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FTM "To Go"

FTM "To Go"

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So here is related question #2:

With my FTM installed on a desktop computer, synced to an AFT (using TreeSync), is it possible to copy my FTM file to a laptop for off-site research and work? I plan to do some travel to visit family members, and want to have my FTM tree with me. I don't want to use to work on my tree with these family members -- I would prefer to have my FTM file. I am concerned about returning home, copying the file back to the desktop machine, and then having sync issues with AFT (again, using TreeSync).

How have others managed this? Any words of advice or tricks? Should I avoid syncing to (TreeSync) while using the file on the laptop, or would it not matter as long as I copy the file back to the main computer (desktop) when I get back home?

I'd appreciate learning from your experiences... Thanks!


Re: FTM "To Go"

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To clarify one thing, it was noted in an earlier thread about copying files to a new computer (using backup and restore) that if the file is synced to AFT then the associated application files would need to be copied as well. If that is the case (I don't want to lose my sync), exactly what would need to be copied that is not included in the backup/restore process? Where is the "sync data" kept, and is it possible to transfer that information back and forth successfully? Thanks!


Re: FTM "To Go"

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From your desktop do a file backup

Transfer the .FTMB file to your laptop

Restore it with your copy of FTM on your laptop

Use it in the normal way except any AMT

When you return from travel make another .FTMB file from your laptop

Copy this back to your desktop in to the same folder as it originated from

Now the potentially tricky bit

Rename your "old" FTM file something else

Now restore the .FTMB file keeping the same file name

Now do a file restore


You can certainly do it by simply copying the .FTM file. My thought with the .FTMB file is that you also deal with the media

What i would do though is make a dummy file and try it before you commit to the main file

John D

Re: FTM "To Go"

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Backup, if requested, copies the sync control files as well.

I personally haven't tested restoring to a computer that out-of-date sync controls.


Re: FTM "To Go"

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It can be done, but you need to be careful with your process.

First you back up the file on your desktop computer, making sure you select the "Allow restored file to resume syncing" option:

Then you take that backup (.FTMB) file to your laptop and restore it there. When prompted, DO allow it to restore the link to your Ancestry tree:

Once you've done this, the FTM file on your desktop becomes unlinked & should not be used (in fact should be deleted/hidden/removed from list to prevent you from accidentally trying to use it).

Reverse the process when you get home.

Another option is to get an iPad, use the free Ancestry app. It will sync with your Ancestry tree and you can make limited changes off-line and sync when you have Internet connection. Those changes will then sync down to FTM when you get home.
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