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Need Tech Advice Re: Database Mgmnt & Upgrade

Need Tech Advice Re: Database Mgmnt & Upgrade

Posted: 1356646818000
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Surnames: Emmerson Emerson Noraberg Lystad
I'm currently using FTM V8 for Windows but I have FTM 2012 that I haven't upgraded to yet. When I originally entered my data into FTM I created a database for each branch of my family that I'm researching--so I have 5 databases. Each database contains some overlapping info/people, such as myself & my immediate family.

*Should I combine the 5 databases into one large database or can I keep them separate?

*If I keep them separate and complete my upgrade to FTM 2012, will my data appear in okay? (No repeat data.)

Re: Need Tech Advice Re: Database Mgmnt & Upgrade

Posted: 1356648397000
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V8 is a version that was probably released sometime in the 1990s. Read this help page for how to deal with it.

You can import all five separately; then join them if you wish. If you join them, you will want to export a section of those which have overlapping people. This is so that you can get one main trunk and import 4 clean branches that can simply be attached at one spot for each of the four branches where they belong.

Re: Need Tech Advice Re: Database Mgmnt & Upgrade

Posted: 1356652463000
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Thanks for such a quick answer. I'm going to read thru the attachment you sent (I can't right now, however) and I may have more questions for you, if that's alright.

Re: Need Tech Advice Re: Database Mgmnt & Upgrade

Posted: 1357425723000
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Here is something to think about when merging databases in FTM. If you have people in your databases with no birth or death locations, the system will not include these individuals in the list of possible duplicate individuals. If these individuals are in multiple trees, You will discover that you now have multiple copies of these individuals and no easy way to search the database for them. You will need to manually review your index and merge each set of duplicate individuals manually.

I had a few cemetery indexes that I had merged into several different trees. When I merged all my separate trees (over 20 of them) into a single tree, I discovered that I had multiple copies of the individuals from the cemetery indexes. The name, date of birth, date of death, and burial information was entered for each of these individuals. The records were 100% identical in each tree. The find duplicate individuals feature during both the merge and in the tools couldn't find any of these duplicates.

My emails to Tech Support for FTM have taken weeks to get a response, IF I get a response at all. I finally had to manually merge over 4,000 sets of duplicate records.

Re: Need Tech Advice Re: Database Mgmnt & Upgrade

Posted: 1357432716000
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Oh my! I'm sure I have quite a lot of those. That does present a problem. Thanks for the heads up, serenity20061.

Re: Need Tech Advice Re: Database Mgmnt & Upgrade

Posted: 1357446840000
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Honestly the "file" merge tool that comes with FTM isn't up to the task of merging trees with duplicates. It does have some smarts that try to help with the job, but I find that they're really not up to the task. My advice is that you manually and methodically merge. You can still use the file merge tool, but don't rely on it to deal with duplicates.

It will be a very time consuming task, but it'll be worth it when it's all done.

Re: Need Tech Advice Re: Database Mgmnt & Upgrade

Posted: 1357476831000
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Instead of using the Merge tool, what if one did this:

Export all of the family files as GEDCOM files, create a new family tree in FTM (without adding any people) and then import all those individual GEDCOM files into that new family tree.

Would that solve the problem of having duplicate people when using the 'Merge' tool? Or would this create a whole new set of issues?

(I've never imported a GEDCOM file so I honestly don't know.)

Re: Need Tech Advice Re: Database Mgmnt & Upgrade

Posted: 1357494478000
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I would only export to GEDCOM if I were transferring the information to another software program. GEDCOM doesn't support everything FTM does and vice versa. You're bound to lose stuff by using GEDCOM.

Your same concept will work, however, by exporting to separate FTM trees. Here's what I would do.

1) Create a new blank tree called "combined.ftm"
2) Take my first tree (e.g. "tree-a") and export people from it that I know are not duplicated in any of the other trees. I would call this "uniques-from-tree-a.ftm". I would then export everyone else from tree-a to a new file called "manual-merges-from-tree-a.ftm". I would then tuck tree-a away in a safe place.
3) I would then open up combined.ftm and import uniques-from-tree-a.ftm.
4) I would then repeat two steps above for all the other trees, merging the known non-duplicates each time with the combined.ftm. When you're done with this, you should have one tree left over to be merged from each of the originals:
5) I would then merge each of the leftover trees, manually deciding on each person. (I wouldn't let FTM make any decisions.) I would also check each merged duplicate against the original to make sure all the facts came over.

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