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Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Surnames: Condon, Doherty, Barrett

I seem to have hit a brick wall when searching for my grandmothers parents.
The only information I have is from her marriage certificate to my grandfather.
Her birth name was
Gwennyth Jean Condon b.18th Jan 1918, Fitzroy, Melbourne - d.24th Feb 1984.
Gwennyth married my grandfather William Charles Doherty on the 12th March 1941.
On the marriage certificate it lists her
father as Morris Alan Condon (dec) and
mother Mabel Barrett or possible Burrett? The certificate is hand written so is a little hard to read.
The only other information I have is from my Uncle, is that my Grandmother really did not talk about her family and that she was not living at home when she married my Grandfather.

I would be super grateful for any help or a push in the right direction on where to look as I am super newish to this and am pretty clueless.


Re: Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Surnames: Condon, Burrett, Barrett, Netherwood
There was a Maurice Conrad Augustine Condon who married Isabel Mabel Burrett at Victoria in 1914. Reg no: 8331 Victoria.

The odd thing is that when you look for this marriage under Maurice's name, it says he married Isabel Mabel Burrett, but when you look for the marriage of a Burrett to Maurice Condon, her name is given as Mabel Isabel Burrett. But they both have the same reg number so it is the same marriage.

Puzzled? That makes two of us!

Anyway, if this is the marriage, and I hope it is, Maurice Conrad Condon died at Malvern Victoria aged 86, and his mother was Augusta Netherwood.

Maurice and Mabel are on the electoral rolls. In 1919, they are at 138 Kororoit Creek Rd, NW. He is a gardener and her name is Mabel Isabel Condon. (There is a Kororoit Road at Williamstown, Victoria)

There are puzzles... If this Maurice is your Morris, then why isn't his middle name Alan? But surely, it would be a billion to one chance against another different Maurice Condon marrying someone named Mabel Isabel Burrett.... ?

P.S. A Mabel Isabel Condon died 24th May 1935 at Carlton, Victoria. She was buried at Williamstown, and her parents were Thos Barrett and Isabel McLennan.

Re: Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Thank you so much.

I had come across Maurice Conrad Augustine Condon who was married to Isabel Mabel Burrett. I too was puzzled by the change of Mabel names on the marriage certificates but I just put that down to them possibly been hand written then transcribed down differently. I too thought that this has to be who I'm looking for, as what are the chances that two people with the extremely similar names been married around roughly the right date.
The only thing that throws me off is that on my Grandmothers marriage certificate dated 12th March 1941, it is written that Morris is deceased and that Mabel is (I assume) still alive. Again on this the only other explanation I can come up with is that they had noted deceased under the wrong person or that my Grandmother fibbed, or that her mother had passed but had told her that her father had passed too but had really deserted them??? From the little information that my Uncle knows, is that my Grandmother did not seem to have had a good relationship with her family.

Thank you so much for your time and help. Ahh this is all too confusing!


Re: Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Surnames: Condon
I looked at the Australian Electoral rolls, searching for either Maurice Alan Condon or Maurice Conrad Condon.

Earliest that I noticed was for 1937:
Maurice Alan Condon at Corio Victoria Altona Williamstown racecourse Student.

But here is a shock!
1942 Corio Victoria Altona
Maurice Alan Condon Blyth St. Geologist.
...And next to him on this census is:
Maurice Conrad Condon Racecourse Williamstown Gardener

So this proves that they are two different people.

Maurice Alan Condon is still at Blyth St in 1949 and still a geologist, and Maurice Conrad Gordon is still at Racecourse, North Williamstown, a gardener.

Then in 1954 Maurice Alan Condon is at Australian Capital Territory: The Territory for the Seat of Government
It reads: Maurice Alan Condon 57 Boldrewood St Turner, Geologist. And in the same house is: Saxon Marjorie Condon Home Duties.

1958 Both at same address. Same 1963. Same 1968.
Then in 1980, both are at NSW Lyne Tinonee Bohnk.
Maurice is now a Manager.

Maurice Alan Condon was a Geologist, whereas Maurice Conrad Condon was a Gardener. If it says on the 1941 marriage certificate to whether Maurice is a Geologist or Gardener this would identify which of the two Maurice's he is.

P.S. Maurice Alan Condon made a trip to San Francisco on 14 Aug 1956. Left from Sydney on Qantas Empire Airways.
According to a Ancestry, he was going to Honolulu.

Re: Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Surnames: Condon
Maurice Alan Condon was Maurice Conrad Augustine Condon's son. I found a tree on Ancestry, and it is quite clear. Maurice Conrad Condon married Mabel Burrett in 1914, and Maurice Alan was born in 1915.

On the tree, Maurice Alan appears to marry someone but instead of the name all they have is PRIVATE.

I can tell you how to find the tree.
Go to Search on Ancestry.
Type in Maurice Alan Condon.
Any Event - Birth: date: 1915
Gender: Male.
Collection Priority: Australian
Click search.

The first three items are interesting. There is a photo of Maurice Alan with other members of the family, including Saxon, who I mentioned.

If, you click the group photo, for instance, you can get into the tree by clicking Maurice Alan Condon, on the right of the page that comes up. I notice there are two other trees with him on it, but I haven't looked at them.

Hope this helps,

Re: Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Surnames: Condon, Doherty, Barrett, Burrett
Hi Brian,

I can not thank you enough for the help you have given.

It is also good to know that all the leads that I had followed, lead to the same places that you uncovered, though there were a few things you discovered that I hadn't come across.

I will contact some of the family trees to see if they can help me shed any light on the situation.
Maurice Alan Condon was born 3 years before my grandmother so could possibly be a brother???
I had another look at the marriage certificate and noticed that it was written by the Minister, so it could be possible (though slim) that deceased was written under the wrong person, Mabel's name could quite possibly be Burrett not Barrett and thirdly Morris is spelt wrong and should have been spelt Maurice.

I did find one of the things that you discovered really interesting, that both names were associated to a racecourse. I remember as a child my grandparents were very keen on the horses as well as my uncle mentioned that every time the name Bill Condon was mentioned my grandmother would instantly become alert.

Again thank you so much for your help and if I do manage to find any information on my grandmothers family I will let you know.


Re: Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Hi.. My grandfather is Maurice Allan Condon geologist

Re: Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Thank you. Would you know if your grandfather had a sister named Gwennyth Jean, born in 1918?


Re: Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Hi Niomie,

Digger Great War Index has a birth registration:

CONDON, Gwenyth Jean

Father: Maurice Conrad CONDON
Mother: Mabel Isabel BURRETT
Birthplace: Footscray
Year: 1920
Reg #: 3568


Re: Help in tracing my Grandmothers side of the family

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Mabel's newspaper death notice.

The Argus, Saturday 25 May 1935 (Source: TROVE)

"CONDON. -On the 24th May, Mabel Isabel, dearly beloved wife of Maurice Condon, Racecourse, Williamstown, dearly loved mother of Alan, Marjorie, Gwen, Mavis, Jack, Betty and Ivy, beloved eldest daughter of Isabel and the late Thomas Burrett (Footscray), aged 40 years. - In God's care (Remains at Ernest W Jackson's chapel, North Williamstown.)"

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