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Ancestry tree and FTM software developers need to communicate!!!!

Ancestry tree and FTM software developers need to communicate!!!!

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I just had to re-download my synced database to FTM 2012 to resolve a sync corruption issue. (No known reason why it got corrupted but that's another issue). After a quick inspection, it appears that the family tree, facts for people, references, and media came back OK. But some other information didn't. Most of the missing information appears to be related to "features" that have been added to FTM in the last two years but haven't been implemented at In particular;
(1) FTM has a "PLAN" tab where you can manage your todo list. None of this came back.
(2) With 2012, FTM has totally redone its location database. I like the implementation and have spent many days (yes days) cleaning up my locations so that they fit the new format. In many cases, I had to manually enter latitude and longitude coordinates to "help" the location database find the particular location. All of this was lost when I recreated my FTM file from the database.

Come on Ancestry management!!!! Don't push a feature on one platform if you aren't ready to implement it across your product line. This is especially irritating because Ancestry is selling their on-line sync feature as a way to "backup" your FTM database. It isn't a backup, its a partial copy. Even worse, the sync process is creating multiple opportunities to corrupt your local file.

Re: Ancestry tree and FTM software developers need to communicate!!!!

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When FTM2012 first came out, there were specific items that were identified that were FTM2012 ONLY features. The ToDo List is one of them.

I agree with the Location (Place Name Authority) table in FTM2012 is NOT the same format of that information from (any way you do it). The TreeSync™ will keep the Place Name correct. But if you do an update to your Ancestry Member Tree or a Web Merge, the Place from the merge will have to be resolved.

For me, I don't want to wait for Ancestry to catch up to FTM2012. Hopefully they will resolve this issue.

The other, much more important item for me, is the way the Citations are handled on Ancestry and how they come into FTM2012, but either method I just mentioned.

I have reported both of these items to the Feedback link, in the Help, Online Help Center of FTM2012.

I have to disagree with you about their pushing or not pushing features on either platform. I want for my Content, and FTM2012 for the management of my database. I want more features in FTM2012 and more Content from Ancestry.

Also, Please do NOT consider as a "back up" for your FTM2012 file. Back it up, manually, put at least ONE copy of your back up in "the cloud". I back up to an External Drive and the Cloud backs up my file as well. My AMT is another version of my research to access when I am not home.

I have been using the Sync feature since it came out, and it has never corrupted my local file.

One user's opinion.

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