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Rev. Richard Alderson

Rev. Richard Alderson

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Surnames: Alderson
I am trying to find marriage information for Richard Alderson, an Anglican minister. His wife's first names are Louise Mary. I would like to know her maiden name or anything that might lead me to information about her. Richard shows up as a single man in the 1911 Census of Canada at Prince Albert. He was born in England about May 1877. By 1919 he was married and living in Chemainus on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. From there he was transfered by the church to Armstrong, British Columbia. In 1924 the Armstrong newspaper reported that "Mrs. Alderson and two children have returned from visiting her sister and Archdeacon and Mrs. Hayes in Calgary, Alberta". In 1925 the family returned to England. In 1936 Rev. R. Alderson inducted to Rectorship at Sawley, Yorkshire. Rev. Alderson sent a letter to someone in Armstrong, B.C. in the summer of 1957 saying that Louise had died.

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The maiden name of Rev Richard Alderson's wife, Louise, was Suckling.
Richard was my great-uncle on my mother's side.
Lawrence Alderson

Re: Rev. Richard Alderson

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Louise Mary Suckling comes to Canada 21 Jan 1913 to be married to a clergy man in Calgary Alberta on the SS Tunisia having previously been in Canad for 1 /12 yrs 1911-12

Re: Rev. Richard Alderson

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Alberta records are a bit sparse but I took a look for the Archdeacon and Mrs. Hayes in Calgary and this looks likely. I am giving you the entries as they are shown in the index entry, with those spellings

Arch Dan age 48, born England parents born England immigrated 1911 (looks like that is what it says)
Mary, age 46, born England father born England mother born Scotland immigrated 1914
Robert age 17, son born England parents born England immigrated 1914
Anne age 12, daughter born England parents born England immigrated 1914

looking at the image of the entry father'/husband's occupation does say Arch Deacon

July 31, 1914 arrival Quebec, Canada passenger list for ship Victorian has
Mary Eliza 39 going to husband - 3 years in Canada, Calgary, Alberta
Robert Parker 10
Anne Carlyle Graham 5

Alfred P. age 42, teacher, college, born England immigrated 1911
Mary age 41, wife born England
Robert age 12, son born England
Anne age 17, daughter born England ( I think her age was likely supposed to be 7, not 17)
No imm. year shown for Mary or kids

Alfred Parker age 37, clerk in Holy Orders, born Keswick, Cumberland
Mary Eliza age 36, wife, married 9 years 2 children born 2 living, born Carlisle, Cumberland
Robert Parker age 6, son born Dalton, Lancashire
Anne Carlyle Graham, age 2, daughter born Dalton, Lancashire

to try and confirm this family to be the right one I looked for a marriage for a Mary Suckling to a Hayes
Hmmm - all seems to fit except that in the marriage I found for 1902 Carlisle, Cumberland Alfred Parker Hayes married Mary Eliza Clark - that does not fit with the SUCKLING name for Louise that you were given.

Or did I read your posting incorrectly - the newspaper saying Mrs. Alderson returned from visiting her sister and Archdeacon and Mrs. Hayes perhaps does not mean Mrs. Hayes was the sister as I first thought - more likely Louise's sister was also visiting the Hayes family OR living with them ?? England and Wales national Probate calendar has
Louise Mary of Fountain Cottage,Barningham Richmond, Yorkshire
(wife of the reverend Richard Alderson) died 8 August 1957. Administration Durham 29 October to the said reverend Richard Alderson clerk. Effects 870 pounds 8 shillings 11 d.

also the passenger list that you were given for Louise Suckling showed her as a nurse and the 1901 England census for St. Bartholomew the Less, London has a Louise Mary Suckling age 25, nurse but this woman is shown as born Scotland
I thought it might be incorrect as I did not find a Louise Suckling in Scotland census earlier on
BUT then I found this entry in England 1881
Newton J. 33, mechanical engineer - arsenal, born Cape Colony (British subject)
Mary 31, wife, born Scotland
Louisa M. 5, daughter born Scotland
Edith C. 1, daughter born Ipswich, Suffolk
Margaret E. 16, servant, domestic born Ipswich, Suffolk

there is a birth entry for an Edith Christian Suckling born OCt. 1879 Ipswich, Suffolk which may be the Edith above - another entry has Edith Christina same date so maybe same girl

so this above is a possibility for your Louise
the Margaret although listed as a servant may be related as she has same surname

also I see that in 1911 Canada census for Alberta there is a Louise Mary Suckling (indexed at ancestry as Emira Mary Suckling but image says Louise
Louisa Mary age 32, born Jan. 1879 Scotland - occupation is Matron/hospital

so that fits with the nurse occupation in later passenger list for 1913 as well as for that 1913 list saying she had been in Canada before

there is also a passenger list for a Louise Suckling age 30, nurse arriving at Liverpool from Canada in July 1912 - problem is it does not say where she is headed in England

So far I have not been able to find Edith and whether she went to Canada.
Did the newspaper give a name for Louis's sister in Alberta??
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