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Extract/Dump Media Files

Extract/Dump Media Files

Posted: 1358368970000
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Question: Is there a way to extract just the media files from a .FTW?

Reason for question:
I have a .FTW file generated with FTM 2005 SE. I'm having trouble getting the media over successfully to the latest FTM version for Mac. Everything else makes it over just fine except for 94% of the media files. But if there's a way that I can get at the media files packed into a .FTW, I can bring them over and link them up manually.

Re: Extract/Dump Media Files

Posted: 1358374366000
Classification: Query
I am not aware of any bulk or global method from a >FTW file

You could I guess go to each media item in the scrapbook and copy it then paste it into an image editing program and then save each file. Bit tedious and you could use the custom report to find all the media

Assuming there is a bug with FTMM importing a .FTW file from FTM 2005, I would be more inclined to open the 2005 with media in FTM 2012, ie the Windows version. This will get all the media and the correct links

Then use the File Migration Utility to get the Windows FTM file into FTMM

Bit messy but it should work

The developer are aware of the issue and as there is a patch coming out for FTMM very soon, maybe it has been fixed?

John D

Re: Extract/Dump Media Files

Posted: 1358546374000
Classification: Query
(Cross posting from other thread, please excuse.)

I got my family tree file(s) fixed. The way I did it was to use FTM 2012 for PC to import the problematic file from FTM 2005 SE for PC. That gave me the new format, and all the media files made it through. Then I used the file migration utility (PC app) to export a version for "FTM for Mac 2". And that worked as well and now I have my family tree on the new Mac version like I wanted.

Also of note is that customer support got back to me and suggested another method as outlined by this article:

They suggested the problem might have been corrupted media. There may be some credence to that because one of the media files I ended up with didn't have a proper file extension and I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. (But I can live with one media file lost.)

Thank you to everyone who proffered suggestions and support.

Re: Extract/Dump Media Files

Posted: 1358549529000
Classification: Query
When I converted my file (from version 16 to 2008) I lost 100's of media files that were not corrupt but for some reason the converted labeled them as ".img" files. These are good images that can be read by a special reader. Too bad the links to records was lost in the translation.


Re: Extract/Dump Media Files

Posted: 1358597345000
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The files are .jp2 files (Jpeg 2000 encoding) and can be opened with most image readers if the extension is changed to .j2k.

Irfanview allows a batch rename or conversion. Make sure the originals are saved for protection.

Ancestry should never have used JPEG2000, no-one else does....
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