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SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

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Looking for information on Ship Sheridan. Sailed from Liverpool to New York from about 1835 to 1853. Was supposed to have made trip twice a year.
Ship displaced about 950 tons. Capable of carrying about 300 passengers. Took about 6 weeks to make the trip.
Would like to find who owned the ship. Type of ship.
Would like to find records of shipyard that built the Sheridan.
I was told once that there was a Maratime archive in Nova Socia that had records for Transalantic sailing ships.
Any help would be greatly appreicated , in finding records for the Ship Sheridan circa 1850 Liverpool, England.

Roy Groves

Re: SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

Joanne Armstrong (View posts)
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The SHERIDAN was an 895 ton square rigged ship which was part of the Dramatic Line built by Edward Knight Collins of America to compete with the English Clippers of that era (she was built in 1846 or thereabouts)

She was captained by George Bishop Cornish, a veteran mariner, on several voyages during the early 1850's and by 1856 her Captain was Samuel Clark.

Sailing time was not as long as 6 months as was suggested, she was a very fast ship and competed in a race to New York on her maiden voyage. I think some crossings were less that 30 days.

My ancestor Frank Umbers was a cabin boy on the Sheridan for a time and his uncle was George Bishop Cornish. I would be happy to share information about the Sheridan with anyone who is interested in her.

Re: SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

ROY GROVES (View posts)
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Just found the New York License for the ship Sheridan. Built and licensed in New York on Jan. 21, 1837, for the Dramatic Line. Edward K. Collins was the owner along with 4 partners.

National Archives has a large holding of ship license's issued starting about 1790.

License gives a brief description of the ship Sheridan as to actual dimentions and tonnage.

Re: SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

kay (View posts)
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Surnames: Herbert Walls
I am very interested in information on the Sheridan. I just spent a lot of time trying to find something on it then found you!!! My great great grandfather came from Ireland on the Sheridan in 1850. Please contact me at your convience.Thank you and can't wait to hear from you

Re: SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

Roy Groves (View posts)
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My 3rd greatgrandfather came from Shipton, England on board the Sheridan, to New York in August 1849. I have the passenger list for this crossing. I have recently found the origional New York license for the Sheridan when it was built in 1837. I also have been in contact with a relative of Capt.Cornish. The captain in 1849. I believe the Sheridan came from England in 1850 to New York. Then loaded a cargo bound for SanFransisco gold fields. after that she sailed to China and back to England.
I have a lot of holes in my info on the Sheridan. What is your interest? passenger list, sailing dates, etc?
Thanks for the reply


Re: SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

Kay (View posts)
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Surnames: Herbert Walls Dager Graham Hubbard Hawkins
Roy, Thanks for responding. I would be interested in the passenger lists especially for 1850 when I believe my came to NY from Ireland via Liverpool.
Also I am very interested in learning more about this ship! I think what I've been reading is facinating. Would like to hear about the decendant of the captain too.
Please contact me direct:

Thank you so much and will wait to hear from you.

Re: SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

Elizabeth Lambert (View posts)
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Surnames: Hughes
I have been searching for information on my 3rd great-grandmother, Harriet Hughes. She was also on the Sheridan when it arrived in New York in August 1849. She was 11 years old.

If you have the passenger list for that trip, I wonder if you could tell me if there where any other "Hughes" on board? I haven't been able to trace her back to her birthplace as yet, although I know where she was from the time she landed in New York until her death in 1897.

I also have information on the epidemic of cholera that broke out aboard the Sheridan on that trip, if you don't have it and are interested. Let me know.


Re: SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

ROY GROVES (View posts)
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Yes, I have located your Harriet Hughes age 11 on the Sheridan passenger list. This may shed some light on Hariet apart from what you have.

Harriet is located on the first page of the passenger list. Apparently she was traveling with another family as at first scan, I find no other Hughes names on the list. Some of the handwriting is hard to read but for the most part is ok.
Here is what is listed. Harriet apparently was traveling with Archibald Beattey and family.
Archibald age 39, ( looks like W ) Beattey age 37, John Beattey age 13, ? Beattey, age 9, Ishbella Beattey age 7, Thomas Beattey age ( ? 5 ), Betsey Beattey age 3, Harriet Hughes age 11.
Archibald Beattey - occupation is listed as " Gentlemnan, Great Britton". As I understand, he would have been someone of means that did not work at a trade.
Does the Beattey name fit into your family line? There must be some connection for Harriet to be traveling to America with this family. I hope this helps. I can send a copy of the actual passenger list if you like. I was able to find the microfilm of the list at the Western Reserve Library in Cleveland, Ohio.


Re: SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1850

Elizabeth (View posts)
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Thanks so much, Roy! This is a very big help. Up to now, I had no information on anyone named Beattey as part of the family.

The other thing that really excites me is that "Ishbella" is probably "Isabella." That is what Harriet named her eldest daughter, so I suspect it is one of the family names that has been passed down. In fact, stretching this as far as I can, it's possible that Harriet's mother was Archibald's sister, and was born "Isabella Beattey." Archibald's age also gives me a time frame to search for both him and my imaginary "Isabella."

I would greatly appreciate a copy of the passenger list from the Sheridan. Is it possible to e-mail it from the microfiche, or would it have to be mailed? If you let me know I can send a stamped, addressed envelope for it.

Thanks again,

SHIP SHERIDAN from Liverpool to New York 1849

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I'm looking for information on the following person:

Name: Mrs. Mary Yates?
Arrival Date: 14 Apr 1849
Port of Arrival: New York
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Ship: Sheridan
Family Identification: 1602610
Microfilm Serial Number: M237
Microfilm Roll Number: 78

Does she have any children with her? I show her husband sailed prior to them and found tragedy; Mary and children travelled later and made it, later settling in Indiana.

Please let me know if you are able to find anything regarding Mary.

~Anna Youts-Kincade
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