird Island. In the 1880 Census, Nettie is listed again, with John, in Bird Island, and it states that she is a widow. Victor was, in 1880, living with relatives in Illinois and attending medical school; however, he died before April 1882. I believe that Robert Long Weems was a physician and a Civil War veteran. I'm looking for a death and /or burial date and place for Robert, obituary, marriage date and place, actually any information at all on this family, and their adopted son, John Weems.
Thanks so much!

Sharon Weems George

Re: Robert Long Weems family of Bird Island, MN

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I can check the register at the Renville County Court House tomorrow. Just to be clear you are looking for:
Death Record for Robert and John Weems. Nettie?

Marriage record for John Weems? Is John adopted or a son from a previous marriage? You use the word Foster in one sentence and adopted in another; would official records, as opposed to census records, use the last name Weems?

Re: Robert Long Weems family of Bird Island, MN

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Thank you so much for replying!
I don't know when Robert L. (Long) Weems died, but I have the following information on him:
1. Robert L. Weems and his mother, Elizabeth Weems
are listed as Patentees in a Land Patent (State
of Minnesota, Meeker County, Minneapolis Land
Office, Doc. Nr. 79216, Mw-0210-005) dated
9/15/1864. The Warantee was James Weems,
Robert's father. I found this after I posted
my message.

2. Robert, his wife Nettie, and their son Victor
were enumerated in the 1870 U.S. Census and
living in Bird Island, Minnesota. This is the
first place I picked him up, anywhere.

3. Then, I looked for a Victor C. Weems, and
found a newspaper article in Indiana, telling
of his death in Bird Island, Minnesota. The
date of the Indiana newspaper was 27 April 1882,
so Victor must have died shortly before then.
The article stated that he was the son of the
late Dr. Robert L. Weems and Nettie Crabb Weems,
and that he was born in Walesboro, Bartholomew,

4. I couldn't find Robert L. Weems in any other
Census records, but I did find Nettie in the 1875
Minnesota Census with Victor C. and a foster son,
John Weems. This state census did not ask for
marital status, so I don't know if Robert was
alive then.

5. I found Nettie (a widow) with the child, John
Weems in Bird Island in the 1880 U.S.Census.
Victor wasn't listed, but I found him living
with an aunt and uncle in Pana, Christian,
Illinois. He was a medical student.

6. Now, here is something I found last night. I
don't know what to make of it: I found a Dr.
Robert L. Weems, age 48, born in Kentucky, who
died in Jacksonville, Illinois on 10 April 1878.
He is buried in the Diamond Grove Cemetery in

7. I don't know the exact birthdate of my Robert
L. Weems, but it would have been in the 1830's.
The 1870 Census led me to believe that he was
born in about 1838 or 39. I do know from a
family record that he was born in Kentucky. I
have seen him listed as a physician.

If this man buried in Jacksonville, Ill. is my Robert, then there won't be a death record in Minnesota for him; however, there probably weren't that many Dr. Robert L. Weems's at that time, who were born in Kentucky. If it is him, what was he doing in Illinois? Visiting his son in med school?
Nettie later remarried to a Civil War hero, Cleveland T. Hall, moved to Wessington Springs, S. Dakota and became a
Prominent sufferagette. When Cleveland died in 1886, she
moved to Fitzgerald, Georgia circa 1895, and became known as
"Mother Enterprise" for her work on the town's first newspaper. In an article written about Nettie, it stated
that both of her husbands were Civil War veterans.

I'm so appreciative of your willingness to look in the
courthouse for information on Robert L. Weems, and his
family. Since Victor did die there, would you please check
for his death record, and possibly a marriage record for
Nettie Weems and Cleveland T. Hall, (who was a boarder in
her home). I would also love to know if my my 3rd great
grandmother, Elizabeth (Alexander) Weems died (and is buried) in Minnesota. I would imagine that she was with
Robert when the land patent was granted. I have never
known when or where she died. Any information on Robert L. Weems, Nettie C. Weems, and John Weems(I don't know if he remained a foster son or was adopted by
Nettie, but I'm sure he was not a child of a previous marriage) will be wonderful!
Thank you so much, and I'll eagerly anticipate your

Sharon Weems George

Re: Robert Long Weems family of Bird Island, MN

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Surnames: Weems
Not too much luck.
I checked Marriage, Death and Births for the time frames:

Here is what I found.
Victor C. Weeks (note spelling***) of Renville County
Emma E. Harrison of Renville County
application: 6-7-1879
marriage: 6-20-1870
Book B; Record: 7

Married in Winfield Twp by Wm. Hogadone Justice of the Peace. Witnessed by: Harriet L. and Mary H. Hogadon

Victor C. Weems
Date of Death: 4-14-1882
Book A Pg 114 Line 4
Age: 22y/2m/6d
Typhoid Fever
The remaining information in the book was left blank, which is unusual. No burial information was included.

I also checked some of the records for death/birth just to see if your Robert was listed as the attending physician, but that was not included until about 1910.

It's interesting someone had penned the correct name into the book, so apparently someone else is researching this name.

Re: Robert Long Weems family of Bird Island, MN

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Classification: Query

Thank you so much for checking in the Renville Courthouse for my Weems family! The information on Victor's marriage and death are valuable "puzzle pieces" for me. I really appreciate your help!


Re: Robert Long Weems family of Bird Island, MN

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Weems
Sharon: Pardon the intrusion, but I have a question regarding your Weems research. First off, I have no connection to the Weems line other than my interest in Nettie (Crabb)(Weems) Hall, who was a journalist in Fitzgerald, GA, when the city was being planned and building began (1895-96). In your 2d item you indicate that "Robert, his wife Nettie, and their son Victor were enumerated in the 1870 Census and living in Bird Island..." What is the "magic key" to locating them in that Census, at that location? I've tried every combination I can devine, without success. Ancestry denies their existence. Thanking you in advance for your guidance. Take care, David.

Re: Robert Long Weems family of Bird Island, MN

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Weems
Further labors reveal that the Robert L. Weems family is incorrectly indexed under the name "Wernos," in, as pertains to the 1870 Federal Census. Also, the family was located in Hastings, Dakota County, MN.
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