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Manage Media Categories

Manage Media Categories

Posted: 1356833855000
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When I am in Media setting categories right-clicking gives me a menu which allows addition, edit, deletion of categories. I can't find any other way to get to manage categories, the way we can manage facts for example.

Am I missing something? Lori

Re: Manage Media Categories

Posted: 1356865256000
Classification: Query
What do you want to do?

You can add your own categories and also use the categories you may set in a photo editing package that can be used by FTM.

Please though outline what you want to do?

John D

Re: Manage Media Categories

Posted: 1356878378000
Classification: Query
Sorry. I get befuddled trying to explain! I want to manage categories without having to right click on an image. I can right-click on any image and get the menu but it seems to cause a prolonged jerking of the screen if I change any category while in a category with more than a few images.

For example: I went through all my uncategorized images yesterday and at one point I thought I would cat. census records by country and date: "Census, US 1850". I had created a few of these and then decided I would just put them by country: "Census, US". After a bit, when deleting a category, I went to a category with only one image in it because it was much, much faster.

It just seems like it would make sense if we could "Manage Database Filters" from one place like under Edit/Manage Facts, sources, repositories, etc.

FYI, once a user can merge/replace facts or sources they will probably want to have the same functionality for other parts of the database. For example: For some reason there seem to be hundreds of distant cousins putting flags, icons, other images up online. Flags and icons I ignore, but a headstone or a church or a portrait is invaluable so I add it - then realize I already had it from another cousin [we can't see much on the add image screen - even the data we have on the person], maybe for a different member of the family - now I have two of the same image. I know I can link one of the images them both and delete the extra image - but it would be easier if I could find duplicates and merge all the links.

Better? Lori
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