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Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1358810572000
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Edited: 1358810614000
Hi all,

I installed the first copy of FTM 2012 on my laptop (Windows 7) without incident. I was able to login to my account (created months ago) and everything synchronizes fine. I then installed a second copy on my desktop (Windows XP). Also installed ok. I registered this copy as well as the first one.

When I tried to synch the second version on the desktop I was unable to do so. I don't recall the error message but I think there were some problems with the ancestry web site at the time. Now when I link my account with the second copy on the desktop it appears on the Getting Started Page with the following information:

Under Status it states, "Linked to a tree in FTM". Under action it states, "No action available". When I put my mouse over the red circle with the line through it it states, "Unlink this tree from Family Tree Maker".

I can't recall what happened when I installed the first one at this point during the process but I appear to be stalled. If I try to import the file the software interprets it as a new tree and won't synch with the one I've already created (even if the name is the same - I just get a second tree).

Does anyone have any suggestions of how I might fix this? Thanks.


Re: Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1358813013000
Classification: Query
Sync is set up to work from only 1 computer to Ancestry, not 2. You'll have to make a decision which is the primary computer and when you use the 2ndry restore the FTM files, media folder and sync control files (hidden in the Appdata folder) to the 2ndry. Then when moving back to the primary copy the files over again. PIA but that's how it is. I think some people have used dropbox for the files but I don't know for sure.

They're supposed to be working on this.

Re: Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1358813047000
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You can only sync one file from one computer

As you have linked your file from your laptop, you cannot also link it to your desktop

You can make a copy of your file, rename it and create a second linked tree, but then there is an issue about keeping these files in sync as well.

The developers are well aware of this issue and maybe in a future release multiple linking will be possible. But at the moment it is not supported.

Given the amount of work and time to get link and sync working between one file and one computer, I imagine there would be a lot more work to get multiple links to sync.

John D

Re: Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1358815054000
Classification: Query
Thanks for your quick response and explanation. I don't know why they allow you to install it on two computers if you can't use it fully on both. The issue is in the version control, which should be simple enough since this is already handled when synching the ancestry web site version with one copy of FTM.

I use Dropbox extensively but would consider it "dangerous" to rely on a cloud-based service as the working directory for a primary file. For example, I know some people that use it to synchronize their Outlook pst file between two computers. Both computers read/write to outlook.pst in a directory in Dropbox and the local version on the hard drive.

I guess I should just be happy I have it working on one of my computers!

Re: Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1358815108000
Classification: Query
Thanks for your response John.

Re: Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1358821120000
Classification: Query
They allow you to have it on 2 computers because (a) it's always been allowed and (b) there are a lot of people who are very wary of sync.

If you use the Backup command to transfer from 1 computer to the other make sure you include the media files and the sync controls. Then sneakernet it from one computer to the other.

Re: Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1358980665000
Classification: Query
It didn't occur to me that there were multiple files and that they were being saved client side (on my computer) in such a way that complicated the sync process. Thanks for the clarification.

One other question - I think I would prefer to use the program on my desktop, which was the second install and therefore doesn't allow the sync.

Would uninstalling it from the first computer (the laptop) where it is currently working be sufficient for the second installation to know it was the only one in use? Or would I have to uninstall both programs then re-install only on the desktop?

Also I noticed a rather ominous warning message about uninking at tree, something like "unlinking the tree cannot be undone, and once unlinked, these trees cannot be linked together again" so I concerned about how to proceed.

Thanks again.


Re: Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1358985847000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1358986117000
I'm not sure what is the easiest way. In any case I would rename your desktop file to something like MyFileOld and that should rename the file, the media folder associated with it and change the sync controls to reflect it.

Then I would sneakernet the full backup from the laptop over to the desktop and try restoring it.

One problem you might run into is with the Media on the laptop. If you have just linked the media to where you normally keep it instead of copying it to the FTM Media folder I would go ahead and change all of the Media from link to copy before trying any of this.

And unlinking can't be undone. If your tree on Ancestry and the laptop are in sync it may be easiest of all just to unlink the tree from the laptop and then download it as a new file on the desktop with a new set of links. Unfortunately you will lose a lot of the notes that are in FTM doing it this way.

Just my 2c worth. It's always messy when this stuff happens.


Re: Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1359516190000
Classification: Query
I just bought the program a few days ago and have had the same problem. I did my laptop first. Finally I deleted and unsynched both so I could synch with desktop.

It appears that the only synching is with one computer and ancestry. I can not see the utility of installing a second copy of FTM if that is all synch does. The second installation will have no utility since any changes performed by that program will not synch.

The advertising and help are misleading since they both imply that you can download from ancestry and then synch on another computer.

If your primary computer dies you will still need backup since you won't be able to download from ancestry and link.

Re: Second Install FTM 2012 error msg: No action available

Posted: 1373746257000
Classification: Query
After reading the replies above, I am not sure how to proceed. I had been using my laptop with FTM 2012. I few months back I did a clean windows install. I knew that all my info was saved on and so I loaded FTM on to my desktop and was just going to pull the info from Unknown to me this was not going to work. After the clean install on my laptop I never reinstalled FTM with the intent of just using the desktop computer from now on.

Any ideas how to rectify this? I too have the 'No Action Available' presented to me. How can I get this information in to FTM?


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