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Sarah Elizabeth JOHNSON, B. 3 June 1854, Sabine Parish, LA
to James J. Johnson, b. 1822 TN, and Lucy Malvina Brown, b. 1825 TN. Appreciate any information on all the above. Sarah Elizabeth (my great grandmother married Alfred Grabbs in Kaufman Co., TX, and died there 16 May 1911. Thanks.


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I know this is an old post, but if still out there, I can give you information on James J. Johnson and his family.


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Surnames: Johnson Brown
I'm looking for information on Lucy Melvina Brown Johnson. Family history notes tell me that she's the estranged daughter of one of the Governor Browns of Tennessee. I can't seem to find any record of either of them being her father.


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I have read the letter stating that Lucy was the daughter of Gov Brown of TN and was supposedly black balled by her father because she married James Johnson and the Johnsons were opposed to slavery. James and brother Levi fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.
I haven't found anything showing either Govenor Aaron Venerable Brown or Neill Smith Brown were in the vicinity of Warren County, TN or around McMinnville, TN...I know James Johnson was from McMinnville, TN and I believe I have seen that Lucy was from that area as well. Nathaniel Brown and Red Brown were living in the vicinity of the Johnson family before Lucy and James appears Red may have been a widower
with a daughter around Lucy's age living with him and Nathaniel and wife had a daughter in the age group of Lucy too so I would be guessing that her father was one of these two men or they were related to her somehow for her to have been acquainted with James.
I am sorry that is the best I can offer...

I can bring Lucy forward, have hit a brick wall with her going back tho.


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Surnames: johnson
Yep, that's the letter that has been passed down through my family as well. My mother is an East Texas Johnson through that line. I've got some relatives that have moved to Tennessee so I might be able to drive some research of our friend Lucy there.

I'm kind of new at this, but have to say I'm addicted. I'll keep you posted Linda as I find out any new info!



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Surnames: Johnson
One question I do have for you regarding James Johnson... can you confirm his date of death? Is he buried in the Alexandria national cemetery with his son Samuel at his side?


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James was in the Confederacy...I don't know if they buried the Confederates in the National Cemeteries. He died in the hospital, confirmed 27 Sep 1864. He was 5ft 10inches, fair complexion, grey eyes, brown hair and 43 years of age
from Warren County, TN. His brother Levi served in the same unit. Levi is my great grandfather. If you want more info on the Johnson part of the family since you are so new, contact me are tracked back to 1800. Would love info on Lucy too. If you get to Warren County, TN don't forget to look up the Johnsons. Will give you info on them when you e-mail. That is where James was born and the family was there from 1820 until some time around 1845 before heading to LA.


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My father is Billy Grabbs. His father was Robert Grabbs. Otto Grabbs was Robert's father. Otto is related to Alfred, maybe his son. I have been getting into the family history lately and would love to help you and compare notes. I have seen Sarah Elizabeth's name and have seen reference to some Johnsons.Please feel fre to email me at home or here at work


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Lucy Melvina Brown and James J. Johnson did have a son named Samuel born in Tennessee in 1847. Corroborative documentation is lacking as to whether this is the right person to be my Samuel Thomas Johnson.

Marriages of Lucy's children and Lucy's move to Texas

Some of Lucy's children went to Texas before her: Her eldest, Nancy Syble, married David Crocket Dempsey in 1869, four years after James died. The marriage is recorded in Kaufman County Texas. David was a widower with 2 daughters. Nancy Syble and David Dempsey are on the 1870 census in Kaufman County. We have no 1870 census records of any of the others. The second child to marry was Sarah Elizabeth, who married in 1872 in Kaufman Texas, where Nancy Syble already lived. So two daughters settled in Kaufman County. The third marriage was that of William T in Louisiana in 1875. He remained in Louisiana and is listed in the 1880 census in Sabine Parish with his wife and one year old daughter. The fourth marriage was that of Samuel to Lula Masters in Alabama in 1877. They are shown on the census in Titus County Texas with one child by 1880, not far from Kaufman County. Now 3 of Lucy's children are in East Texas.

At the beginning of 1880, Lucy Melvina was still in Louisiana (Natchitoches) living with 3 of her children: Franklin, Emma and Lony/Leona. Her four other children were all married and 3 were living in Texas, as documented by census reports. William T and his wife and one child were still in Louisiana in Sabine Parish. In 1880, Their daughter Lona, born 1876 had died.

Emma was the 5th child to marry. She was married in September. At the end of 1880, only two children remained unmarried. Lona/Leona/Lony married in 1884, and Franklin B married in 1888. (Franklin was divorced by the 1900 census.)

Lucy Melvina apparently went to Texas after 6 of her children had married rather than going to Texas with her young brood after her husband died. William T's son Sam was born in Texas in January 1888, while his daughter Ethel was born in Louisiana in October 1886. We have no information on exactly where any of them were in 1890, given the destruction by fire of those census records. By 1900, Lucy is living with Frank in Fort Bend County, and William T and his family were living in Trinity County.

Lucy Melvina, Franklin B, William T, and several of William T's children are buried in Glendale Cemetery, Trinity Texas

The Sam who died in 1891 was Ethel's BROTHER, and NOT her Uncle, who would be my great grandfather. My great grandfather was born in 1847 in Tennessee.

Knowing that there was a 3 year old Sam who died in 1891 means that notes of "Sam died young" refer to him and not to my great grandfather, who was born in 1847 in Tennessee.

Darius Quimby Johnson, named after Lucy Melvina's father, Darius Quimby Browne, did die young in Louisiana. He was the #3 child in that family. My Sam, who was number two, did fight in the Civil War. He would have been 16 when he joined, leaving WT the oldest child at home, and the one to look after his mother. MAYBE W.T. resented being left in charge at a young age and did not WANT to keep up with Sam after the war.

Now the other interesting thing that comes up is this - W.T.'s family lived in Madisonville for a number of years, as did Lona and her husband.

Ethel'srecords help to establish when WT, Frank, and Lucy came to Texas. W.T.'s son Sam was born in Madisonville Texas in January 1888. Ethel was born in Louisiana in 1886. Franklin Browne Johnson got married February 19, 1888 but I do not have the place. I imagine it was in Texas.

Now a lot happened to everybody right then:

In 1887, W.T. and Sarah came to Texas, then had a baby in January 1888, and Franklin B got married in February 1888.

Sam and Lula had a baby born in October 1887. In February 1889, Lona and her husband died, and Emma took their 20 month old to raise..

In March 1890, Sam and Lula had a baby who died, and Lula was in and out of the hospital, finally going back into the hospital in December 1890. In January 1891, W.T. and Sarah had a new baby and lost a 3 year old a week later. Meanwhile, my Sam was struggling to take care of 5 little kids who could not understand why their mother did not come home. I think this just might explain the breakdown in communications. Sufficient unto the immediate family were the troubles thereof. And they were not living in the same part of Texas. Then in December 1891, Nancy Syble, the oldest child of Lucy Melvina and James died.

What an ordeal they all went through. In three years the oldest and youngest of Lucy's daughters died, and Lucy lost FOUR grandchildren: Lona's two in 1887-89, Sam's in 1890, and William T's in 1891.


On July 8, 1899 Lucy Melvina applied for a Texas state pension for "Indigent Widows of Confederate Soldiers and Sailors"

In that application she states her date of marriage as 18 March 1844. She also includes information in her application claiming to have lived in Madison County Texas for 33 years. We have evidence to the contrary in census data from Louisiana in 1880.

In another part of the application she says she has been in Texas since March 1, 1880, also in conflict with census datat for 1880.
She signs the application L ille Jhonson. W.T. Johnson is a witness to the application, filed with a county judge.
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