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Places Repeated

Places Repeated

Posted: 1358125918000
Classification: Query
In the places tab I have several places that are repeated several times. They are all linked to different people but i was wondering if there is a way to merge them into one location? If this sounds too vague here is what I have ....

Cemetery X has link with 5 people
Cemetery X has link to 2 people
Cemetery X has link to 35 people
Hope this makes sense.

Re: Places Repeated

Posted: 1358126686000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1358132876000

Did you right click on each name?

Right click menu options include:

Change the name
Replace the name with an already existing name.
Resolve the name - note with cemeteries, you have to move the cemetery name to the top text box by clicking on the up arrow.

Anyone of the above will merge the three places together, by doing one after the other.

Re: Places Repeated

Posted: 1358128562000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1358128594000
I just went through a major project to clean up my places. I too found multiple entries for what seemed like the same place.

What I found was that while the place name seemed similar there were slight differences. I went through each reference to determine the differences. If necessary I went through each person referenced and moved the part of the place name to the description. When you are merging the places you have the option to add the descriptions to all places.

What cause my problems were Places like

Jones Cemetery buried next to john jones. I did not want to loose the Buried next to john jones part of the place name so I either put it in the place description or a note.

That is why I had to check each one. It is time consuming but I do not think I lost any thing.

Once the differences are resolved it is easy to replace one location with another as described in the previous post.

Re: Places Repeated

Posted: 1358162399000
Classification: Query
Thanks, I'll try that!
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