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Version 9.0 errors/"Maximum Data Limit"

Version 9.0 errors/"Maximum Data Limit"

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I've been using FTM vers 9.0 since around when it first came out - tried upgrading but liked the setup of the old version. I've known that there have been some corrupt data cells in my file for some time; I've used the FTM file fixer, but nagging problems remained. Everything has worked well enough otherwise until the other day when I got a notice that I'd reached the maximum data limit for my file - something that I'd been told should not be an issue. My file is very large so I'm not surprised that way, but... Does anyone know of a resource that can help debug my file so I can figure out what to do moving forward? And, are there any databases that are both functional and essentially unlimited in size? Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Version 9.0 errors/"Maximum Data Limit"

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Your question is a little hard to answer, "unlimited" is hard to define. Any real database including mySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Server can hold a lot of data, yet are limited by disk size.

Being able to handle large numbers is only part of the battle, load time and seek time are also problems.

You should indicate how many individuals, families, sources, images you have in your current DB and how much you anticipate growth in the near future. This may help someone tell you about how FTM2012 and other software works with their data.

Database sizing and application thru-put all depend on these things, as well as "real" memory size and the size of the "swap file" for your computer.

Re: Version 9.0 errors/"Maximum Data Limit"

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Please go to any Family Page and run these two Utilities:

CTRL+ALT+C = FileCompression

CTRL+ALT+SHFT+UpArrow = FileChecker

Are there any Errors?


Re: Version 9.0 errors/"Maximum Data Limit"

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I had to abandon FTM v16 because the data file was at the limits of the program's memory and FAT16 capacity(2GB).

I'm now using FTM 2010 - 2012 and have reached their file limit for two files. Unfortunately, there are databases from 1994 that can handle larger datasets and not run out of memory (FoxPro for example.)

The Master Genealogist (TMG) is a database that can handle both of my files without issue, unfortunately, it does not integrate with

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