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Splitting Family Trees

Splitting Family Trees

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Is it possible to split a family tree into individual family tree files.

I have a tree created that incorporated several families. I'd like to split them into each family surname, is it possible?

Re: Splitting Family Trees

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If you have entered nothing but ancestors and their children and nobody else (ie peripheral relatives, such as other spouses, other spouses of other spouses, children of other spouses, parents of spouse, etc), you can do a simply ancestor split at:

File > Export > Ancestors

by selecting ancestors of two sets of grandparents, or four sets of great-grandparents.

If you are a normal researcher, you will have all kinds of peripheral relatives that will need to be exported.

To export peripheral relatives of ancestors, you will need to use the ability of FTM to export everyone in a Chart

1) First detach at appropriate points your parents from grandparents or Grandparents from Gr-Grrandparents, etc.
2) Select the mother or father
3) Go to Publish > Charts > Extended Family Chart

Review it

4) then right click in blank white space
5) Export all in this chart.

Exporting does nothing to your current file - so you will always have it to go back to.

Re: Splitting Family Trees

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I am you have these surnames in your file because they are somehow related, Your paternal and maternal lines, your wife’s paternal and maternal lines, etc. Splitting these lines into different file will end up resulting in more work for you. Some people will end up in more than one file. You will have to keep track of them and make updates to multiple files. No matter how carful you are things will get out of sync, updates made in one place won’t get made in another.

Using Silverfox’s methods it is fairly easy to split of a branch of your tree. This allows you to limit reports and charts to a portion of your file or to share a branch of your file with someone.

Using file merge to put multiple trees back together is much more difficult and prone to error. Think carefully about why you want to split your file into multiple trees.


Re: Splitting Family Trees

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I have been wanting to splint my spouses family off from mine as the file is getting to large.
I don't quite understand when you say right click in blank white space". Do you mean on the chart that has been created?

Thanks for your help. Earlier versions, like FTM 5 had an All-in-one Tree you could do this with.
Thanks for any help.

Nancy Wickam

Re: Splitting Family Trees

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Yes, anywhere in empty white space in the chart.

The Extended Family Chart is the replacement / new name for the old All-in-One Chart.

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