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Merging sources?

Merging sources?

Posted: 1356718305000
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Good morning all,
When working my file today, I noticed that a few of the sources I created on my online file have duplicated themselves in the FTM12 local file (example - I now have 3 identical titles for a census file, each with different names attributed). Is there any way to search & merge these entries, similar in fashion to the 'search for duplicate individuals' feature?

Re: Merging sources?

Posted: 1356719142000
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Sources can be merged, and the old one discarded, by the Replace command in the Source Workspace.

From the Source Workspace:

1) Select one that you DON'T want to keep
2) Right click > Manage Sources > Replace
3) Choose the source from the picklist to replace this one.
4) Click ok.

You can also Move a citation from one source to another at the source citation screen. Simply click on the down arrow next to the name of the source and select another source for that citation to be attached to. That procedure, however, will not erase the old source - the old source stays in sources.

Re: Merging sources?

Posted: 1356751420000
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I was hesitant with the Replace, as I didn't know if it would keep the information from the replaced source.

Just to spell it out, to make sure I'm doing it right...

If I have:
Source A - John
Source B - Jim

Replace Source A with Source B and now B will have John & Jim attributed to it. Am I understanding this right before I go & screw it up?


Re: Merging sources?

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Yes, except that there is a citation between the source and the person and finally the fact that it is attached to.

Source A > Citation > John > Fact Whatever
Source B > Citation > Jim > Fact Whatever.

After replacing Source A with B, all citations attached to A will attach to B.

The information about source A will be DISCARDED (ie author, date of publication, etc.) and replaced with B.

Source A and B might be compared to the name of a book; the citation might be compared to the page number in the book.

You might setup a "play" database to experiment. I have a "play" database that I experiment with all the time.

Re: Merging sources?

Posted: 1356808942000
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This is great information! Does anyone have a checklist/plan for how to clean up a file? I really need to get mine cleaner so I can start another project. Here are some things on my to do list, not sure if there is any order that would be best:

Trim people that aren't related or are too far away
Merge duplicate people
Retrieve data that was lost in translation from TMG (memo field)
Merge facts, sources, repositories that are duplicates
Resolve locations
Add media from files

I know in my own work these are never ending tasks - just wondering if anyone else has a plan. :)
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