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Custom Facts In Reports Are Not Displayed

Custom Facts In Reports Are Not Displayed

Posted: 1356993643000
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Hi all,

I am attempting to generate a basic descendant report for an individual in FTM 2011 and the preview screen shows custom facts as blank. For example, Residence (a FTM default fact)is listed in full, but custom facts (Residence 1, Residence 2, etc) that enumerates all of the other places the person lived shows as "Residence 1: ____" (blank), "Residence 2: _____"(blank), etc.

It is recalled sometime ago on this board that there is a default setting within FTM that does not display the custom fact contents unless some sort of setting is toggled as being "on," as the default for reports, etc is "off." I cannot find it now.

Any help on refreshing on how to resolve this default setting concerning custom facts by the board gurus would be be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


Re: Custom Facts In Reports Are Not Displayed

Posted: 1357002752000
Classification: Query
By Basic Descendants Report, do you mean a Descendants Genealogy Report (ie Register Report?)

Whatever report you are referring to, try this.

1) Select "items to include" button in left side of button bar
2) Select your residence fact in the list of facts to be displayed.
3) Note the box that appears at the bottom of the list of Facts which says something like "Residence Options". Click on that box
4) Be sure the boxes for date, place, and description are checked and that the box for preferred only is NOT checked.

Click ok, then ok again.

Does that give you what you need?

Re: Custom Facts In Reports Are Not Displayed

Posted: 1357043733000
Classification: Query
Since I want all of the facts that I put in the database in the reports you can also select all near the bottom of the facts window

Re: Custom Facts In Reports Are Not Displayed

Posted: 1357054838000
Classification: Query
Thanks! Unchecking the "preferred facts" box in the dialog you mentioned did the trick.

FTM uses the term "preferred" inconsistently, as in the Individual & Shared Facts pane within the Person tab, this relates to the use of facts having the same label/identifier.

Re: Custom Facts In Reports Are Not Displayed

Posted: 1357057932000
Classification: Query
The rather confusing interface in the "items to include" is to provide the capability to show only the preferred instance of one type of fact, say Education; while showing all instances of another fact, say residence, or military - while the global switch for showing preferred facts (on the right side of the facts display) is turned on.

This "feature" doesn't work for the vital facts of name, birth, death, or marriage. Those facts always follow the global switch regardless. Note that there is no options box or preferred fact check box in the options box for these particular facts.
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