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Issue upgrading FTM from to

Issue upgrading FTM from to

Posted: 1357313930000
Classification: Query
Hi All,

I'm my wife's IT department, so I've been tasked with trying to figure out an issue she is having with the latest update to the FTM software ( Prior to the upgrade, she was running In this version, she is able to open her tree and do the usual things. She doesn't have her data uploaded/linked since she isn't keen on having her data out on the internet.

After upgrading to 723, the software refuses to open the tree and complains about the tree being already open or corrupted (the first of which is obviously not true and the second unlikely since the slightly older version can open it). It suggests compacting the file (which doesn't help). I've tried manually patching to 704 then to 723 with similar results. I've got her running the older version at the moment, but it seems like it would be good to have the latest patches installed long term. Short term, it seems like most of the updates have to do with the uploading/linking functions which she doesn't really use.

Any ideas on why this is happening and what the solution might be?

PS We recently upgraded to window 7, but she had the same problem when she was using windows xp, so it isn't an OS issue.

Re: Issue upgrading FTM from to

Posted: 1357320350000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1357320633000
This possibly happens because the FTM updater mechanism doesn't show the status of the upgrade, nor a message when it is done. So sometimes people think the upgrade is not working, get frustrated and try to close the program or do something else with it before it has finished upgrading.

1) I get that message maybe once a month or so. When I close the program and reboot Windows, it goes away.

2) I'ts always a good idea to make a backup before upgrading. FTM's method of alerting folks kind of frustrates that idea because unless you happen to see on this board that a new update is available, you don't know about it until you've tried to bring up a file and find that FTM is going to upgrade without giving you a chance to make a backup.

3) What about status of your daily, weekly, monthly, or archival backups?

4) Can you create a New File from scratch with one person in it in .723.? In the Plan Workspace, click on "New Tree". With this one person tree open, can you File > Import as New Tree your old file into this one person file?

4) Can you copy the file and the related Media Folder with Windows Explorer to another spot on your hard disk and bring it up?

Re: Issue upgrading FTM from to

Posted: 1357341969000
Classification: Query
For your comment on the upgrade, the upgrade was successful and FTM showed the proper updated version when queried.

1) I find this curious, as I've done reboots with seeing this message and had no effect. I suspect this may be a separate issue.

2&3) Agreed, though my wife is not terribly good about making backups. I've just set up a NAS to do the backups automatically which will take care for the future, but I have no archival copies to test (that said the current copy work well in 452). Also, there is the option to press "cancel" to stop the program from updating automatically.

4) I did try something similar (creating a new tree then importing) and had no success.

5) In a sense, yes. After doing the restore of the file from archive after 7 install.

If it helps, here is a rough order of what I did.
A) Backup files on computer.
B) Wipe HD, install Win7
C) Restore Backup files
D) Install FTM, immediately upgrade to 723
E) Attempt to open tree, fails saying file in use or corrupt.
F) Attempt misc trouble shooting.
G) Uninstall FTM, reinstall cancel upgrade.
H) Open My Family Tree.FTM with success.

At the moment, she can use it reasonably well, though she does have to cancel the update each time she wants to use the program (which is a minor annoyance). We probably will continue that way until the she get the next major version upgrade, but it would be nice to have things up to date (or at least understand what the issue is).

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