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Links to an uncle or aunt

Links to an uncle or aunt

Posted: 1357070034000
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I have a family member who is an aunt to another on my tree.
How do I establish the link aunt/nephew in FTM 2012? Its easy when you have the parents details but in this case I don't.

Re: Links to an uncle or aunt

Posted: 1357071181000
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Edited: 1357071580000
In FTM, you can only link persons:

Child to parent / family and vice versa
Spouse to spouse

So, you have to work within those parameters.

Now, what do you know? Do you know if the aunt or uncle is maternal one or paternal one? If you don't have the answer to that question, I suggest you put the aunt or uncle in your notes.

If you do know if the aunt or uncle is maternal or paternal uncle, just create a dummy parent for the two children who are siblings and connect the children to the dummy parents (or just father}. If the paternal side, you can just enter the paternal surname. If the maternal side, you'll have to be more creative with a name to use - like just plain "father" for the father.

So, say you have Jane in your database, with a father of John Smith.

You know that Susan is an paternal aunt of Jane - ie sister of John.

Enter "Smith" for the father of John Smith.
(at this point, you might want to add a wife named "wife" to Smith to make them a couple - that's up to you.)
Enter "Susan" as a daughter of "Smith"

Now, Susan and John should show as siblings and Susan as aunt to Jane.

If you don't have the necessary people in your database, there are multiple instances of where to enter them, both in the Family tab and the person tab of the People Workspace.

If the people are already in your database, you can attach and/or detach them at:

Main Menu > Persons > Attach/Detach

Re: Links to an uncle or aunt

Posted: 1357222893000
Classification: Query
Thanks for the help with this one.
Another problem, I have several people in a family tree who do now show on my family tree screen even though they are in the database of family members. Is there a broken link somewhere?

Re: Links to an uncle or aunt

Posted: 1357225485000
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I hate to be a wet blanket but in some areas of the county, all old people who are friends of the family becomes Uncles and Aunts. Are you sure that they are biological Aunt and Uncle?

If so the unknown parent is the best way. You could also tie the uncle or the aunt to the person in you tree and use the "Related" tag in the Relationship window.

I believe the way you would do it is attach the Uncle to your father as your father's child. Go into the relationship window and change the relationship to "Related" Then you could attach the Aunt to the Uncle as a spouse.

This way would create some chunkiness in the tree but it would avoid entering another unknown person in your database. When you found the Uncle and your father's parent, you could then add parent, detach the Uncle from your father and attach the Uncle to the father.

In those Cases where friends are important but not biologically related, I research their family and formally write a report of my findings. I include stories or other information about why the person is important. I then keep the report in an area of my disk reserved for those friend but unrelated individuals. As I learn more about that friend I will update my report.

I suppose you could attach the report to your father and call it your father's friend. That way it would be noted in your database but not distort the family reports and charts.

Re: Links to an uncle or aunt

Posted: 1357231388000
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Edited: 1357231495000
I don't understand the specifics of your problem?

Do you mean you have a child of a person that doesn't show as a child when you've selected a parent in the Family Tab of the People Workspace?

There could be all kinds of things going on. First of all, do you have Blended Families turned off or on (the button on far right of button bar above the list of children).?

If a man had four wives and children by each, each wife had two husbands with children by each, you could have all kinds of situations going on.

The list of children, with blended families off, will show only children that the parent couple that is showing had together.

If you turn blended families on for that couple, it will show ALL children of the two parents showing - with a single dad, single mom, or couple icon showing to show which was parent to who, or if both were parents to the children listed. However, it wouldn't show children another spouse had with another person.

Please post the specifics of your problem. Who was a child of who that doesn't show in the list of children?

If you are talking about an ancestor not showing for a selected person - do you have that person in "preferred" status?

Re: Links to an uncle or aunt

Posted: 1357247091000
Classification: Query
If you were referring to my post, there is no problem. I only brought up the question of whether the OP's aunt and Uncle were Biological Anunt and Uncle, or Aunt and Uncle were honorary title for old friends of the family.

The rest of the post was a hypothetical situation and suggested ways to handle Honorary Uncles and Aunts or biological Aunt and Uncles if you do not know the common ancestor.

Re: Links to an uncle or aunt

Posted: 1357247805000
Classification: Query
Thanks I know what you're saying.

Lastly, is there anyway of showing EVERY person on the family tree to print it in a chart?

Re: Links to an uncle or aunt

Posted: 1357267709000
Classification: Query
I believe the practical answer is NO.

I know there are various chart and options to include more people, But when you say EVERY body, that causes problems and becomes practically impossible, unless you have a very small number of people in your database.

The problem is that the more people you print in a chart the more space the chart takes, yes some printers shrink it down but then the more you shrink the chart the less readable it becomes.

If you are using a standard paper printer, you are limited to about 8.5 X 14 page size. To print a very large number of people you are looking at several dozen pages that would in someway have to be assembled to see the total tree. If you have access to one of the large printers like used in a professional printing operation (not Office Max type stores) you may get something that is usable.

If on the other hand you are talking about printing to a PDF, you can find some printers that print fairly large pages. CutePDF can print to a page size of 36' X 96'. While you may be able to get your chart in to that area, but when zoomed out to see the chart, the printing become too small to be readable, When zoomed in to so you can see the printing, you can only see a small part of the chart.

I hope that explains my NO.

Re: Links to an uncle or aunt

Posted: 1357276753000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1357276822000
The Extended Family Chart has an option on the right hand side to include everyone in your file.

However, as Keith suggests, most people will find that exercising that option is not practical as it would be an enormous strain on our forests to actually print such a report on paper.

This report is usually used for selecting a single person and then electing to include "everyone related to that person by blood or marriage". Then, that dataset is used as a filter to export or delete people - not usually to actually print on paper.

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