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Sulier / Suliere


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Surnames: Morrin, Malache, Duval, Droulard
There is a Victoria MORRIN, born April 23, 1841 in Erie Township. Her parents were Dennis and Victoria (Duval) MORRIN. Dennis and Victoria were married on March 02, 1840. His parents were Isadore and Arachange (Malache) MORRIN. His wife, Victoria Duval's parents were Daniel and Josephine (Droulard) DUVAL. Let me know what you think.....

Regards..... Mike


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Surnames: Roberts, Duval, Rabideax, Prequot
Hi Jacqueline...... From Marriage Records of Monroe County, MI. Volume II, 1865-1878:

ROBERT Isidore,(White)37 yrs,R: Erie, B: Vienna Occu: farmer
DUVAL Victory, (W) 34 yrs, R: Erie, B: Erie
M'd: 25 Feb 1868 in Vienna by Chas. Thomas, Pas.
Wit: Lewis Rabideax & Victory Prequot R: Vienna
Original Record: Book 4, Page 9, Entry 121

I show a different last name for Victoria.

Regards...... Mike

Sulier / Suliere

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Surnames: Roberts, Montreuil, Sulier
Victoria Montry/montreuil born 1834 in Erie, Monroe CO. married Iadore Roberts in 1868. Was her mother Cecelia Sulier and her father Isadore Montreuil? Would like info on the Sulier family.

Victoria Montreuil, Montry

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Surnames: Montreuil, Duval, Montrail, Seullierre, Sulier
Thanks Mike . you're always right on top of it.
Victoria Montreuil bo 1834 in Erie, Monroe Co. was first marr to Isadore Duval with whom she had several children. When he died, she marr, Isadore Roberts Feb 25, 1868 in Vienna as you indicated. In the Monroe Co census of 1850, there is a a family listed as "Montrail" with 1 15 yr old Victoria (which fits), her mother Cecelia, and bro. Henry.
Her baptismal record (1834) lists her father as Isadore Montreuil & her mother as Cecelia Seullierre as best as I can make out. My copy is very hard to read. I'm looking for Isadore Montreuil's folks and Cecelia Sulier's folks.

Louis Montreuil & M. Cecile Souliere

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Surnames: Montreuil, Suliere
I have a Louis Montreuil b. abt 1789 [LDS Batch #: 8228702, Sheet #: 84, Source Call #: 0884913] married to a Marie Cecile Suliere b. 17 Jan 1793 Sandwich, Essex, Ontario. Marriage listed as 23 June 1817, Assumption {Windsor}.

Only listed children, however, are Louis [27 Jan 1818]; Edesse [7 Nov 1819]; Jean-Baptiste [5 May 1824]; Isidore [19 Oct 1826]; and Cecile [31 Jan 1830]. All born Sandwich,

Family is LDS Batch #: 8312203, Sheet #: 96, Source Call #: 1395527.

Think perhaps the family relocated to Montre Co. before the younger children were born?

Sorry, I don't have parentage either, but am working on it. Pehpas between the two -- or more ! -- of us, we'll get something.


Montreuil / Sulier -- Isadore vs. Louis

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Surnames: Montreuil, Sedilot, Cedilot, Montroy, Sulier
That is so has to be a misunderstanding somewhere. Perhaps Isadore and Edesse were godparents (Edesse is a woman, isn't she?), but usually the parents choose one godparent from either side of the family.

I'm new to this line, and am just learning the "particulars" on when a Sedilot becomes a Cedilot or a Montreuil (and a Sedilot=Montruel versus a Juliette=Montruel).

I've just found out that my second great grandmother was a Sedilot (spelled this way; never using the dit) who came from the Montréal line and into Essex in the 1850s or so. I knew some things about the Sedilots (my 8th great grandparents are Louis & Marie-Marguerite Grimault; related through the other side of my family). However, I didn't know that they popped up again so recently, and in Essex.

As for the Soulieres, all I know is when they marry into my family (if you know who the élisabeth was who married Dolphis Nantais in Essex in about the 1880s, I'd love to know).

My main quest is Salomé Sedilot (sometimes called Sally or Susanne in paperwork) who married Jean-Baptiste Metras. I know that J-B isn't in Denissen.

Monroe County and River Raisin are pretty new to me. I've done lots in the Detroit/Assumption/l'Anse Cruise areas and the forts and missions like St Ignace, St Joseph, Kaskasia, and the like, and know those folks like the back of my hand. Related to just about all of the French or Native ones too. Unfortunately, I can tell you where people weren't, but not always where they were!

I'd be glad to share anything I have (sometimes a fresh set of eyes helps). My confounded database is now over 25,500 people, more than half of whom are relatives.

let me know...

Montreuil / Sulier

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Surnames: Montreuil, Sulier, Montrie
Louis Montreuil and Cecelia Suliere moved to River Raisin, Monroe, MI between 1826 when Isadore Montreuil was born in Assumption and 1830 when Cecelia Montreuil was born in River Raisin.
My GGgrandmother, Victoria Montrie was born in Monroe CO in 1834. Her Baptismal record shows this and that her father was Isadore Montreuil & her mother Cecelia Suliere. Very odd. Unless Isadore was a father at 12 yrs of age and he marrried ANOTHER Cecelia Suliere. The Witness looks to be Edesse Montreuil, Isadore's brother. My data on the Montreil family comes from "The French Families of the Detroit River Region" by Dennison. (By the way, there was one more child in that family; John Mary Montreuil, born Sept 6, 1821 in Assumption, Sandwich.

Sedilot to Montroy

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Surnames: Sedilot, Montreuil, Montroy, Grimoult
I am a decendent of Louis Sedilot and Marie Grimoult. The Sedilot dit Montreuil name changed to Montreuil (in at least one line). In my line, Montreuil was changed to Montroy. I was born and raised in St. Lawrence County, in New York. My father's birth certificate still states the surname of Montreuil. My father is still living and now has only one sister living. I am willing to give you info. if you need it. Please e-mail me at

Joseph Sedilot dit Montreuil

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Surnames: Sedilot dit Montreuil, Beaubien, Sedlow

My 3 great grandfather was Joseph Sedilot dit Montreuil
born abt 1790 in Canada. I don't know who his parents were.
Joseph married Marie Beaubien abt 1827/1830.
Marie father was John Baptist Beaubien, her mother
was a ottawa. Marie was born 1808. This family lived in
Bruce, Monroe, Detroit and Clio , Michigan. Joseph
died bef 1860 in Bruce, Michigan
Joseph and Marie had 5 children that I know of: Also
this family changed their last name to SEDLOW.
The children were:
Louis Sedlow born April 22, 1833 in Upper Canada
ist wife was MAry Jane Eldrige, she died in 1877. Louis
remarried a Delphine Neeley in Monroe in 1878. Louis
Sedlow died Sept 6,1906 in Detroit, Mi
Matilida Sedlow born 1835 Upper Canada died ?
Rose Sedilot dit Montreuil was born 1838 in Canada.
She was married at St Anne's in Detroit, Mi. She was married under this name to Samuel Toussaint Pitre on
April 22,1857. She died abt 1889 in Detroit, Mi
Joseph Sedlow was born 1841 Canada, some times said
Detroit, Mi He was married to Emma Church. They were divorced. He remarried Phebe Alice Neeley Aug 8,1874
in Genona, Mi. He died Sept 30,1905 in Clio, Mi
Gilbert sedlow born Oct 14, 1845 Detroit, Mi
He married Annie Sharlow abt 1868 Detroit, Mi. He died
Nov 21, 1924.
Do you know any thing about this family? Does any one know who Joseph Sediolt dit Montreuil family is???????

Joseph Sedilot Dit Montreuil

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Thank-You, I will try them. Some times I think these
people were never here, its all in my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm just having a bad dream and I will wake up.
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