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Isham Cain

Isham Cain

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Isham Cain (born about 1805 in NC) had child born in Bladen County, NC, in 1840. The next child was born in Coffee County, AL, where many descendants now live. Who are the parents of Isham Cain? Isham's wife in 1850 census is Elizabeth A., age 41. What is her maiden name? Thanks.
Martha Tootle Cain

Isham Cain

Gene Cain (View posts)
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Isham Cain, son of James Mary Meaks Cain, born Bladen Co.NC. Wife's last name unknown. Isham had older brothers Amos, James, John, Samuel and sister Mary. Mary disappears from Bladen about the same time as Isham. There are deeds to Isham Mary from their father at We are desended from brother John who stayed in Bladen.

Isham Cain

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Thanks for the info about Isham Cain.
Isham Cain, according to the US Census in 1850 for Coffee County, AL,was than 45 years old and his wife was Elizabeth A., aged 41, and they had children as follows:
James N. b 1829 in NC
Mary J. b 1835 in NC
John M. b 9 May 1836 in NC (my husband's g-g-grandfather)
Susannah H. b 1840 in NC
Thomas C. b 1843 in AL
Frances M. b 1845 in AL
Margaret E. b 1848 in AL
The family has lived in Coffee County, AL, almost exclusively until recent decades. Living near them in Coffee Conty, AL, in 1850 were several families of Meeks - John, Reddin and Lacey - all born in NC. Could Isham's wife's maiden name be Meeks? There have been numbers of Cain and Meeks marriages in AL.
Interestingly, John M. Cain named a son William Yancey Cain(my husband's grandfather)
and in the Library in Salt Lake City I discovered a William Yancey Cain in Mississippi of about the same age as our Wm Yancey. Do you know the Yancey connection?
Thanks for your help.
Martha Tootle Cain

Isham Elizabeth ? Cain

Gene Cain (View posts)
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Isham's mother was Mary Meeks. DO not know of Yancey connection.

Parents of James Cain, Sr., and Mary Meek?

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In an Elderhostel on genealogy at BYU, I found in the Family History Library in Salt Lake a typescript account of Cain family in Sussex County, VA, beginning with James Cain, born 1695 and died 1770, who had a son Isham Cain. Isham Cain's will was probated April 21, 1785, and he and Martha Burrow had a son named Isam among their nine children. I was uable to follow this lead further. Are these ancestors of James cain, SR., of Balden County, NC?
Do you know the parents of Mary Meek?
Thanks for your help.
Martha Tootle Cain

Isham Cain 1695-1770

Gene Cain (View posts)
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Possible! Know nothing of ancestors of James 1752-1835. This James of possible age to be brother of Isham, son of Isham Martha. DO you have names of 8 siblings? Or of siblings of father or g-f? Seek any help. Our James had possible brother who shows up in 1781 in Bladen. In 1788 also Cornelius. Accord to James' Pension Petition he was born 1752, Little Pee Dee, SC. Joins Bladen Co.NC Militia earaly 17776. Mar. Mary Meeks 28/12/1780 Bladen Co. Isham youngest son proven by deed to son, Isham, 1823. Concerning Mary Meeks other source has them married Little Pee Dee, SC Jul 28, 1780. Mary from SC, too? No Meeks in Bladen until 1800 when Readen Meeks shows up. In 1850 in AL with Isham.

Re: Isham Cain of Sussex County, VA

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From typescript from Family History Library, Salt Lake
James Cain, Sr., born 1695-1696
Lived in Surry County, VA, 1719 - 1754
Lived in Sussex County, VA, 1754 until death in 1770
Will written 18 Sept 1765
Will probated 16 Aug 1770
Sons named in will: James, Peter and Isham
Daughters named in will: Elizabeth Woodard, Susannah Wade, Winneay Robertson,Nealey burrow, Hessiah Cain, Angillico Cain (last named sole executrix of will)
Isham Cain married Martha Burrow about 1757. Isham received from his father (James, Sr.) 165 acres in Sussex County on north side of Nottoway River on June 7, 1762. Martha received from her grandfather, john burrow of Dinwiddie County, VA, a slave on 11 May 1764. children of Isham Cain and Martha Burrow follow:
Elenor Cain, d 3 Sept 1758
Rebecca Cain, b 20 April 1759
George Cain, b 24 March 1761
Ruffin Cain, b 6 April 1763
John Cain, b 6 April 1765
Thomas Cain, b 8 Jan 1768
Susanna Cain, b 15 Sept 1769
Jordan Cain, b 30 Oct 1771 (30 Sept 1771)
Isam Cain, b 14 April 1775
Isham Cain was head of household of 8 Whites and 4 Blacks in 1782 in Sussex County, VA. His will was written on 14 January 1783 and probated 21 April 1785.
(Thomas Cain's widow and son moved in later years to Limestone County, AL. This typescript became the story of the descendants of Thomas.)
I copied this because of repetition of names in the Cain family I was trying to follow. And the names may all be coincidental, but often names are repeated through many generations.
I wondered if you had worked with any of the early VA Cains.
Martha Tootle Cain

Cains of Sussex Co.VA -1700s

Gene Cain (View posts)
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Many thanks. So many of same names. Good lead. Have never checked in VA other than land grants. Will see how they match. Will also look for matches in SC. Any ideas on the Meeks? Name of probable brother to our James in Bladen is John. There is also a William, stone in Bladen says died 1791, "Old Man"

Re: 1830 Bladen County Cains

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First, the material I copied at Family History Library in Salt Lake, was "A History of Our Cain Family of Virginia, Alabama and Tenessee" by Stith Malone Cain written in 1970.
When I was in NC Archives about 2 years ago and found Isham in the 1830 Bladen County census, the genealogy librarian found for me much typescript about a James Cain, Sr., from Bladen County. My time was growing short so I copied this information. Some is not very legible. But the James Cain, Sr., had a will dated 8 July 1826; wife named Elizabeth "Betty": Children named Ann, James Jr., Sarah, William, Samuel, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Mary and Martha. No Isham in any of the family groups. This James, Sr., is son of William Cain and Olive Regan Cain. I've wondered if he were connected - perhaps a first cousin - to James, Sr., father of Isham, who was living in the 1830 census. And I have not been privileged to return to the 1830 census for Bladen County to see whether the two families were living any where close together.
Thanks for your help.
Martha Tootle Cain

Two James Cains, Bladen Co.1830

Gene Cain (View posts)
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Have found no connection between the two Cain families in Bladen Co.NC. William (ca.177-1781) was father of SW family on S side of Cape Fear River near Tarheel. Others in NE side of river with a William(ca.1700-1791, stone says "Old Man") Connection to other NE Cains uncertain. James(1753-1835) is first sure member. Also possible brother John and others.
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