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Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Breheny,Briwere,Brewers,Braose,Brusters,Brewsters
Is Your Family Ancestors on this Genealogical "Super Highway"? Are they cousins to Royality you are unaware of, well mine are. The Brewsters through various names go way, way back....some say older than dirt are they. Few even understand just how far nor the important connections that they gave Britain and Ireland as well as Norway, Sweden, Finnland and Denmark.....fewer still care.

And a few mock my efforts to bring people closer to their roots, as a genealogist I really dislike those people that mock me.

In this thread we will explore peoples Royality and Royal Cousins Roots because I have found the key in my Genealogical Research through my family names, they are a true Genealogical Super Highway. A Highway that people's descendants and ancestors can drive onto and drive off of.

1. Braut-Onunt Ingvarsson King Of Sweden b. 638AD
Children: Ingjald Braut-Onundsson King Of Sweden b. 660AD

2. Ingjald Braut-Onundsson King Of Sweden
Wife: Gathid Algautsson b. 664AD, Sweden

3. Olaf "Tree Hewer" Ingjald King Of Sweden b. 682 Vermaland, Vestfold, Norway
Wife: Solveig Halfdandattes b. 684 Soleyum, Sweden

4. Halfdan "White Leg" Olafsson King Of The Upplanders b. 704AD Remerike, Norway
Wife: Asa Eysteinsdotter b. 705AD Uppland, Norway

5. Eystein I Halfdansson King Of Vestfold
Brother: Godfrey Halfdansson King Heidark

6. Eystein I b. 725AD Raumariki, Vestfold d. 780AD & Wife Hilda Eriksdatter b. 730AD Vestfold, Norway

7. Halfdan II Milldi Eysteinsson King Of Vestfold b. 750AD Western Scandinava d. 800AD Borre, Vestfold, Norway
Wife: Hilf Dagdatter b. 755AD Holturn, Norway

8. Ivar I Oplaendinge Halfdansson, Jarl Of Norway b. 778AD Uppland, Norway
Wife: Miss Eysteindatter b. 780AD Trondhiem Of Norway

9. Eystein Glumra Ivarsson, Jarl Of The Upplands b. 810AD Denmark d. Maer, Nord, Tronelag, Norway
Wife: Aseda Rognvaldsdatter b. 812AD Maer, Nord, Trondelag, Norway

10. Rogvald "The Wise" Eystein, Jarl Of More b. 830AD Maer, Nordtrondel, Norway d. 890AD Orkney Islands, Scotland
Wife: Hiltrude Roginhilde Hrolfsdottir b. 840AD Orkney Islands, Scotland

Rollo Rogvaldsson Duke Of Normandy b. 860AD Maer Nord-Trondeleg, Norway d. 932AD Notre Dame, Roue, France

12. William I "Longsword" Duke Of Normandy b. 891AD Roue, Normandy, France d. 942AD in battle at Picardy, France

13. Richard I "The Fearless" Duke Of Normandy b. 933AD Normandy, France d. 966AD Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France
Wife: Gunnora de Crepon b. 936AD Normandy, France d. 1031 France

14. Richard II "The Good" Duke Of Normandy b. 963AD Normandy, France d. 1026AD Fecamp, Seine-InFerieure, France
Wife: Judith Of Normandy b. 956AD Bretange, France d. 1017AD Normandy, France

15. Children: Alice Of Normandy, Richard III Duke Of Normandy, Robert I "The Magnificent" Duke Of Normandy

16. Robert I "The Magnificent" b. 999AD Normandy, France died Nicea, Bithynia, Turkey 1035AD
Wife: herleve de Falaise b. 1003 Falaise, Calvados, France d. 1050AD

17. William I "The Conqueror" King Of England b. 1024 Falaise, Calvados, Normandy, France d. 1087AD Seine-Inferieure, France

18. Father- Richard I "The Fearless" Duke Of France b. 933AD d. 966AD Fecamp, Seine, France
Spouse: Mistress Of Richard I
Children: Geoffrey Brionne b. 953AD Brionne, Normandy, France d. 996 Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France

19. Gilbert FitzGodfrey Crispin Count d' Eu And Brionne
Children: Gilbert FitzGodfrey Crispin I

20. Gilbert FitzGodfrey Crispin Count d' Eu And Brionne
b. 1000AD Normandy, France- was assassinated 1040AD in France
Wife: Gunnora d' Anjou b. 984AD France

21. Gilbert Count d' Eu And Brionne
Wife: Esilia Crispin

22. Count Jean Brienne b. 1050AD Acre, Palestine d. 1236-37AD Constantiople, Turkey
Wife: Berengaria Alfonsez Of Leon, Spain
Child: Jean de Brienne

Re: Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Brewster
Hi Eric,
Where and how did you find all this information and how do you connect it to William Brewster? I have been chasing him for years and haven't gotten much past Scrooby, England.

Re: Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Breheny,Briwere,Brewers,Braose,Brusters,Brewsters
*laughs* Joanne well you have to have faith in the information you look up. I was in the BBC History TV Message Boards. I went on to several websites and found this stuff, it was pretty heady. It is only 1/4 finished, I may add here that it is the same tree links that proffessional genealogists would use to trace Royal Families and Royal Cousins.

Hummmm so you think I am a pretty good genealogist and scholar? There will be alot more to come and some people may be vawy vawy vawy mad at me.

Re: Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Breheny,Briwere,Brewers,Braose,Brusters,Brewsters
(A Group Royality Cousins Family Tree Continued)

Author's Note: I may be going over some names here so bare with me for abit.
Sources: http://www.users.qwest/~arleighkerr/ArleighsWorld/

Disclaimer: Now I have quoted my source....however any more research you want to do there is your own. I am not going to hold anyone's hand for them to do the same thing I already did.

20. Gilbert FitzGodfrey Crispin Count d' Eu And Brionne b. 1000AD Normandy, France was assassinated 1040AD France.
Wife Gunnora d' Anjou b. 984AD
Children: Richard FitzGilbert 1st Earl de Clare,
Esilia Crispin

21. Reginald Braose (de Mohun) b. 1002AD Paignton, Devon, England (untill proven otherwise), married Alice Briwere b. aprx 1009AD Devonport, Devon, England, (married) abt 1030 Devonport, Devon, England (untill proven otherwise)
Children: Mary Braouse-Briwere I b.1031Ad Paignton Devon, England (Disclaimer: I believe that this child was given to Gunnora d' Anjou whom renames the child "Marie d' Anjou Brienne to continue the Brionne-Brienne Family Lineage in Normandy, France. The two families lived across the channel from one another.)

22. Louis IV de Brienne b. 1024AD Vicomte Of Beaumont married Marie (age 19yrs) de Anjou Brienne 1049AD
Children: Jean de Count Vicomte Of Beaumont b. 1050AD Acre, Palestine d. 1236-37AD Constantinople, Turkey
Wife: Berengaria Alfonsez Of Leon, Spain

23. Jean de Brienne Count Vicomte Of Beaumont II,
married Berengere Castile de Leon. Jean de Brienne becomes King Consort of Jerusalem and Emperor-Regient of Constantinople
(Group A Special List Surnames)

21A. Robert Le Brus b. 1025AD Bruis, Normandy, France d. 1098AD Wife: Gunnora d' Anjou II b. 1025
Children: Roger de Pitres, William I Baron de Braose

22. William I Baron de Braose b. 1040AD Briouze,Argentan, France, Normandy d. 1089AD Bramber, Sussex, England
Wife: Agnes de St. Clare b. 1048AD Normandy, France d. 1135AD Holyland, Palestine
Children: Phillip Baron de Braouse b. 1073 Bramber, Sussex, England- Phillip's Wife: Aenor de Totnes b. 1094AD Barnstable, Devon, England

23. Willaim II de Braose 1st Baron Of Gwentland b. 1100AD Bramber, Sussex, England d. 1192AD, England
Wife: Bertha de Glouscester d. 1130AD Gloustershire, England

24. William III 5th Baron de Braose Lord Bramber b. 1153AD Bramber, Sussex, England d. 1211AD Corbenill, Marne, France
Wife: Maude de St. Valery b. 1155 Bramber, Sussex, England d. 1210AD Corfe, Windsor, England
Children: Reginald de Braose, Margaret de Braose

Author's Note: William III Lord Bramber, became known as "The Ogre Of Abergavenny" for murdering several Welsh Princes and their families at Abergavenny in 1175AD. Both he and his wife fell out of favor with King John Lackland I; whom ordered she and her eldest son arrested and prosecuted at his descression. King John Lackland I had her and her eldest son taken to Windsor Castle and starved them to death. William III fled to France and died there an broken man.

Re: Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Breheny,Briwere,Brewers,Braose,Brusters,Brewsters
Author's Notes: During the Reign of King Henry III, Richard The Lionhearted I and King John Lackland I; William Briwere (I,II,III)is a landowner as well as an landholder. In seeing the plight of the yeomen and peasants, he becomes the advisor to King Richard I The Lionhearted. He realizes that the regional divisions of the fiefdoms have become overrun by greedy Norman lower-nobility as well as selfserving lackadaisies and the children of the Anglo-saxons whom could not get into the military and whom could not get into knighthood of England, being those shunned by the Guilds.
Many of the young lackadaisies finally had bribed themselves into the priesthood and European Clery had been found to be quite scandalious indeed. William Briewer decides to take matters into his own hands helping King Richard The Lionhearted and later his younger brother King John Lackland I, to standardize the regional fiefdoms into County "Boroughs".

Each Borough should have an standardized justice system; churches that benefited the counties that they served. The churches and clergy should care for the sick no matter weither they were rich or poor; they should also teach children of their parishes as well as share their knowledge with the people that lived near them both rich and poor, also they should charge nothing for the services rendered.

William Briwere has many goodworks done in the nearby Boroughs, such as the building of bridges, construction of townhalls and town public buildings, hospices, market-farm fairgrounds and water-sewage systems.

By 1196AD William Briwere helps King John Lackland I, make peace between the Plantegenet Families of France and England, having King John I and the French Nobilty sign an accord treaty called "The Plantegenet Allgiance". He also helps King John Lackland I fortify the Jersey Islands nearby England in the English Channel.

For William Briwere's service and his children's future service he is given the title, Sheriff Of Derby And Lord Of Horsley, he is granted special recommiseration as well as duties in the counties of Nottingham, Kent, Lincolnshire, Devonshire, Cambridge and Somerset.

Between 1066AD and 1086AD King William Of Normandy has the Domesday Books compiled and commissions The Bishop Of Ely and 2 other priests to write the survey as well as crossreference all the information. At the end of the books the Bishop Of Ely pens his nickname as "Saint Ely The Inquisitor".

On one of the pages William Briwere b. 1100AD-d. 1178AD I&II as well as William Stuetlivill (William Stutely.....a very good friend of Robin Gamwell Hoes "Hood-Hughes") are recorded as landholders and landlords by Ely The Inquisitor.

Re: Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Classification: Query
(A Group Special List Surnames Continued)

25. Children: Reginald de Braose, Margaret de Braose b. 1177AD Abergavenny, Gwent, Wales
-Margaret de Braose marries Walter de Lacy Lord Of Meath b. 1172AD Eways, Harold, Herefordshire, England d. 1240-41AD Meath Ireland-Margaret De Braose d. 1200AD Weobley, Herefordshire, England
Children: Egidia de Lacy

26. Egidia De Lacy b. 1198AD Meath, Ireland d. 1239-40AD
Husband: Richard de Burgh Lord Of Connaught b. 1198AD Connaught, Ireland d. 1242-43 Gascony, France
Children: Walter de Burgh Earl Of Ulster b. 1230AD Connaught, Ireland d. 1271 Galway Castle, Galway, Ireland

27. William de Burgh
Wife: Eleanor Cowley
Children: Adam de Burgh

28. Geoffrey IV Plantagenet Count Of Anjou b. 1113AD d. 1151AD Spouse: Mistress Of Plantagenet b. 1112AD

29. Hameline Plantagenet Earl Of Surrey b. 1130AD d. 1202AD
Wife: Isabel de Warren b. 1137AD d. 1199AD

30. Count Henri d' Eu b. 1155AD d. 1182AD
Wife: Maude de Warenne b. 1165AD d. 1212AD

31. Raol I de Lusignan Count d' Eu
Wife: Countess Alice d' Eu

32. Earl Humphrey de Bohun b. 1205AD d. 1275AD
Wife: Maude de Lusignan d' Eu
Children: Alice de Bohun

33. Roger VI de Toeni b. 1235AD d. 1264AD
Wife: Alice de Bohun b. 1235AD d. 1255AD

34. Roger de Toeni b. 1255 Flamstead, Herefordshire, England d. 1295AD Gascony, France
Wife: Mary b. 1255AD d. 1283AD

35. Alice de Toeni, marries Guy de Beauchamp 1304AD

36. Elizabeth de Beauchamp b. 1305AD

Re: Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Breheny,Briwere,Brewers,Braose,Brusters,Brewsters
(B Group Special List Surnames Continued)

24.000 William III 5th Baron de Braose Lord Bramber
Children: Reginald De Braos, Margaret de Braose

25.100 Reginald De Braose b. 1180AD Bramber, Sussex, England
d. 1228AD Brecon, Breconshire, England
Wife: Gracia De Briwere b. 1186AD Bramber, Sussex, England
d. 1223AD

26.101 William De Braose b. 1204AD Brecknock, Surrey, England d. 1230AD Wales
Wife: Eve Marshall b. 1194AD Pembroke, England d. 1246AD England

24.011 William Briwere Sherrif Of Derby Lord Of Horsley b. 1145AD Devonshire, England d. 1226-28AD
Wife: Beatrice De Vaux b. 1149AD d. 1216-17AD
Children: Gracia De Briwere

23.021 Henry De Briwere b. 1114AD Stoke, Devonshire, England
Children: William Briwere

22.022 William De Briwere b. 1086AD Normandy, France
Children: Henry De Briwere

( C Group List Surnames)

The Cornwall And Devonshire Mann-Braose

37. Reynold (De Braose) de Mohun II Sherrif Of Derby brn abt. 1206Ad Dunster, Somerset, England, died at Torre-Mohun Manor
Wives: 1st Hawyse Flemming 2nd Isabel de Ferres

38. Sir Reynold de Mohun III Sherrif Of Derby b. 1323AD
Wife: Ada Tibetot - went abroad in 1344AD with Henry Of Lancaster Earl Of Derby - dies about 1377AD and is succeeded by a son named John Mohun.

39. Sir John Mohun marries an Joan St. Aubyrn - Legal Proceedings show that in 1397AD Sir John Mohun has a second widow named Isobel Mohun whom marries an Henry Ivelcombe - their son named Thomas Mohun was under the age of 10 years old at the time.

40. Thomas Mohun has some of the FitzWilliam inheritance in his possession in 1428AD, has maried an Elizabeth Hayre, Thomas Mohun dies sometime in the mid-1500s and is know as the last "Earl Of Dunstershire".

41. Sir William Mohun whom is the son of Sir Thomas Mohun and is married to an Joan Cavell; has legal proceedings taken in 1442 over some matter during that time.
Children: William Mohun II b. 1335AD Exeter, Devonshire, England

42. William Mohun II marries Isabel Courtenay- Fthr Sir Hugh Courtenay

43. Isobel Mohun marries John Nicolls in 1537

44. William Brewster b. 1510AD, Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England d. 1558 York, England- marries Maude Mann
Maude Mann b. 1510AD died aftr Oct 11, 1558AD England
Married at Bently Arksey, England 1535AD
Children: Henry b. 1536AD d. 1600AD, William b. 1535AD d. 1608AD

(And You are at the end of my Genealogical Super Highway)

Re: Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Surnames: Brewster
Eric, this board is for BREWSTER information. Please explain what all this European royalty info has to do with our Brewsters, and just why did you post it here? Many of us do have a connection with royalty, but quite far removed from the Brewster lines. There is an excellent book, Weis's Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists, connecting them with the various royal lines of Europe. The book has been updated every few years. You will find it interesting reading.

Re: Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Breheny,Briwere,Brewers,Braose,Brusters,Brewsters
Joanne I have found out the same thing as those books by investigation through my genealogy knowledge and hints about others connections to ancient royality.

Joanne is this not also Brewster Information too? it ties in all things from about 600AD to the 1500s also meaning that lots that was considered myth may not be as we once thought it was, my information also suggests that the Early Norse Kings of Sweden and Norway were very much aware that High King Arthur's realm of the Summer Kingdom was real; yet peoples of the modern era could not understand what peoples living alongside each other knew at that time.

There is also no reason to think that Robin Hood as some tv series suggest, was not real either.

Re: Royality Family Tree And Royality Cousins 600AD To 1500s AD

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Breheny,Briwere,Brewers,Braose,Brusters,Brewsters
Ok Joanne, it is not also as removed as you think; 60 some colonists you say that came to Plymouth Colony Mass, The New World. Then there was both the French and Spanish as well whom colonized the rest of the New World along with the Dutch. I would say the same places that the Norse had conquested in the Old World.

The Norse gave part of their genetics to all the places of Europe which they conquested and settled mostly in, England was their chosen place to live, next to France and Spain after the 10th Century, my genealogic superhighway proves this beyond a shadow of doubt. So we should say that there may be as many as 600 family groups in the New World with Viking ancestry.
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