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info on David Hunt family

info on David Hunt family

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I found info on David Hunt. Does anyone have info about a David Hunt born abt 1823 in Newton, NJ?

Here is what I found:
Microfilm M653, no. 709 pg. 599 The village of Newton, Newton Township in the County of Sussex of New Jersey:

David Hunt 37 M Tanner
Elizabeth " 39 F
Mary (F or T) 14 F
Charles (F or T)12 M
George 10 M
Daniel 5 M
Martha L. 3 F

At least Charles Daniel's ages are correct. I checked census for 1830, 1840 and 1850, also. I started with 1830. Found a "David Hunt of 50 and under 60"
In 1840 I found a David Hunt of 20 and under 30; he was in Agriculture
In 1850, I found David L (?) Hunt 17. He was listed under a John Hunt 53
Kesia (?) 49, Rachel 21, Sarah 19, Martha E. 15, Henry 12, Aaron 8 and Anna Matilda 6

David Hunt

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Barbara, I have a David Hunt whose parents, Richard Hunt and Mercy Hull Hunt were from Sussex Co., NJ. Many in my line located in Sussex Co. Anyway, I think he may have been related to your David. Mine is listed as the youngest of 10 children, a doctor, married to Sarah Roy. But my David died in 1831, and would have been too young to marry in 1823. I only have two children listed for him, Sarah and Elizabeth. My Hunt's stem from Ralph Hunt of Long Island, 1652.

David Hunt ancestors

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I think I am looking for a Thomas Hunt, not the one captured by the Indians. The following is what I think I know, but nothing before Jacob is proven.

1. THOMAS1 HUNT1 died in Fredon, Sussex, Co. NJ.

Child of THOMAS HUNT is:
2. i. EDWARD2 HUNT, b. 1744.
Generation No. 2

2. EDWARD2 HUNT (THOMAS1)2 was born 1744. He married HANNAH PIERSON. She was born August 16, 1750.

3. i. JACOB3 HUNT, b. October 18, 1773, Fredon, Sussex Co., NJ; d. March 05, 1831.

Generation No. 3

3. JACOB3 HUNT (EDWARD2, THOMAS1)3 was born October 18, 1773 in Fredon, Sussex Co., NJ, and died March 05, 1831. He married SUSANNA PITTINGER. She was born January 08, 1780.

4. i. DAVID4 HUNT, b. Abt. 1823, Newton, NJ.

Generation No. 4

4. DAVID4 HUNT (JACOB3, EDWARD2, THOMAS1)4 was born Abt. 1823 in Newton, NJ5. He married ELIZABETH HUMES/HUNES6. She was born Abt. 1821 in Stockholm, NJ7.

i. MARY T.5 HUNT, b. Abt. 1846.
5. ii. CHARLES T. HUNT, b. 1848.
iii. GEORGE HUNT, b. Abt. 1850.
6. iv. DANIEL H. HUNT, b. September 27, 1854, Newton, New Jersey; d. October 02, 1923, Newark, NJ.
v. MARTHA L. HUNT, b. Abt. 1857.

Generation No. 5

5. CHARLES T.5 HUNT (DAVID4, JACOB3, EDWARD2, THOMAS1) was born 1848. He married ABBIE M.. She was born 1852, and died 1931.

More About ABBIE M.:
Burial: January 24, 1931, Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, NJ.

Child of CHARLES HUNT and ABBIE M. is:
i. CLARA6 HUNT, b. 1880.

6. DANIEL H.5 HUNT (DAVID4, JACOB3, EDWARD2, THOMAS1)8 was born September 27, 1854 in Newton, New Jersey, and died October 02, 1923 in Newark, NJ. He married ELLA OPHELIA OLIVER 1886, daughter of JAMES OLIVER and EFFIE HENDERSHOT. She was born December 17, 1854 in Newton, NJ, and died January 21, 1937 in East Longmeadow, MA.

Notes for DANIEL H. HUNT:
Parents listed on Death Certificate

More About DANIEL H. HUNT:
Burial: October 06, 1923, Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, NJ.

Daniel Hunt was my Great Grandfather. The information that I have found indicates that the line goes from RALPH HUNT to SAMUEL HUNT to THOMAS HUNT

Re: David Hunt Ancestry

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In looking through my records, I found no son named Jacob for Edward Hunt (Thomas, Samuel, Ralph). However, I also noticed that the spouse I have listed for Edward differs from yours; I list Mary Sheul. Perhaps Edward married twice, or, since there were SO MANY Ralph's in the early generations, I am wondering if your Ralph could be the son or grandson of the "first" Ralph. The dates you listed make it possible. I have a line of four Ralph Hunts in the first generations arriving in New England: Ralph Hunt (1), b abt. 1613 of New York who arrived in the colonies abt. 1652, m. Ann (possibly Elizabeth Ann Jessup). They had six known children, one was Ralph (2), b. abt. 1656 m. Elizabeth, d. abt. 1733 in Somerset Co., NJ. They had seven known children, TWO named Ralph. (One died so they passed the name to another) The surviving Ralph (3) was born sometime after 1711, and he married Frances. They had nine known children, one of them was (surprise!) named Ralph(4). I don't have any of Ralph 4's children, but I think he would have been too young anyway. By the dates it's possible that yours could have been Ralph (2), who also had a son named Samuel. But that's where my theory falls apart because I have no Thomas listed as this particular Samuel's son. His only known son was William, possibly m. to Ann Kent, and I don't have any of their children listed. Ralph 2's children all appear to have stayed in New Jersey, though, whereas my line headed to NC.
I have some information regarding The first Ralph, Samuel and Thomas, if you'd like. If you discover more on Jacob I would appreciate hearing about it.--Laura
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I now have Ralph Hunt (bet 1620 and 1630 - 1676/77) to Edward Hunt (abt. 1652- 1715/160 m. Elizabeth Hazzard to Thomas to Edward (abt. 1739) to Jacob and then to David

David Hunt

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Hey Barbara, I found some notes on Thomas Hunt and thought I'd send them your way--you may already have this. Anyway, can you send me your information on Thomas through David? Thanks--Here is what I have:
Thomas Hunt, b. after 1695, a minor at the time of his father's will, dated January 15, 1715/16. He and brother Jonathan divided the homestead in Newton, LI. He is believed to have died before September 3, 1747, the date of his mother's will, which does not mention him. His name is found in admissions to the Presbyterian Church of Hopewell, NJ, abt 1733, and he had (according to descendent Ralph Ege) a daughter Margaret who m. Adam Ege (b 1728)1749 at Hopewell, NJ. This Thomas is likely the same one living later at Whitehouse, Somerton Co., NJ, and who moved to Fredon, Sussex Co., NJ in about 1756. His son, Edward, b. abt 1739 m. Hannah
Pierson and had 12 children. Edward has been erroneously reported Thomas-3, son of
Samuel-2 but is actually the grandson
of Edward-2.

Jacob's ancestors

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That is great--Can you tell me your source. I got mine from a lot of different sources, but Everett Hunt's Tree at
and from Col S.B. Hunt USMC who sent me the following.
Did I send you info from Jacob to his descendants?
Descendants of Ralph HUNT - 7 Aug 2000
1-Ralph HUNT (bet 1620 and 1630-1676/77)
sp: Ann UNKNOWN (abt 1628-)
2-Anna HUNT (1650-6 Feb 1681/82)
sp: Theophillus PHILLIPS (abt 1650-)
2-Edward HUNT (abt 1652-15 Feb 1715/16)
sp: Sarah BETTS (-bef 16 Mar 1711)
3-Edward HUNT (4 Feb 1683/84-Dec 1759)
sp: UNKNOWN (-)
4-Edward HUNT (bet 1715 and 1725-bef 1757)
sp: Charity HUNT (abt 1729-)
4-Sarah HUNT (bet 1715 and 1725-aft 1757)
4-James HUNT (1724/25-22 Mar 1802)
4-Anna HUNT (-aft 1757)
4-Angelica HUNT (-)
4-Eleanor HUNT (1728-aft 1757)
3-Ralph HUNT (abt 1688-)
sp: Elizabeth OSBORN (-aft 1749)
4-Edward HUNT (abt 1725-1795)
sp: Charity CORNWELL (-)
4-Daniel HUNT (17 Apr 1729-30 Mar 1806)
sp: Elenor VAN_CLEVE (-)
4-Nathaniel HUNT (27 Jul 1733-Dec 1811)
sp: Mary PHILLIPS (-)
4-John HUNT (1737-1 Sep 1807)
sp: Martha HORSFIELD (-)
5-Charlotte HUNT (-)
sp: Israel HUNT (1759-1842)
5-Elizabeth HUNT (-)
sp: Jesse HUNT (1759-1835)
6-George N. HUNT (-)
6-Louisa (dsp) HUNT (-)
6-Jane Francis HUNT (-)
6-Elliott HUNT (-)
6-John HUNT (-)
4-William HUNT (-abt 1767/68)
sp: Martha UNKNOWN (-)
3-Richard HUNT (abt 1692-)
sp: Anne TAYLOR (-)
3-Sarah HUNT (-)
3-Martha HUNT (Living in 1716 NFI-)
3-Anna HUNT (-bef 1716)
sp: Elizabeth HAZZARD (abt 1660-)
3-Thomas HUNT (aft 1695-1759 (see notes))
sp: Jeane (-)
4-Margaret HUNT (-)
4-Edward HUNT (abt 1739-)
sp: Hannah PIERSON (-)
sp: Hannah PIERSON (-)
5-Elizabeth HUNT (-)
5-James HUNT (-)
5-Thomas HUNT (-)
5-Jacob HUNT (-) 5-Jesse HUNT (-)
5-Samuel HUNT (-)
5-John HUNT (-)
5-Susanna HUNT (-)
5-Margaret HUNT (-)
5-Nathaniel HUNT (-)
5-Sarah HUNT (-)
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By any chance do you have the following Laura Hunt in your tree?

I had a great Aunt, Laura Hunt who married Oscar Congdon. Laura Hunt
was born in Pittsfield MA 9/29/1869, but I can't find her birth record
there. According to her obit., she had two brothers, Alva Hunt of
Warren, MA and Walter B. Hunt of Dunkirk, NY, one sister, J. Grace Hunt
of Springfield, MA.

Jay Mack Holbrook's book listed the parents ars Alva A. Hunt and Julia
M. Baker. Alva's name was spelled as Alva or Alvah or Alvin L. on the
various children's birth records. Julia Baker was consistently listed
as being born in Williamstown, MA. Alva was listed as being born in
Pittsfield or on another birth certificate as Naussau, NY

The other siblings listed by Holbrook, not listed in the orbit. were
Lucy Maria Hunt, and Margaret Hunt.

Walter Bradford Hunt, b. August 7, 1883
Alvin L. Hunt, Jr. b. November 1, 1865
Grace hunt, b. February 26, 1886
Lucy maria Hunt b. Februrar 26, 1877
Margaret hut b. February 26, 1880

Jacob Hunt's ancestors

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Hey Barb--

I got most of my info from Mitchel J. Hunt and the same Sandy B.,USMC, that you did, and some came from my father, who remembers some relatives who fought in the Civil War. I noticed your note on Laura Hunt--I don't know much about the New England line after about 1750 because my ancestors went to the Jersey Settlement in NC. I have the first four generations of the Ralph Hunt, Long Island line complete if you'd like it. I have many more generations after that, too, (I think around 16 or so total) but I'm still making a lot of notes on them. Your e-mail address didn't show up on the message you left me. Send it along and I will get this out to you if you want.

Edward Hunt's children

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Posted: 974556214000
My line goes from Edward Hunt(1652-1715/16) to Hannah. Thomas was her older brother. I just found Edward's will and did not realize all the children he had. Do you know his parents' names?
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