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Login Failure

Login Failure

Posted: 1357655254000
Classification: Query
I subscribe to and decided to purchase the Family Tree Maker software so I could sync with the on-line tree. After installing and updating, I get a login failure. I didn't realize that that login was for - I purchased a download version through the Canadian website and nothing there said anything about

Now the strange thing is that with my subscription level I can log into no problems. So why won't the program? No response from customer support yet. Specifically bought this software over The Master Genealogist so I could link.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Login Failure

Posted: 1357661623000
Classification: Query
Do you by chance use more than one computer to logon? There can be only one computer at a time logged in; and sometimes exiting the program or discarding a browser tab won't "take" with ancestry and they still think you are logged into a previous session on another computer.

At any rate, I suggest you call ancestry. They can tell if you are logged in by other means and reset your login, or otherwise help to troubleshoot login problems.


Re: Login Failure

Posted: 1357750723000
Classification: Query
I do but one is normally turned off when I'm on the other.

I'll try technical support later this week. Thanks for the suggestion.

Re: Login Failure

Posted: 1357759468000
Classification: Query
" I didn't realize that that login was for"

All the different country urls link back to the Salt Lake City set of servers so it doesn't matter where you are.

When FTM has to connect to Ancestry to search it always uses which is the site you register with when you activate.

The website format you see is based on your profile and the country version of FTM. I'm in the UK and FTM always searches on but it restricts me to UK databases based on my subscription.

If I log in outside FTM, via Firefox to, I have to sign in separately and get the id and password saved in that browser. If your default browser isn't IE then you may not be able to login automatically without first signing in separately.

It's all done by cookies, If the cookies disappear then the login id disappears. Or so it seems.

If your problem is that you can't search via the .ca url then you'll have to sign in separately and get it to remember your id and password.

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