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Needing to upgrade Family Tree Maker Version 7 by Broderbund

Needing to upgrade Family Tree Maker Version 7 by Broderbund

Posted: 1358714062000
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I have been using FTM v 7 off line and also have an membership. I am getting a new computer which probably won't be able to use the old program. I thought I would be able get the new version, which I gather is now by Will a new version be able to accept my files from the old one? I have been building my on-line trees with mostly just facts and my offline ones with stories. It would be great to have them all in one place, but is this going to work? Do the new programs interface with the old? Will I need help, or can a not very savvy computerer handle this transition? If I am already on, is there a benefit to getting their off line version?

Re: Needing to upgrade Family Tree Maker Version 7 by Broderbund

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The short anser is that FTM 2012 will read your FTM version 7 file without any retyping

Some things to consider

Back up your FTM 7 file as a .FTW file not the compressed .FBC that FTM 7 backup produces. FTM 2012 will only read the .FTW file not the .FBC.

On your new computer using Windows Explorer create an appropriate folder and copy your FTM 7 .FTW file to it

When you have installed and registered FTM 2012 and installed a couple of patches, go to the Plan View, Click on the new tree tab and select import from an existing file.

I think in fact FTM 2012 will automatically recognise and .FTW file and offer to install it

As you have an existing Ancestry.,com account you can use this subscription from FTM 2012 . Login in from FTM 2012 using your same user name and password. You will I think be amazed at the integration between FTM and Ancestry.

Navigate to where you have your FTM 7 file saved and follow the prompts

FTM 2012 will do the rest

My advice with online trees is that FTM 2012 wil not work with the online tress created by FTM 7 so you will need to create ne online trees called Ancestor member trees (AMT) with FTM 2012. The good news is that you can sync an AMT with your FTM file

There is quite a learning curve for some from FTM up to 2006/16 and the new version started in 2008. There are some very good training tutorials in the help section of FTM 2012. Worth looking at

John D

Re: Needing to upgrade Family Tree Maker Version 7 by Broderbund

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Thanks John. These look like good instructions and quite to the point. I am reassured that the new version will be able to absorb all my data.

Re: Needing to upgrade Family Tree Maker Version 7 by Broderbund

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Due to an awful 'hack' instituted in FTM 7 when the maps feature was introduced and continued through to FTM 16 you needed to add your places as a comment / location. It was called the slash delimitor.

The hack was to avoid adding a description field.

So you should enter place detail as [say] street address/town country. The first bit is a comment the second after the slash was recognised as a location which it attempted to plot and add to the map legend report in FTM 7 and above.

Most users of FTM never used the crude map feature and never bothered to learn or understand the slash delimitor even although it is in the FTM in program help

When you import your data into FTM 2012, your places are likely to contain both places and descriptions/comments that you will have to go through as a once-off exercise and resolve. FTM 2012 has some great tools to do this.

FTM 2008 and above have an excellent description fields associated with the Place fields so you can have a place and say a street address all correctly entered and resolved. The Place hierachy feauture in the 704 patch for FTM 2012 has further enahnced this capability.

It will all sound a bit complex but in fact once you have a look at FTM 2012 and have a look at the Places workspace you will get the hang of it.

John D

Re: Needing to upgrade Family Tree Maker Version 7 by Broderbund

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Surnames: Bill Brooks
How may I upgrade my version of FTW to a new computer, AS I NO LONGER HAVE THE
INSTALLATION DISCS for the Version 7 ?

Sincerely and Thank You.


Re: Needing to upgrade Family Tree Maker Version 7 by Broderbund

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The FTM2014 software doesn't upgrade your old version, it installs a new program. I replaced FTM2012 with the new one and it did the same thing. So, you will be buying new software.

I have read of some issues with the current FTM being able to read all the broderbund files, so you should look into that. If you sync your tree with Ancestry, you can simply unsync it with old and then resynce it with the new.

Re: Needing to upgrade Family Tree Maker Version 7 by Broderbund

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Edited: 1444765920000
I suggest you buy a CD box version and NOT the download version. Boxed CD sets can be purchased at various software retailers in your area (Walmart, Best Buy, etc), or you can find CD versions being sold on Amazon's catalog - but not from Amazon - Amazon has links to other retailers who may have a CD version. Neither FTM or Amazon itself has the CD version available (Amazon does have links to other retailers in its search results). Frustratingly, not all descriptions on Amazon tell which version is being sold.

CORRECTION - I just took a peek at Amazon and their on-line search results page now shows they do have the CD version is stock, although it doesn't specifically say which version it is, here:

It is very important that you do get the newer version to last you into the future. The future of FTM has a black cloud hanging over it since it didn't issue a new version in its "normal" cycle time - and we are now entering the third year without a new version. It would appear, just speculating, that they dumped their FTM development team (or transferred some) because they beefed up their ancestry development team for this new look that Ancestry has.

Although there seem to be few problems initially, various users have reported problems here when buying a new computer, trying to load the program on a new hard disk drive, etc when all they had was the download version. And, Ancestry won't help with these problems; they just refer users to the third party they contracted with to provide the downloads and lots of folks have reported poor customer service from them

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